A Modest Response: Wrestlemania Edition Part 1

This week we’re full of guest stars including Andy Mac, Rob Blatt and a special contest presented with Broken Dial chief, Shawn Smith in which you can win a free Ring of Honor DVD. I also have a strange, but serious suggestion for ROH Booker Gabe Sapolsky to help ensure better live crowds.

No ROH or Wrestlemania previews in this one though, check back later today for a Ring of Honor Roundtable and first thing tomorrow for a Wrestlemania Roundtable. All my thoughts on both shows will be within.

News of Honor

$10 ROH DVD Sale

This is big and important not least because included for the first time in the sale are two absolutely incredible, must see shows from 2006- Dragon Gate Challenge and, maybe ROH’s best show ever, Better than Our Best. Check my opinions on each show right here.

ROH Champion Takeshi Morishima is official for May 11 in Hartford and May 12 in NYC

Looks like the domination of Morishima on east coast shows will continue. These shows now feature KENTA, Marufuji, and Morishima. Keep them separate and give us three dream matches!

Mike Quackenbush to debut in ROH on 4/27 in St. Paul and 4/28 in Chicago

For those who don’t know Quack is a major indy star and one of the best performers on the indies not featured in ROH. He’s an indy mainstay and age and a physically demanding pace in the ring have taken their toll on Quack, but even with that said, this is creating great buzz in the indy community. He’s getting older, but still a great high flier and my personal favorite non-ROH indy worker. With some luck ROH will put him against Claudio; the two had absolute classics in Chikara and elsewhere in the indies and I’d love to see that live!

Jigsaw, Hallowicked, and Gran Akuma to debut for ROH on 4/27 in St. Paul and 4/28 in Chicago

Well, welcome to Ring of Honor, Chikara faithful. Chikara is a Philadelphia based, family friendly independent promotion that relies heavily on comedy and lucha libre. The wrestlers coming out of Chikara are generally quite good and I’m excited to see this group debut. Jigsaw is a good wrestler, Hallowicked is Delirious’s regular tag partner, and Gran Akuma is a short, stiff worker and has the makings of a major player. The good news keeps rolling.

A new member of the No Remorse Corps to debut this Saturday

I’d hope this will be a Chikara athlete or Chris Hero, but really, I trust ROH booker Gabe to come up with a quality idea.

Meet ROH wrestlers at the Detroit Beer Co. on 1529 Broadway in downtown Detroit on Saturday afternoon

Sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon with some great talent. Most of the ROH locker are genuinely nice guys, especial Nigel McGuinness. Go visit. Tell them Pulse Wrestling sent you. For more information try this link.

In Other News

WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony to be Midnight Saturday Night/Sunday Morning on USA

Worth watching if you’re indoors. The presenters always come off well and the old clips are nostalgic goodness.

The full Hall of Fame inductees are as follows:

Dusty Rhodes – to be inducted by sons Dustin and Cody Runnels
“Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig – to be inducted by Wade Boggs
Jerry “The King” Lawler – to be inducted by William Shatner
Nick Bockwinkle – to be inducted by Bobby “The Brain” Heenen
Mr. Fuji – to be inducted by Don Muraco
The Shiek – to be inducted by Sabu
Afa & Sika – to be inducted by Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i and Sam “Samu” Anoa’i
Jim Ross – to be inducted by Steve Austin

Nary a controversial pick to be found among this year’s entrants. Getting Heenan to present for Bockwinkle should be a major highlight.

TNA and NWA to split. Danielson is expected to become NWA Champion and defend at ROH shows, but Gabe is not yet contacted. NWA to copy the ROH business model

This won’t effect TNA, but if NWA promotes properly, with its name value, it could be a major threat to Ring of Honor. More as it develops.

Goldberg has announced he will likely be involved in a wrestling ppv, sources expect it to be TNA

Let’s see how much name value he has left. He might pop a buyrate, but if he won’t put over Joe, he’s of limited use.

Team 3-D will be tag champions by the end of May so that they can claim WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, and NWA champion status

Impressive resume for such misfits, no?

Joey Mercury released from WWE

He became addicted to painkillers again while trying to get over breaking his face in a WWE match. Not a classy move by WWE right before Wrestlemania.

Originals vs. New Breed to end with the Originals losing and being taken off TV, besides RVD

The Originals are being blamed for ECW’s early lack of success even though the show has no ECW feel where their status would matter whatsoever. Glad to see the WWE are so in touch with reality.

Stephanie McMahon moves One Night Stand PPV from the Hammerstein Ballroom to Jacksonville because she’s worried Heyman will somehow sabotage it

“Paranoia, Paranoia everybody’s coming to get me.” If you want your name in next week’s column, just send the song title to that lyric.

Commentary on the televised

This is a new section in which I’ll give comments for whatever show I happened to see this week in quick little blurbs.


Neither Edge nor Orton seems like a face turn would help them.

Did you hear that pop for Punk? Sure, it was Chicago, but that was Austin-esque.


Blatt seriously makes the show better just by writing about it.

Burke can be really good. I don’t know about the Benjamin comparisons though. He has farther to go in the ring and already has the promos down.

Ugh, Edge is the best heel in the business. Him being on the face team annoys me to no end.


I haven’t watched in weeks and wish I didn’t again here.

The X-Division stuff was too fast and made everyone look weak. Big matches like that, when not given time, make it seem as if guys can be beaten by anything and don’t need to be worn down. Not an attitude you want to foster.

The post main event shenanigans were terribly done. Why did everyone come into the ring one by one? Are they retarded?

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: Horror Business 10/21/06

I’m fairly new to the PWG product. There’s a lot to like although I don’t think the top card workers are as crisp as the ROH upper card guys. Mid-card wise, they beat ROH fairly easily though in terms of how everything fits together. That’s no mean feat.

I’m a big TJ Perkins, aka Puma, fan. He’s fast and crisp and tells a very good story. It was great to see him battle Nigel in Philadelphia for ROH and here he made Rocky Romero look really good.

Chris Bosh and Scott Lost are fantastic heels.

The Human Tornado simply isn’t ready. He’s over, but still looks green. He’s got a load of potential, though.

Davey Richards is a much better worker in PWG where he isn’t trying to conform to the ROH house style. He really needs to bring more of that style into Ring of Honor, but as a heel, I’m not sure where it would fit. He’s also not half bad on the mic.

The Kings of Wrestling were a fabulous team and need to be reunited yesterday. I don’t care if their breakup is a great story or not; they’re just better as a team.

It’s been noted elsewhere, but El Generico doesn’t have bad matches. Joey Ryan is legitimate and could at least upper card anywhere in the country. He has great charisma and a good look too.

Respondents of Honor: Contest for two ROH DVDs

Before we get to the contest, here’s a quick suggestion for the Ring of Honor staff. For about 20 minutes between the preliminary matches and the main show generic rock music plays. This does nothing to help keep the crowd excited for the show as they are left to their own devices, minds wandering. Well, one easy, completely free way to keep the fans involved is to play the entrance themes of former Ring of Honor stars. While waiting for an event, hearing the Godzilla Intro into The Champ is Here Joe’s theme), Miseria Cantare (Punk’s theme) or A Country Boy Can Survive (The amazingly appropriate theme of James Gibson) would get the crowd excited and ready for the show, creating a better environment for the crowd and an aura of excitement in the arena.

Now, on to the contest.

Here’s your chance to get your name in a column every week as a Respondent of Honor and win yourself a free Ring of Honor DVD courtesy of Pulse Wrestling and Broken Dial.

First off, in this part of the column Shawn M Smith and I will be discussing the top 5 Ring of Honor songs and the top 5 WWE songs of all time. From this list, whether you want to compete for the DVD’s or not, I’d like you to e-mail Shawn your vote on the best entrance song from each company.

From there, if you’d like to compete for the free DVD, write up, in one paragraph, why your song is the best entrance song from each company. If your song wins and you have the best write-up, as judged by Shawn and me, then you get a free Ring of Honor DVD. Goodluck and remember your email goes here.

Shawn M. Smith (10:37:42 PM): we should just alternate picks
Shawn M. Smith (10:37:53 PM): you start with number 5 greatest ROH Theme songs
Pulse Glazer (10:38:00 PM): well let’s decide on the 5 first
Shawn M. Smith (10:38:03 PM): boooo
Pulse Glazer (10:38:18 PM): lol 5 for roh
Pulse Glazer (10:38:21 PM): in no order since the order will be voted on, yes?
Shawn M. Smith (10:38:22 PM): okay
Shawn M. Smith (10:38:25 PM): right
Pulse Glazer (10:38:59 PM): Miseria Cantare (AFI), Final Countdown (Europe)
Pulse Glazer (10:39:04 PM): The Ballad of Lacey (Jimmy Jacobs)
Shawn M. Smith (10:39:36 PM): “House of the Rising Sun” the Animals
Shawn M. Smith (10:39:42 PM): Miseria Cantare
Shawn M. Smith (10:39:49 PM): Personal Jesus
Pulse Glazer (10:39:51 PM): with vampire intro for House of the Rising Sun.
Pulse Glazer (10:40:24 PM): eh, i like a few things more than Personal Jesus
Pulse Glazer (10:40:29 PM): A Country Boy Will Survive, Gibson’s theme, for one
Shawn M. Smith (10:40:31 PM): Nigel’s “Roll On” with London Bridge intro
Shawn M. Smith (10:40:54 PM): Disposable Teens
Pulse Glazer (10:41:03 PM): those are your 5?
Shawn M. Smith (10:41:19 PM): best 5 ROH songs ever, make me jump up every time
Pulse Glazer (10:41:35 PM): well, i’ll disagree, want to each do our own then?
Shawn M. Smith (10:42:02 PM): I saw yours
Shawn M. Smith (10:42:19 PM): I think we should argue more
Pulse Glazer (10:42:41 PM): hah alright
Shawn M. Smith (10:43:25 PM): I think that only one of us is qualified to talk about music, you can only talk about wrestling with authority; however, I would be louder, ignore your opinions, and make you cry
Pulse Glazer (10:43:55 PM): oh, since i need a fifth, i’ll go with Low Ki’s Fighters Passion into the instrumental into All Eyes on Me
Shawn M. Smith (10:44:01 PM): nice!
Pulse Glazer (10:44:08 PM): yeah, booya

“Miseria Cantare” – AFI (CM Punk)

Shawn M. Smith (10:45:12 PM): that’s the numbah one ROH theme ever, it might even be the best Wrestling theme song ever
Pulse Glazer (10:45:51 PM): and yes, the sheer crowd response, the perfect length… it’s amazing.
Shawn M. Smith (10:46:18 PM): Right
Pulse Glazer (10:46:24 PM): the fact that it can be turned into a cheer mid match helps a lot
Shawn M. Smith (10:46:50 PM): I think it rules because it’s the only time that fat men from Piscataway are allowed to admit they know an AFI song
Pulse Glazer (10:46:56 PM): haha
Shawn M. Smith (10:47:07 PM): I sat next to Green Lantern one time
Shawn M. Smith (10:47:14 PM): …he was singing along
Pulse Glazer (10:47:18 PM): if you watch enough punk matches you can tell exactly when he’s going to yell “it’s clobberring time!”
Pulse Glazer (10:47:29 PM): and are you sure you want to admit you were close to GLF?
Shawn M. Smith (10:47:38 PM): Tracy and he had a conversation
Shawn M. Smith (10:47:45 PM): …he wouldn’t add me on MySpace though

“House of the Rising Sun” – The Animals (Jimmy Rave)

Shawn M. Smith (10:48:09 PM): Next song, “House of the Rising Sun”
Pulse Glazer (10:48:25 PM): House of the Rising Son is made for me by the interview with a vampire quote at the start
Shawn M. Smith (10:48:26 PM): it…has…made…JEEEMMMY RAAAVE a main eventer
Shawn M. Smith (10:48:33 PM): which quote?
Pulse Glazer (10:48:43 PM): give me a half a second
Pulse Glazer (10:48:45 PM): I want to get it right
Shawn M. Smith (10:48:50 PM): nice
Pulse Glazer (10:50:51 PM): “Shall we begin like David Copperfield? I am born, I grew up. Or shall we begin when I was born into darkness?” How perfect.
Shawn M. Smith (10:51:33 PM): straight edge much?
Shawn M. Smith (10:51:39 PM): next song

“Ballad of Lacey” – Jimmy Jacobs (Jimmy Jacobs)

Pulse Glazer (10:51:53 PM): I insist Ballad of Lacey find its way on there
Shawn M. Smith (10:51:57 PM): Yeah
Shawn M. Smith (10:52:07 PM): “The fire burns….with a love that is true”
Pulse Glazer (10:52:29 PM): its the perfect gimmick song
Pulse Glazer (10:52:41 PM): “together we’re the match of the year”
Shawn M. Smith (10:52:54 PM): in what world WOULDN’T that song be a hit? It’s the funniest thing to happen on the ‘net since Matt Hardy’s “Scar Will Become a Symbol”
Pulse Glazer (10:53:03 PM): “you’re the american beauty and i’m kevin spacey, put me in your top 8 when you myspace me”
Shawn M. Smith (10:53:10 PM): “…and never replace me”
Pulse Glazer (10:53:15 PM): plus the video of him dripping hot candle wax on himself
Pulse Glazer (10:53:25 PM): it’s just perfect for its audience
Shawn M. Smith (10:53:34 PM): right-o!
Shawn M. Smith (10:53:36 PM): NEXT SONG!
Pulse Glazer (10:53:37 PM): the waving cell phone thing makes it better
Pulse Glazer (10:53:40 PM): wait- one more thing
Shawn M. Smith (10:53:42 PM): NEXT SONG!
Shawn M. Smith (10:53:52 PM): it’s the SMS “A Modest Refrain”
Shawn M. Smith (10:53:55 PM): let’s move along
Pulse Glazer (10:54:06 PM): the best part of roh shows live is when new ROH fans look around like everyones lost their minds at the cell phone thing
Pulse Glazer (10:54:08 PM): go ahead
Shawn M. Smith (10:54:38 PM): Dee dee dee, duh duh dee dee dee
Pulse Glazer (10:54:51 PM): Will things ever be the same again? is it the Final Countdown?

“The Final Countdown” – Europe (Bryan Danielson)

Shawn M. Smith (10:55:03 PM): indeed!
Pulse Glazer (10:55:04 PM): I’ve got till 5 ref!
Pulse Glazer (10:55:22 PM): neon lasers, one hit wonder, crowd chants along with it, what more do you want?
Shawn M. Smith (10:55:24 PM): “I’ve Got ‘Til FIVE, Referee!”
Shawn M. Smith (10:55:29 PM): ONE HIT WONDER?
Shawn M. Smith (10:55:33 PM): ONE HIT WONDER?
Shawn M. Smith (10:55:36 PM): Europe?
Pulse Glazer (10:55:54 PM): Europe, it’s more than just a country
Shawn M. Smith (10:55:57 PM): First, no Swedish rock band rocked harder
Pulse Glazer (10:56:09 PM): wait Europe isn’t a country
Pulse Glazer (10:56:25 PM): umm, edit that out
Shawn M. Smith (10:56:34 PM): It wasn’t JUST a one hit wonder, dude, this song was a number one song in 26 (!) countries
Pulse Glazer (10:56:49 PM): well, it’s THE one hit wonder
Pulse Glazer (10:56:55 PM): and people think it’s from Rocky, so even better
Shawn M. Smith (10:57:18 PM): No, wrong
Pulse Glazer (10:57:28 PM): I know it isn’t, but everyone thinks it is
Shawn M. Smith (10:57:33 PM): Wrestling fans forget
Shawn M. Smith (10:58:10 PM): …it holds significance because it was played during the hype for ’89 Great American Bash match between Flair-Steamboat
Shawn M. Smith (10:58:26 PM): it was a video shown at intermission of their earlier encounters
Shawn M. Smith (10:58:48 PM): AND IT RULES
Pulse Glazer (10:58:49 PM): wow, that’s awesome
Shawn M. Smith (10:58:50 PM): best song ever
Shawn M. Smith (10:58:55 PM): this list should just end now
Pulse Glazer (10:58:59 PM): it really does rule. It’s on my ipod
Pulse Glazer (10:59:14 PM): It’s the Final Countdown!
Shawn M. Smith (10:59:15 PM): it was my ringtone until Gob used it on Arrested Development
Shawn M. Smith (10:59:25 PM): …now, it’s “Beat It”
Pulse Glazer (10:59:47 PM): I have Parliament Funkadelic
Shawn M. Smith (11:00:14 PM): btw, Europe went on to have more hits with “Carrie” and “Cherokee”
Pulse Glazer (11:00:38 PM): I give up the funk
Pulse Glazer (11:00:52 PM): and Europe should be successful and U2 should have gone away
Pulse Glazer (11:00:56 PM): anyone who disagrees is a Nazi
Shawn M. Smith (11:00:57 PM): Right
Shawn M. Smith (11:01:13 PM): and the Scorpions were rad and Rocky IV is still my favorite, but this isn’t about that
Shawn M. Smith (11:01:14 PM): lol
Pulse Glazer (11:01:24 PM): 3 >4… barely
Shawn M. Smith (11:01:30 PM): eat…a…-radio edit-
Pulse Glazer (11:01:32 PM): “What can we expect in this fight?”
Pulse Glazer (11:01:33 PM): “Pain.”
Shawn M. Smith (11:01:38 PM): Rocky III is a rushed piece of [poopie]
Shawn M. Smith (11:01:45 PM): 20 minutes, he’s losing to Thunderlips
Shawn M. Smith (11:01:56 PM): 40 minutes in, he’s training for Clubber
Pulse Glazer (11:01:56 PM): of course he was, but it’s fun
Shawn M. Smith (11:02:02 PM): one hour, the fight starts
Shawn M. Smith (11:02:05 PM): just crap
Shawn M. Smith (11:02:14 PM): how many songs is that?
Pulse Glazer (11:02:25 PM): final countdown, miseria, ballad of, animals
Pulse Glazer (11:02:28 PM): 4
Shawn M. Smith (11:02:51 PM): okay

“Personal Jesus” – Marilyn Manson (Austin Aries)

Shawn M. Smith (11:03:02 PM): Personal Jesus
Shawn M. Smith (11:03:09 PM): why? because I [expletive deleted]ing interviewed him
Shawn M. Smith (11:03:13 PM): Link!
Pulse Glazer (11:03:14 PM): okay, cool, but only if it has the Boondocks Saints intro
Pulse Glazer (11:03:23 PM): [poopie] you better link my Roddy Strong interview [link]
Pulse Glazer (11:03:29 PM): He’s the reason for the Boondock Saints intro
Shawn M. Smith (11:04:36 PM): [expletive deleted] Rod Strong…he didn’t even THANK me for the ROH interviews getting popular
Shawn M. Smith (11:05:26 PM): Personal Jesus is awesome
Pulse Glazer (11:05:32 PM): your voicemail makes me want to murder you.
Shawn M. Smith (11:05:44 PM): I wish it was the Depeche Mode version, but you have to pick and choose your battles, right?
Pulse Glazer (11:05:49 PM): and Personal Jesus is awesome. but Boondocks Saints intro makes it as an opening
Shawn M. Smith (11:05:53 PM): it’s the best voicemail ever
Pulse Glazer (11:05:57 PM): the Depeche Mode version not being it hurts
Shawn M. Smith (11:06:07 PM): that’s why it’s low, low, low on the list
Pulse Glazer (11:06:09 PM): but the sheer geekdom of using Boondocks, A+ sirs.
Shawn M. Smith (11:06:17 PM): you pick number five
Shawn M. Smith (11:06:27 PM): (the intros are picked by ROH Sound Guy, Wayne Tuesday)
Shawn M. Smith (11:06:44 PM): I stood next to him for a show
Pulse Glazer (11:06:45 PM): Wayne is apparently brilliant and will be hit on by me soon… Hope you’re reading Wayne!
Shawn M. Smith (11:06:47 PM): nice dude
Pulse Glazer (11:07:07 PM): I think that’s 5
Pulse Glazer (11:07:22 PM): Animals, Miseria, Ballad of, Final, and Personal Jesus
Shawn M. Smith (11:07:25 PM): btw, did you know that ROH is only covered at IP because I bugged Widro until he went to a show with me
Shawn M. Smith (11:07:31 PM): nice
Pulse Glazer (11:07:33 PM): yes, by the way
Shawn M. Smith (11:07:39 PM): and Matt went to the next one too
Pulse Glazer (11:07:41 PM): you need to contact Grut so he can piss us both off
Shawn M. Smith (11:07:46 PM): remember to CONSTANTLY thank me
Shawn M. Smith (11:07:50 PM): why?
Shawn M. Smith (11:07:58 PM): I can call him right now
Pulse Glazer (11:08:00 PM): MM wants him in on the ROH roundtable
Shawn M. Smith (11:08:11 PM): ha, he should do it
Pulse Glazer (11:08:14 PM): He said to email him, but why not just use yu 😛
Shawn M. Smith (11:08:15 PM): Grut’s funny
Pulse Glazer (11:08:30 PM): 3 comedy posts in 2 days… sorta killed it for me
Pulse Glazer (11:08:47 PM): its me, you, Andy, MM, Kace, Hopefully Grut and Eric…
Shawn M. Smith (11:08:55 PM): nah, funny funny guy that Joshua Randall Grutman
Shawn M. Smith (11:09:23 PM): lol
Pulse Glazer (11:09:25 PM): oh, well just me
Shawn M. Smith (11:09:31 PM): right
Pulse Glazer (11:10:03 PM): oh and we need to honorable mention the Samoa Joe UK mix
Shawn M. Smith (11:10:08 PM): you start the WWE list
Pulse Glazer (11:13:29 PM): WWF
Shawn M. Smith (11:13:31 PM): DOUBLE DOUBLE E!
Shawn M. Smith (11:13:34 PM): E!
Pulse Glazer (11:13:37 PM): F!
Shawn M. Smith (11:13:38 PM): Get the EFF out!
Pulse Glazer (11:13:53 PM): alright
Shawn M. Smith (11:13:59 PM): no time to think
Pulse Glazer (11:14:04 PM): DX Theme, Austin Theme, Demolition
Shawn M. Smith (11:14:06 PM): there is NO TIME FOR LOSERS
Shawn M. Smith (11:14:09 PM): no, one at a time
Pulse Glazer (11:14:13 PM): oh
Pulse Glazer (11:14:13 PM): well
Shawn M. Smith (11:14:17 PM): Demolition
Pulse Glazer (11:14:25 PM): Demolition Destruction

“Demolition Destruction” (Demolition)

Pulse Glazer (11:14:40 PM): “no where to run no where to hide!”
Shawn M. Smith (11:14:53 PM): GREAT SONG. I punched a friend one time, I was so happy to hear the song.
Shawn M. Smith (11:14:56 PM): seriously
Pulse Glazer (11:14:59 PM): Was it Widro?
Shawn M. Smith (11:15:03 PM): no
Shawn M. Smith (11:15:09 PM): I would NEVER lay a hand on him
Pulse Glazer (11:15:31 PM): Widro loves me. He promised me he wouldn’t sell my useless carcass to 411
Shawn M. Smith (11:15:46 PM): that was nice of him
Shawn M. Smith (11:15:58 PM): What was Ultimate Warrior’s theme?
Shawn M. Smith (11:16:03 PM): that should be number two

“Unstable” (Ultimate Warrior)

Pulse Glazer (11:16:10 PM): no way, Hogan’s was better than Warrior’s
Pulse Glazer (11:16:12 PM): so was Savage’s
Pulse Glazer (11:16:15 PM): and Hennigs
Shawn M. Smith (11:16:23 PM): nothing makes me think about getting totally gassed on the way to the ring than that song
Pulse Glazer (11:16:25 PM): unless we aren’t counting classical stuff like Savage and Flair
Shawn M. Smith (11:16:32 PM): POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE?
Pulse Glazer (11:16:35 PM): oh yeah
Pulse Glazer (11:16:43 PM): Pomp and Circumstance
Shawn M. Smith (11:16:47 PM): I graduated from high school and they played that!
Pulse Glazer (11:16:54 PM): everyone did
Shawn M. Smith (11:16:57 PM): NOT…ON…THE…LIST
Shawn M. Smith (11:17:00 PM): no, not Jesus
Pulse Glazer (11:17:02 PM): ouch poor Randy
Pulse Glazer (11:17:15 PM): Do we at least get Real American on there?
Shawn M. Smith (11:17:27 PM): if I attended an event where the song was played, and it WASN’T meant to be ironic, it’s DQed
Shawn M. Smith (11:17:34 PM): Real American? [EXPLETIVE DELETED] YEAH!

“Real American” (Hulk Hogan)

Shawn M. Smith (11:17:41 PM): Stone Cold’s Theme!
Shawn M. Smith (11:17:48 PM): Sexy Boy

“Sexy Boy” (Shawn Michaels)

Pulse Glazer (11:17:48 PM): yes those two just belong
Pulse Glazer (11:17:52 PM): for the sheer energy they create
Pulse Glazer (11:18:03 PM): I’ll never argue putting Sexy Boy on there. I’ll take heat for this, but I love Cena’s current theme
Shawn M. Smith (11:18:22 PM): [expletive deleted] you
Shawn M. Smith (11:18:26 PM): [expletive deleted] you, [expletive deleted] you
Shawn M. Smith (11:18:30 PM): JOHN CENA SUCKS!
Pulse Glazer (11:18:35 PM): no he doesn’t
Shawn M. Smith (11:18:39 PM): (sing it to the notes in his song!)
Shawn M. Smith (11:18:46 PM): John Ce-na Sucks!
Pulse Glazer (11:18:51 PM): it works
Shawn M. Smith (11:18:52 PM): John Ce-na Sucks!
Pulse Glazer (11:18:54 PM): but he still doesn’t
Shawn M. Smith (11:18:56 PM): Grut came up with it
Pulse Glazer (11:19:12 PM): Grut hates wrestling
Shawn M. Smith (11:19:23 PM): we were at the Mango (where I will be on Sunday for WRASSLING MANIANIANIA!)
Pulse Glazer (11:19:32 PM): nice, [expletive deleted] you
Pulse Glazer (11:19:37 PM): I’m watching with marks
Shawn M. Smith (11:19:44 PM): you should hang with Dan Hevia
Pulse Glazer (11:19:53 PM): which is nice cuz they ask me nice easy questions like “are edge and christian really brothers?”
Pulse Glazer (11:19:55 PM): why hevia?
Shawn M. Smith (11:19:57 PM): you fat guys north of NYC should do your own PPVs
Shawn M. Smith (11:20:05 PM): ha
Pulse Glazer (11:20:06 PM): 1. you’re fatter than me
Pulse Glazer (11:20:16 PM): 2. Bronx is NYC
Pulse Glazer (11:20:22 PM): Bronx isn’t “the City”
Shawn M. Smith (11:20:24 PM): 3. you have little hands
Pulse Glazer (11:20:27 PM): get your terminology right
Shawn M. Smith (11:20:32 PM): how can you even type?
Pulse Glazer (11:20:34 PM): I do have bitch hands.
Shawn M. Smith (11:20:40 PM): and they’re soft!
Pulse Glazer (11:20:42 PM): a 14 year-old girl made fun of me for them today
Pulse Glazer (11:20:48 PM): why do you know my hands are soft Shawn?
Shawn M. Smith (11:21:30 PM): pick WWF/E song 5
Pulse Glazer (11:21:36 PM): DX theme

“Break It Down” (D-Generation X)

Shawn M. Smith (11:21:40 PM): do it for EUROPE!
Shawn M. Smith (11:21:46 PM): that’s your final answer?
Pulse Glazer (11:21:49 PM): I’d pick NWO if i could
Shawn M. Smith (11:21:51 PM): what about the British Bulldogs?
Pulse Glazer (11:21:54 PM): but yeah, DX theme.
Shawn M. Smith (11:21:59 PM): what about….NO!
Pulse Glazer (11:22:07 PM): how about Taker?
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:11 PM): No WCW themes. They started there.
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:33 PM): and you don’t see me recommending the old Harlem Heat theme
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:13 PM): No!
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:16 PM): No Taker
Pulse Glazer (11:22:17 PM): I mean, its really just gongs and funeral music
Pulse Glazer (11:22:18 PM): but hey
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:19 PM): He SUCKS!
Pulse Glazer (11:22:35 PM): oh
Pulse Glazer (11:22:39 PM): how about Jericho
Pulse Glazer (11:22:40 PM): ?
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:42 PM): or RVD’s music
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:47 PM): the music, not the wrestler
Pulse Glazer (11:22:50 PM): you mean fake “walk”?
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:56 PM): BREAK THE WALLS DOWN
Shawn M. Smith (11:22:58 PM): yeah
Pulse Glazer (11:23:06 PM): I like Jericho’s music a lot
Pulse Glazer (11:23:12 PM): they barely changed it for years
Shawn M. Smith (11:23:24 PM): I think “Don’t Go Messing With a Country Boy” and “Grab Them Cakes” warrant consideration
Pulse Glazer (11:23:39 PM): we’re going to regret dissing “A Country Boy Can Survive” for ROH
Pulse Glazer (11:23:46 PM): nothing could have fit that character better
Shawn M. Smith (11:23:53 PM): BTW, remember the Brood’s original theme?
Shawn M. Smith (11:24:01 PM): THAT was Edge at his greatest
Shawn M. Smith (11:24:13 PM): oh, and then the Hardys replaced Edge and Christian
Shawn M. Smith (11:24:17 PM): it was CRAZY
Pulse Glazer (11:24:20 PM): Edge was always awesome
Shawn M. Smith (11:24:22 PM): I wanted to be a vampire
Shawn M. Smith (11:24:26 PM): no
Pulse Glazer (11:24:27 PM): best heel in wrestling
Shawn M. Smith (11:24:32 PM): it’s been downhill since then
Pulse Glazer (11:24:34 PM): only good thing Mick said in his entire [poopie]ty new book
Shawn M. Smith (11:24:41 PM): they were so rad as the Suicide Blondes
Pulse Glazer (11:24:54 PM): Christian has Vince Vaughn’s personality
Pulse Glazer (11:24:58 PM): I just realized it tonight
Shawn M. Smith (11:25:01 PM): …they were the Suicide Blondes for a week
Shawn M. Smith (11:25:03 PM): yup
Shawn M. Smith (11:25:08 PM): we done yet?

Shawn M. Smith (11:25:35 PM): how do people win?
Pulse Glazer (11:25:56 PM): they vote for whatever song. they write 1 paragraph on their #1 song for whichever promotion. whichever we like best wins.

Greatest ROH Theme Songs
“Miseria Cantare” – AFI (CM Punk)
“House of the Rising Sun” – The Animals (Jimmy Rave)
“Ballad of Lacey” – Jimmy Jacobs (Jimmy Jacobs)
“The Final Countdown” – Europe (Bryan Danielson)
“Personal Jesus” – Marilyn Manson (Austin Aries)

Greatest WWF/E Theme Songs
“Demolition Destruction” (Demolition)
“Unstable” (Ultimate Warrior)
“Real American” (Hulk Hogan)
“Sexy Boy” (Shawn Michaels)
“Break It Down” (D-Generation X)

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