From the UK: 1PW Invincible

From the UK 1PW Invincible

I was planning to do another Tandem Rant with Scott Keith on Wrestlemania X-Seven but that doesn’t seem to have materialised so I will do a solo rant on it over the weekend and hopefully have it up before Mania XXIII this Sunday.

This show was sitting on my backlog and I felt like watching it before work so, to kill both birds with just the one mighty stone, I decided to rant on it to. For those of you who don’t know, 1PW is a company that works out of Britain and brings in a ton of foreigners to hype it’s shows and look “legit”. It’s been close to financial death a number of times and actually had it’s TV show over here cancelled. However, unlike every other company here in Britain, this company has really pulled it’s finger out nad actually got it’s DVD’s in stores over here, which I appreciate because it means I don’t have to go online to search for them. Plus, a lot of the guys in this company have wrestled, or still wrestle, in FSW, which I go to every month and love to death, so I thought I’d give 1PW a look and maybe send them a few pounds so as they don’t die yet and still give these young British guys a chance for some exposure before it’s too late.

This show is in The Doncaster Dome in Doncaster, which is an impressive shit hole even by most standards and is about as easy to navigate as Tokyo during a smog attack.

The show took place on August 19th 2006

Hosts are Stevie Arran and Dean Ayass

I’m going by the match order on the DVD here, it could be incorrect but that’s not my fault because I don’t make them.

Darkside and The Briscoe Brothers Vs Matt Sydal, Roderick Strong and Austin Aries
I don’t know Darkside but I know everyone else. Aries and Darkside start out, with Aries sporting some taped ribs, and they do some good mat stuff but Darkside makes the mistake of slapping Aries so Aries knocks him down and slaps his chest on the mat. More nice stuff from Aries leads to Sydal coming and getting an arm wringer. One of the Briscoe’s comes in and does some stuff with Sydal that is too quick to call but looks great. Strong comes in and takes a snap suplex from Briscoe, we’ll call him Jay, and then Mark comes in and puts some hair on his chest. Mark gets a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Darkside comes in with a knee to the face and then dropkicks his face while he’s slumped in the corner. Strong dodges a top rope crossbody and brings in Darkside into the Generation Next corner. Sydal gets a big flying leg drop and tags in Aries who slaps on a Liontamer as Darkside is taking a beating.

Strong comes in and we get a double atomic drop and back suplex. Strong nearly takes Darksides face off with a dropkick. Ouch. Darkside continues getting worked over in the Generation Next corner but manages a flying DDT on Strong and tags in we’ll say Mark. Mark is the proverbial house en feugo as he nails a brainbuster for two and tags in Jay who gets two from a knee to the face. Jay gets a springboard double stomp but Strong is in the ropes. Strong gets locked in the Stretch Plum by I think Jay but he gets a back breaker on the other Briscoe and makes the tag to Aries. Aries nails the springboard splash on Jay and then gets a suicide dive onto Mark, all in one fluid movement. This man is a freak of nature. Darkside ends up on top and takes the Chest Breaker from Strong. It all breaks loose and no one as a clue who the legal man is. Darkside takes a standing moonsault but Jay saves and gets a DVD. Briscoe’s try the Devastation Device on Sydal but he gets out of it and sends both of them to the outside. However, Darkside catches him from behind with a Vertebreaker and that’s enough for the pin.
Time – 16:08
***1/4 – Damn good opener with crazy spots and moves galore. At times it got too frantic and hard to follow but it was generally great from start to finish.

Jay Phoenix is outside the arena cutting a promo about how good he is. He asks Iceman for help but he refuses, so Phoenix steals his wallet. Sound on that segment was awful.

El Ligero w/ Pac Vs Jimmy Rave w/ John Chapman
The FSW guys strike again as Ligero is a regular on the shows. This was meant to be Pac facing Rave here, who is f*cking awesome and I believe got some exposure in PWG, but he got injured so Ligero stepped in as a replacement. Ligero looks like a scrawny Psicosis but he can fly. Rave gets covered in toilet paper before the match, as per usual. Chapman used to own the AWA:UK but it went out of business and the commentator gets a great line in saying “Sadly there wasn’t a turkey on a pole match which upset purists such as myself. Rave tries using a spoon to attack Ligero but the ref takes it away and finds a screwdriver on him too. Funny stuff. Headlock by Rave, followed up by a shoulder block but Ligero trips him and sends him outside. The lighting here is like a WWE house show, which is actually much better than most UK indies so thumbs up for that one.

Rave gets another shoulder tackle but gets arm dragged to oblivion by Ligero and Rave bails outside and stalls some more. Ligero gets a springboard back elbow and a big spinning head scissors but takes a boot to the gut. Ligero counters a spiral bomb with a rana and Rave goes flying over to the outside. The commentators here are very funny and laid back. Ligero dives outside onto Rave but hits his leg on the rail. That looked very nasty. Rave’s manager seems to have bit the dust from the collision too. Rave sends Ligero into the crowd and then gets a thumb to the eye, following a run up of course. Rave nails a back suplex back inside but Ligero is up at two. Rave does some chopping in the corner and gets an elbow to the face for added pain giving. Ligero mounts a comeback but gets speared out of his boots and then knees him in the face for two. Rave gets an awesome back breaker and a version of the Test Drive, where he hooks the leg on the impact, for two. Ligero gets a roll up out of nowhere and that’s enough for the win.
Match Time – 11:17
*3/4 – Finish came from nowhere and Rave did too much stalling but it was a decent little match. The DVD cuts to the next chapter though before we can see the fall out.

Adam Curtis, the host of 1PW TV which now no longer exists, comes out to give an award to Dan Edge, who was injured from something, but is interrupted by Sterling James Keenan and Team Supreme. Keenan is your generic cocky heel and Team Supreme are supposed to be the companies top heel team. I know one of them, Jack Storm, from the FWA and FSW shows, and he’s pretty good but I have no idea who his partner is. Keenan comes out to have a go at Edge, who I don’t know, and then spikes him with some move called the MK Ultra or something. Keenan looks like a thin Vampiro crossed with Johnny Nitro.

Andy Boy Simmonz open challenge
Simmonz is another cocky heel who is built like Jamie Noble but slightly bigger. Fans chant “You’re a jobber at him” so he says he has an insurance policy who is a big roid monster called Domino who looks like Nathan Jones. Anyway, most of his promo is cut and the match starts with Martin Stone answering the challenge. Come on guys that is AWFUL editing. Newcomers to your product, such as me, could really use a little help with what’s going on here. Granted, I know who most of these guys are by going to British Indies and such but you can’t expect a person who’s never seen your product before to just know who your guys are. The odd video package would be greatly appreciated.

Martin Stone Vs Andy Boy Simmonz
Simmonz gets a dropkick to start but Stone gets an under hook suplex for two. Simmonz gets a hanging vertical suplex but runs into a spine buster but runs into a boot in the corner. The commentators do a good job explaining the history between these two saying that Stone has never lost to Simmonz but is still to win a match in 1PW. Stone no sells a shoulder charge and gets one of his own but Domino trips him up and clotheslines him outside while Simmonz distracts the ref. Back inside, Simmonz gets a falling neck breaker for two. Stone fights back with some right hands and gets a floatover suplex for two. Stone gets a wheelbarrow slam but has his finisher blocked by Simmonz. Simmonz runs into a massive lariat though and that’s enough for the three.
Time – 05:36
*1/2 – The crowds’ belief that Simmonz was a jobber seemed to be correct judging by that performance. Score now is Simmonz 0 and everyone else 3. Fans rub it in so Simmonz complains and asks for another match. Stone agrees and we’re off again

Martin Stone Vs Andy Boy Simmonz (Part II)
Stone gets the London Bridge, a hanging DDT off the ropes, and that’s the end of match two
Time – 20 seconds
Well that’s 0-4 for Simmonz now. Fans chant “One more time” but Simmonz runs away. Iceman comes out and complains that he’s being screwed by 1PW because he came to wrestle Ulf Herman but he’s not there. Iceman challenges Stone to a match tonight and Stone is more than ready to bring it.

Martin Stone Vs Iceman
Slugfest to start as they tee off with some stiff shots. Stone gets a big German Suplex and then some open hand slaps in the corner but he gets whipped into the corner and Iceman gets the running cannonball. Outside we go where Stone nearly takes out an entire row of fans from an Irish Whip. Iceman eats some railing too and they go into the crowd where the brawl continues. Iceman takes out an area if seating and then gets clotheslined off a chair while in a seating position. The ref spoils everyone’s fun by saying the guys have to get back in before a 20 count. Meanwhile, Iceman cannonballs Stone again. Both guys ignore the count and keep fighting out of sight.
Time – 5:01
**1/2 – Was shaping up to be quite the brawl before the ref stopped it. The fight goes on backstage and Iceman drops something onto Stone.

Brian Danielson Vs SUWA
Lock up leads to both men going for arm wringers. Danielson gets a dropkick and SUWA bails and goes after the cameraman. SUWA gets some chops in the corner but walks into another dropkick and then Danielson gets a suicide dive onto him on the outside. SUWA destroys the ringside area before coming back in where Danielson gets some choppage in the corner and then goes to the Mexican Surfboard. Fans do the duelling chants as both guys get open hand slaps to the chest. SUWA goes low on Danielson and then puts him crotch first on the ropes. That’s just mean. SUWA just keeps targeting Danielson’s ahem lower abdomen and gets a tilt a whirl back breaker. He gets another and turns it into a submission move but Danielson fights out only to walk into a chop.

Danielson gets his foot up in the corner and then gets a diving forearm off the top onto SUWA. Danielson gets a suplex and heads up for the diving head butt for two. Danielson locks in a Cobra Clutch style manoeuvre and wraps his legs around SUWA turning it into a Cross Face Chicken Wing but SUWA makes the ropes. SUWA fights back with a side back suplex and gets a flapjack for two. SUWA dropkicks Danielson into the corner and goes for the FFF but Danielson counters to a German Suplex for two. Both guys are up and we have a forearm battle which SUWA wins with a big lariat for two. SUWA and Danielson trade head butts and some more stiff shots but Danielson gets a back slide for two. Danielson perches SUWA on the top and gets a big Superplex for two. Danielson gets the series of elbows on the mat but SUWA counters with an Ace Crusher but gets locked in the Cattle Mutilation for the submission win.
Time – 11:42
**3/4 – Solid match that dragged a little in the middle but the finishing sequence was the usual Danielson excellence.

Well that’s Disc 1 now time for Disc 2. Feel free to go and have a nice cake and a cup of coffee while I change the discs over.


Excellent lets get going with disc 2!

Samoa Joe Vs Jay Phoenix
Basic story here is that Phoenix has been dodging Joe for 8 months and this is the blow off. The Chavs attack Joe to start and the distraction allows Phoenix to attack Joe with a crutch. Joe fights back and he’s PISSED. All the Chavs get hammered and then decide run off leaving Phoenix face his fate alone. Joe absolutely hammers Phoenix in the corner and then nearly kills him with an enzuiguiri. Ole kick follows soon after as Joe continues the legal murdering. Fans ask for another Ole kick and Joe obliges. Phoenix attempts to fight back but Joe stops that with a slap and some head butts. Joe toys around with Phoenix but takes a low blow and Phoenix gets some upper cuts and a splash in the corner. Joe shrugs it off but takes a neck breaker for two. Joe counters a high crossbody by simply moving out of the way and gets some stiff Kawada Kicks to the face. Muscle Buster follows and Kokina Clutch ends the beating
Time – 8:00
** – A more than satisfying Joe slaughter.

Doug Williams Vs Nigel McGuinness
I’ve seen Doug Williams live before but I’ve never had the pleasure of watching Nigel live, but I hope to rectify that at some point. Doug goes after the arm to start but Nigel counters to his own. The commentator makes a joke about leprechauns in a knock on WWE. Nigel is sporting a massive shiner from a match with Danielson a week earlier. Both guys go through a series of great counters and holds with neither guy gaining a clear advantage. Williams goes to a Full Nelson but its countered and then that leads to a series of pin reversals. Doug gets a bizarre straight jacket combined to a surfboard move but Nigel counters to a full body scissors which Doug somehow turns into another surfboard move.

Both guys keep going move for move with Williams getting a bow and arrow which Nigel fights out of for a stand off. We’re at nearly 10 minutes in the match here and it’s felt like 2. McGuinness goes to an arm wringer and powers Williams down but Williams fights up to one of his own. Nigel gets an arm wringer and then a rear arm lock. Nigel gets a short arm clothesline for two and goes right back to the arm with a submission move. Williams gets a big release German Suplex and then an Ace Crusher for two. Doug gets sent shoulder first into the ring post and McGuinness gets an overhead arm suplex for two. Nigel goes for the direct route and just kicks the arm but gets rolled up by Doug for two. Nigel goes back to the arm but Doug makes the ropes to break. Nigel gets another arm whip and then goes back to an arm submission move which I don’t know the name off. Doug gets a Gory Special but the arm gives out so he backs him into the turnbuckle instead where he gets a suplex off the top.

Williams is too hurt to make a cover but gets a high knee and a running knee to the gut for two. McGuinness gets a big clothesline for two but walks into a release gut wrench suplex and a suplex throw for two. Doug gets a running knee in the corner, one of the ropes and goes for another off the top but Nigel stops him and brings him down with The Tower of London for two. Nigel gets a running elbow in the corner and another clothesline but again only gets a two. Nigel gets a Last Cut for two and sets Williams upon the top but Williams counters with a Victory Roll for two. I guess it’s more like the Almost Victory Roll. Nigel tries to use Doug’s own Chaos Theory on him but Williams counters and gets the German Suplex for two. Nigel goes up for whatever but Williams throws him off and goes for the Knee Drop off the top but McGuinness gets his leg up to counter. The bell rings for the 20 minute time limit.

Doug complains about the time limit draw and demands for 5 more minutes. Nigel is up for that and the ref gives unlimited time for the remainder of the match. Forearm battle flares up Doug getting the advantage with a knee lift but Nigel gets a clothesline for two. Nigel sets Doug up on the ropes and forearms him off from the top but that’s only two again. McGuinness sets Doug up on top but Doug shoves him off and drops the Knee from the top and gets the Chaos Theory but his arm is hurt too much to bridge. Psychology people psychology! They fight over and inside cradle and Nigel goes for the cross arm breaker but Doug counters that to a pin for the three count.
Total Time – 23:02
****1/4 – Superb technical wrestling with a finish that actually paid off the arm work done by Nigel earlier. Easily one of the best UK matches of last year.

1PW Tag Team Championship
(C) Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch Vs Team S.H.A.G (Colt Cabana and Darren Burridge) Street Hooligan Adventure Gang
Handshake between both teams and that leads to Cabana and Storm starting. I like Cabana because he loves the British style of wrestling. Storm and Cabana do some good comedy stuff to start but both guys pull their straps down to suggest they’re going to get serious. Storm pulls down Cabana’s pants though to put a stop to that. Burridge comes in to go at it with Fleisch, who’s probably the only guy in this match that most of the people outside of England won’t know. Burridge is a pretty good technical wrestler who does some good comedy stuff too, which can be seen as all four guys some in and do kung fu poses. Everyone then pulls furry dice out of their pants, of which Jody has the biggest pair. Fans chant “Holy shit” to show they are in on the joke.

Jody sort of loses his cool and runs around the ring showing the fans his dice. I did that once and had to spend a night in a cell, I nearly took someone’s eye out. Errrr, anyway the match, Storm and Fleisch dive out onto the challengers to gain the advantage. Storm and Fleisch come off the top on Burridge with separate moves but Cabana comes in and everything falls apart. SHAG do stereo leg sweeps on the champs but Storm comes off the top with a double dropkick to swing the momentum back. Storm nails Burridge with a second rope Spainish Fly but walks into a DDT for two. Jody comes in and takes some elbows from Cabana but the ref gets bumped, just as Jody gets the 720 DDT, and he can’t get the pin. Oh the bitter twist of irony. Colt gets the Colt 45 and gets an inverted Boston Crab. Jody taps out but Jonny pins Burridge as a second referee runs in and we have a screwy finish
Time – 12:00
** – Was a decent enough comedy match but then it just completely fell apart towards the end and the finish was not exactly a winner. “Fans chant Bullshit” and I agree. Fans seem to take SHAG’s side on this issue.

10 Man Survival of the Sickest Match
Abyss, Matt Hyson, Sterling James Keenan and Team Supreme Vs Steve Corino, Spud, Teddy Hart and Southern Comfort
This one starts out as Hyson and Keenan Vs Spud and Hart but soon enough everyone charges in and the ref decides to make it a 10 man elimination match, falls count anywhere. The awful editing rears it’s ugly head again as the guys magically appear in the ring, as if by magic, because their entrances have been cut. It’s really annoying to just see Abyss appear without any explanation while the commentators are talking like he’s been out for 5 minutes. Anyway, the brawl is on and it’s near impossible to call. Spud gets an absolutely mental dive onto everyone from the stands and they barely break his fall. Shit he could have died there. Back inside, Abyss and Hyson turn on each other, with Abyss winning that exchange.

Someone then pins Hyson but you never know who because it’s not shown and the commentators just ignore it. Smothers starts dancing in the ring for some inexplicable reason and gets promptly murdered by Abyss to be eliminated. The rapid fire eliminations continue as Chris Hamrick nearly kills Jack Storm with a botched piledriver off the second rope. That was scary looking. About 10 seconds later Hamrick is gone via Keenan with a back cracker. Teddy Hart and Spud both come off the top onto the other half of Team Supreme and he’s gone. If you’re wondering why I’m not mentioning much between the eliminations it’s because literally jack all is happening. One guy gets eliminated, move on to the next elimination.

Speaking of which, Hart bites the dust when Keenan counters his Shooting Star Press with some knees to the gut and gets some sort of chest breaker move, never called by the commentators, for the fall. That leaves us two on two and as quickly as I type that Abyss gives Spud the BIGGEST Black Hole Slam ever. I mean he did about 50 spins before dropping him on that bad boy. Spud is finished and Keenan pins him to eliminate him. That leaves Corino 2 on 1. Abyss buggers off to the back while Corino mauls Keenan inside. Abyss comes back with a barbed wire chair and promptly nails Corino with it. Choke Slam on the chair ends the misery and the DVD cut away before the refs hand even it’s the mat for the third time.
Time – 18 minutes ish
* – this match was a million differet types of ugly and had no real pacing or story.


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