RabbleCast (Wrestlemania Edition)

On this Very Special RabbleCast:
– Special Guest: TIMMY RIVERS
– Wrestlemania Thoughts and Predictions
– A special note: Two things to take notice of this show that I apologize are this….
1 – The show actually had a HUGE technical meltdown and I was thankfully able to salvage 1:20 of what was a 2 hour show. I apologize to all writers who’s letter was cut off.
2 – Due to the same technical meltdown, the show is BIGGER than usual.

We’re doing our best to make sure these things go away one thing at a time, and thank you all for your patience as we get bigger and bigger.

Enjoy Wrestlemania!

.:: RabbleCast Wrestlemania 23 Edition (MP3 Format) ::.

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