More Mania Tickets Released, Trump/McMahon Gets Mainstream Press & Other WWE Notes


At today’s Wrestlemania press conference, Donald Trump “bitchslapped” Vince McMahon, and it was picked up by the Associated Press, and in several other media. has posted recaps of WWE’s coverage on Fox & Friends and Fast Money as well.

In other Mania news, “thousands of new tickets were put on sale yesterday for Wrestlemania with the final stage configuration having been figured out,” according to Also, standing room only tickets will be sold for $25, with 1/5 of each purchase going to the Detroit Lions charities.

Dave Meltzer also reports that just over 4000 tickets were left as of this morning, with building capacity at 74,687. will be following Matt Hardy for its Wrestlemania Diary feature. Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy interviewed Saliva’s Josey Scott in Superstar to Superstar, WWE fans and superstars talk about Wrestlemania 3 and Tommy Dreamer talks about how performing at Mania is a… dream come true for him.

Also on are Money in the Bank videos, an All Grown Up interview with Victoria and more (including a random Howard Finkel retrospective).

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