Decoys 2: Alien Seduction – DVD Review

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Jeffery Scott Lando


Tobin Bell Professor Erwin Buckton
Dina Meyer Dr. Alana Geisner
Tyler Johnston Sam Compton
Kim Poirier Constance Snowden
Cory Sevier Luke Callahan

DVD Release Date: March 6, 2007
Rating: R
Running Time: 94 Minutes

The Movie

Three years ago, Luke was in college and determined to lose his virginity and hook up with as many hot girls as humanly possible. He would peruse the campus and try to find the most beautiful girls imaginable so he could get to living as a college boy should. The only problem is that the hottest girls on campus weren’t human as aliens had taken over determined to infect as many people as they could. After all was said and done, he survived the onslaught of the alien babes physically unscathed.

Well now Luke is a grad student in a small town up north where he is the teaching assistant for Professor Erwin Buckton. Luke is simply trying to live a normal life after the traumatic experiences that haunted him in college. It’s a bit of a struggle at times considering he almost sees the aliens in every woman he sees. But it’s only his imagination, or so he thinks. He’s not the only one to think that Luke is still seeing the aliens as his therapist Dr. Geisner is still trying to convince Luke that what he saw were simply hallucinations.

Of course at the same time, a young college student named Sam is going through the same things Luke was just a few years ago. He and his roommates are all about scoring as much as possible, but of course that’s not enough as they come up with a competition to see who can score the most points. Points are scored by having sex with a girl and taping it on their cell phone recorders. Each girl is designated a certain amount of points by how attractive she is and the man who scores the most points by the end of exam week wins. Little do they know that the alien babes have now arrived at their college led by the lovely Constance and looking to also score but they win by taking over as many people as they can.

Luke’s “hallucinations” continue while he still thinks he is seeing the aliens from his past no matter where he goes. But it’s then that things take a turn for the better, or maybe worse Luke isn’t so sure just yet. One of the boys happens to catch an alien on his camera phone in the process of trying to plant an alien life inside him. Luke now has everything he needs to prove to others and especially Dr. Geisner that he isn’t crazy. The only problem is that the aliens know he’s there and they don’t plan on letting him get away this time.

Decoys 2 is nothing more then cheesy B-horror movie fun. The acting is quite laughable at times and the story is just downright stupid, but it still was enjoyable to watch. The most off the wall situations happen even when the aliens aren’t involved. While at a club one night, Sam starts talking to a girl who catches him staring at her nipples. Not at her breasts but at her nipples. So she tells him to “take a good look because they’re the closest he’ll ever get” and then flashes him and of course she isn’t wearing a bra. Mind you this happens in the middle of the dance floor in one of the most well lit bars I’ve ever seen.

There’s no real plot except for the loose story of aliens disguised as hot woman have come to take over, but for no real reason. They’re just here to rule and the boys are just there to score. Simple enough. One thing to notice is that the aliens have a really odd habit of seducing the men outside in the snow and the guys are always stupid enough to stay out there and even get undressed no matter how deathly freezing it is. Common sense was obviously not a part of the script writing process.

No-one delivers any performance worth mentioning here, but you wouldn’t expect them to. Even Tobin Bell doesn’t stand out as weird as it may be not seeing him as Jigsaw. I mention him specifically because not only is he the only known actor in it, but there was a note in the back description proclaiming him to be in it along with a sticker on the front that said, “Starring Saw‘s Tobin Bell. He obviously is their big selling point. But you’ve got to give it to everyone who took part in Decoys 2 because they knew it wasn’t going to win any awards. It honestly seems as if these entire cast just enjoyed the hell out of themselves making something that they knew would possibly someday end up on Mystery Science Theatre.

The Video

The film is shown in 1.85:1 Widescreen format and looks really good for movie that most likely had a pretty low budget. The colors are very bright and vibrant and everything comes out looking very good. At times it does have a feel of an after-school special with how some scenes look but I’m not surprised considering it does take place in a school, even if it is college.

The Audio

The film is heard Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and is perfectly adequate. There is not really any soundtrack, and come to think of it not even much of a score. So besides any dialogue, the only sounds you’re going to hear are those of the aliens’ tentacles swishing around and opening their mouths to make a screeching sound. Those come off quite nicely so no complaints here.

Special Features

TrailersThe Grudge 2, Night Skies, Walking Tall: The Payback, Decoys, Hostel, Bottom’s Up, and Population 436

The Inside Pulse

Don’t pick up this film hoping to be scared or looking for some real thrills because you aren’t going to get any. But if you have a boring night ahead of you and want a pretty interesting little flick to help you pass the time, then you can’t go wrong with Decoys 2 Hell, why not pick up the first film as well and make a whole night out of it. It’s a real shame there are no special features though because I would have enjoyed a “making of” featurette to see how much fun they all actually had. For all you guys out there though as unbelievable as it is, you will kind of take a second thought before talking to that hot girl at the bar next time.

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