A Moment's All I Ask – 3.29.07

There was no column from me last week on American Idol because it was pretty forgettable, and seeing as most of the contestants were completely out of their element last week, I figured that this week, featuring ’90s music and Gwen Stefani, would be worlds better. These kids were all either young-adults to adults during this timeframe and were old enough to know the words to these songs, and still somehow overall, it didn’t excite me to new levels of respect for this season. I think it ended being more of a “pick songs that inspire Gwen” night.

The Gwen Stefani I liked was the No Doubt Gwen Stefani. I can take or leave the “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” Gwen Stefani, especially the bananas song that catered to the teenage girls instead of the alt-punk fans who gave No Doubt a loyal following. She seemed to just go with the flow, seemingly uncomfortable and vaguely interested in how these kids may or may not have looked up to her. She’s made a lot of money with her career in the last few years and it would have been nice to see her give some concrete advice to these kids on her road to fame.

Now the actual performances… Once again, Sanjaya decides to milk his bad press some more and try a faux-hawk! WTF. Sanjaya gives us the WTF moment every week. The judges were speechless, which made it even worse. Why not just say, “You really are overrated, shouldn’t be here and shouldn’t be singing that song.” Sanjaya isn’t stupid. He may smile a lot, but he knows he’s going to get guaranteed press coverage in the morning because of his hair. I should just mute his performances or turn off my TV for three or so minutes, but for some reason, I don’t.

I have been a staunch LaKisha supporter for the entire season, but unless she’s singing power ballads, it’s not the same. She was good, but it wasn’t her best. Not sure what gives with that outfit.

Chris Sligh’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” was weak, and was the wrong choice… not sure what he was thinking. No one should do that song because the actual song by The Police is so overpowering in the subconscious that it blocks out anyone who attempts to sing it.

I liked Gina Glocksen’s performance, though she missed a opportunity to really rock out to a No Doubt song like the second half of the show did.

Haley Scarnato is working her looks for certain. “True Colors” was fine but as Simon said, “nothing special.” Ultimately what 90% of the kids from this season forget is that they need to bring something special each week and not just one week out of five.

Phil Stacey… nice eyes but weird everything else. What did he sing again? Right.

Melinda Doolittle wasn’t as surprised as she normally looks all the time to pull off every song so well, but as usual, she’s the one to beat right now.

Blake Lewis managed not to bee-bop this week, and gave a lukewarm performance of The Cure’s “Lovesong”. Quite frankly the best cover I ever heard of that is a band from Seattle band called Honey Tongue with a hot and talented female lead singer named Jen Ayers.

I love Jordin Sparks; at least she had fun and did a fun song, with her own Christina Aguilera-like feel for “Hey Baby”. Not her best but she’s the breath of fresh air in this competition.

Even though it seems wrong for anyone other than Gwen Stefani to sing “Don’t Speak”, that’s ultimately not what’s wrong with Chris Richardson. What’s wrong with Chris Richardson is he knows that he is not the best, he doesn’t try to be the best and passively deals with Ryan’s question about Blake being the frontrunner for the guys this season. He didn’t even try to defend his performances, and just said they were friends. I didn’t even believe him when he told Ryan he still wanted to win.

Haley is possibly saved because of The McPhee Factor, and we’re probably stuck with Sanjaya again, sadly. Ergo, I think that puts Chris Sligh in the most danger.

YouTube Video of the Week:

Happy Stevie Nicks Day!

Thursday Results Update: Idol makes fun of Sanjaya while having Seacrest sport the faux-hawk at the start of the show. Sanjaya stays, as I questioned my decision to eat a salad during the results show. Chris was voted off for those who missed it; he just didn’t have the magic. Haley with The McPhee Factor survives another week. Gwen Stefani and Paula Abdul matched tonight with tie look, though Gwen pulls it off better.

Thank you for reading; make your moment your breakthrough.