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Tonight: JBL holds allegedly the biggest interview in sports entertainment history, but Metalingus by Alter Bridge is kicking us off and Edge makes his entrance. Edge reminds us of the basics to do with Money In The Bank and Matt Hardy makes his way out. Edge is all like, y’know, not going to risk an injury this close to WrestleMania so he’s just like totally picked a replacement to go against Matt Hardy tonight. Also, a ladder is set up at ringside, and pretty much stays there the entire night – I think this is a [b]fantastic[/b] touch, but I bet it majorly pissed off the people behind it.

Opening Contest: Matt Hardy vs. The Great Khali
How long has it been since I did a Khali match? Anyways, Hardy attacks to start but Khali no sells pretty much all of it and clubs Hardy back down. Clothesline by Khali. Hardy rolls onto the apron and Khali throws Hardy back into the ring. Khali with offense I don’t remember seeing, before Khali goes for the double handed Chokebomb – but Kane’s pyros explode! Khali lets go of Hardy and begins making his way down the entrance way, waiting for Kane, but Kane appears on the titantron and tells him there’s two more days left.
Winner: Who knows?

Served the purpose, I suppose. -Five out of Ten.


Theodore Long is backstage booking a table for two. Kristal Marshall walks in and Long says that because of how hard she’s been working lately he’s taking her for dinner and dancing. Kristal shows off her ring attire for the evening, which actually does suit her (at least a hell of a lot better than anything else she’s wrestled in), and kisses Long on the cheek … I’ve missed the point of this angle, I wonder if it’ll still be around this time next month.

Second Contest: Mr. Kennedy vs. Finlay
Circling to start, lock up and Kennedy gets Finlay in the corner before the two roll out of the ring, with the lock up still connected – after a good forty seconds or so, Finlay pushes Kennedy off of him. Back in the ring, Finlay and Kennedy lock up again and Finlay gets to the ropes. Kennedy gets a headlock on Finlay before going for a front facelock, Finlay escapes and works the arm and goes for a pinfall but Kennedy kicks out. Kennedy sends Finlay into the top turnbuckle and positions him in the bottom of the corner for the running boot. Kennedy covers for a two count. Kennedy begins removing the top turnbuckle but Finlay attacks from behind and puts Kennedy down with an uppercut, before Finlay removes the turnbuckle himself. Kennedy gets a small package on Finlay for a two count. Kennedy gets Finlay on his shoulder but Finlay reverses it and gets Kennedy on his, Kennedy falls behind and pushes Finlay into the revealed turnbuckle!

Kennedy hits Finlay with the flipping Samoan for a few pinfall attempts. Kennedy goes outside and goes to grab a ladder but Finlay gets a swinging baseball slide to Kennedy and positions him on the apron for a club to the chest. Back in the ring, Finlay whips Kennedy into the corner but Kennedy avoids the spear and Finlay’s shoulder connects with the steel post, Kennedy with a school boy but Finlay kicks out. Kennedy gets the extra tall ladder which is at ringside and takes it into the ring and goes to hit Finlay but Finlay ducks and spears Kennedy into the corner, Finlay with the short arm clothesline. Hornswoggle appears from under the ring with … a step ladder … Finlay distracts the referee and Hornswoggle hits Kennedy with the KenTon Bomb off of the Step Ladder. Celtic Cross on Kennedy for the three count.
Winner: Finlay

Aw, cute ending, I hope Hornswoggle takes a bump at WrestleMania. Good match but far too short. Six out of Ten.

Video recap of RAW’s McMahon and Lashley Match.

Still to come, a special look at the WrestleMania 23 Press Conference. Nice to see them trying to make the conferences seem like they might mean something.


Maryse says nothing gets between her and her Friday Night SmackDown. JBL announces his love for Maryse. Nice to see someone cares about the girl.

Third Contest: Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Viko Batamango
Should’ve been a Canadian.
Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter

MVP does the usual and says he’ll win the title against Chris Benoit at WrestleMania. Nothing we ain’t heard before. -Five out of Ten.

Video recap of Undertaker throwing Finlay into Batista.

Still to come: JBL interviews the SmackDown WrestleMania Main Event


Fourth Contest: Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy
Orton gets a hammerlock on Hardy but Hardy turns it into a hammerlock of his own, Orton takes it to the corner and Hardy is forced to release the hold. Hardy works the arm of Orton but Orton takes Hardy to the corner again, Orton with rights to the face of Hardy. Orton sends Hardy into the ropes and goes for a kitchen sink knee but Hardy turns it into a school boy for a failed pinfall attempt. Hardy with a fall forward suplex for a two count. Hardy gets the ten count punches in the corner and irish whips Orton into the ropes, Orton back into an elbow by Hardy for a two count. Orton gets an uppercut on Hardy and forces Hardy’s face into the middle turnbuckle. Hardy flips over Orton but gets clotheslined down. Orton knocks Hardy off of the apron and into the security rail before we head to …


We’re back and Orton has Hardy in a headlock. Hardy escapes with punches but Orton gets in his backbreaker for a two count. Orton stomps away on Hardy before forcing his foot into the gut of Hardy. Orton drags Hardy up and gets a dropkick, covering Hardy for a two count. Orton chokes Hardy on the bottom rope before returning to stomping away on Hardy. Orton gets a headlock on Hardy, Hardy looks to escape but Orton slams Hardy onto the mat, Orton goes for his trademark knee drop but Hardy rolls out of the way. Orton goes to irish whip Hardy but Hardy gets in a flashback. Hardy with clotheslines, mule kick to Orton and a nice swinging baseball slide in the corner for a two count over Orton. Whisper in the Wind connects and gets Hardy a two count. Hardy looks to go for a Swanton but Orton rolls onto the apron, Hardy goes to Orton but Orton sends Hardy outside. Edge makes his way out and gets a cheap shot in at Hardy, which makes Orton pissy (I’d be annoyed too if someone helped me). Orton rolls Hardy inside and sets up for the RKO but begins yelling at Edge, Hardy gets a sunset flip on Orton for the three count!
Winner: Jeff Hardy

Nothing better than what we’ve seen these two do in the past, and should’ve been shorter. Watchable and not bad. Three out of Ten.

Video recap of Undertaker vs. Finlay and Booker last week.


Recap of Michaels hitting Cena with the Sweet Chin Music on RAW.

WrestleMania card – nothing new added.

The heel divas make their entrance.


Fifth Contest: Melina, Kristal Marshall, Jillian Hall, Michelle McCool, and Victoria vs. Ashley Massaro, Candice Michelle, Maria, Torrie Wilson, and Mickie James
First off, welcome back Michelle McCool, fantastic to see you’re healthy again. James and Victoria begin. James with a snapmare and low dropkick for a two count. James with an irish whip but McCool holds onto Victoria and James hits the canvas after a dropkick misses. Mc in and James gets hit with a double team suplex for a two count. Mc stomps away at James in the corner and tags in Melina. Melina hooks James on the ropes and gets in a bodyscissors, the referee counts her off and Victoria kicks James in the head. Hall tagged in. Hall with a hair toss on James before she tags out to Victoria. Hall scoop slams James and Victoria goes up for a Moonsault, but James rolls out of the way. Michelle gets tagged in with the leg lariat to Victoria and an elbow drop for a quick pinfall attempt. Michelle whips Victoria into the corner, Maria tagged in for the bronco buster. Wilson tagged in for the stink face. Hall and Massaro get tagged back in, Massaro takes care of Mc and Massaro with clotheslines and Melina avoids an attack but cleverly jumping off of the apron. Smart girl. Hall goes for a powerbomb on Massaro but Massaro turns it into a hurricanrana for the three count.
Winners: Ashley Massaro, Maria, Mickie James, Candice Michelle, and Torrie Wilson

Man, remember when there used to be some other face divas on SmackDown besides Massaro? Mickie James should be sent over to SmackDown. She has such little chemistry with any of the women on RAW, so what’s the harm in sending her over to SmackDown to help some of the less developed divas (Mc, Marshall, Massaro) have a credible wrestler to work with? Maybe she’ll be able to bring back the Jillian Hall from this time last year, too? Anyways. One out of Ten. SmackDown Diva Standards. Could’ve been better with some of the girls they’ve got in there, and I’d love to see just how far Marshall’s come with that surprisingly watchable match against Layla El.

Trailer for The Condemned.

King Booker and Queen Sharmell are making their way towards the ring ..


Sixth Contest: King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell vs. CM Punk
Lock up and Booker forces Punk into the corner only for the referee to count him off. Another lock up and Booker gets Punk in the gut with a knee before he clubs away at Punk. Punk with a snapmare and low dropkick to the back, covering Booker for a pinfall attempt. Punk with some nice kicks, irish whip is reversed by Booker who picks up Punk and drops him throat first on the top rope. Superkick on Punk for a failed pinfall attempt. Booker with knees to the head of Punk. Punk gets elbows to Booker and comes off the ropes only to get put down in a spinebuster. Booker gets a rear naked choke hold on Punk, Punk looks to be about to escape so Booker slams him down. Punk gets with right hands to the head of Booker, Booker reverses an irish whip and gets Punk with an elbow for a two count. Booker with a scoop slam on Punk, Booker goes for the pinfall but Punk kicks him away, Punk to his feet and connects with a swinging neckbreaker to Booker. Punk with a series of kicks to Booker, covering for a two count. Punk connects with an Enziguri, pinning Booker for a two count. Punk with a high knee in the corner, Punk goes for a bulldog but Booker reverses it into a hook kick. Booker goes for the Scissor Kicks, Punk avoids it and misses the clothesline, and Booker goes for a suplex but Punk rolls through into a pinning situation and gets the three count!
Winner: CM Punk

I was certainly expecting more from these two, but this match was nice. Three out of Ten.

Another video recap, this time of Undertaker throwing Michaels into Batista.


Recap of the WrestleMania 23 Press Conference.

JBL makes his way on into the ring, only for Steve Austin to join him and hit him with a pair of Stunners. Well, that certainly did serve a purpose.


With JBL taken out thanks to Steve Austin, Theodore Long is conducting the interview – with a line of security guards within the ring. Batista and Undertaker make their entrances and Long suggest they keep their tempers in control. Batista doesn’t have the amount of respect as he did for the Undertaker when Undertaker chose to challenge Batista at WrestleMania. A fight quickly breaks out, with the security trying to hold the pair back. Batista gets in a Spinebuster on Undertaker, but Undertaker sits up! The show ends with Batista yelling “Forty Eight Hours” and Undertaker posing.

Matt Hardy vs. The Great Khali: -5/10
Finlay vs. Mr. Kennedy: 6/10
MVP vs. Cannon Fodder: -5/10
Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy: 3/10
Ten Diva Tag Match: 1/10
King Booker vs. CM Punk: 3/10
SmackDown 30/03/07: 2/60

The Inside Pulse
… Yeah, two out of sixty, impressive don’t you think? Well, if you like the guys in the Money In The Bank match (and you’re bound to like at least three of them) then you’ll like this episode. Perhaps a bit overkill in having all the MITB matches, though, but having a show mostly dedicated to that match does make it seem much more important than the last two MITBs. However, not a single thing stood out in this show. This is certainly not a good thing for the last show before WrestleMania. Oh well, I’m excited for WrestleMania but it’s not because of this show. Enjoy WrestleMania weekend everyone!

Summary — Match Results
Matt Hardy draw The Great Khali
Finlay defeats Mr. Kennedy via pinfall (Hornswoggle interference)
MVP defeats Cannon Fodder via pinfall
Jeff Hardy defeats Randy Orton via pinfall (Edge distraction included)
Ashley Massaro, Torrie Wilson, Maria, Candice Michelle, and Mickie James defeats Melina, Victoria, Kristal Marshall, Michelle McCool, and Jillian Hall (Massaro pins Hall)
CM Punk defeats King Booker via pinfall