Deep South Wrestling TV Report for March 25, 2007

Deep South Wrestling TV
Airing March 25, 2007 on CSS
Taped on March 15, 2007 in McDonough, Ga at the DSW Arena

LAST WEEK Angel Williams accepted Krissy Vaine’s offer to become co-general managers of Deep South Wrestling. Vaine proceeded to defeat Nattie Neidhart with a helping hand from Williams. Team Elite defeated Majors Brothers to become the DSW Tag Team Champions. The DSW Heavyweight Championship changed hands AGAIN, as Bradley Jay regained the title from Rough House O’Reilly.

Cut to the introductions for the first match with “the voice of Deep South Wrestling,” Nigel Sherrod and this week’s guest color commentator, G-Rilla.

(1) Flash Funk (with Luscious) pinned Frankie Coverdale at 5:48 with a 450 splash. Funk was pimped out to the max with a Bootsy Collins style hat and a lime green body suit. Coverdale tried to extract a handshake from Funk and got a dancing lesson instead. Coverdale used a boot to the gut to gain the upper hand, but Funk outwrestled him. Funk did a leapfrog-dropdown-dropkick sequence. Coverdale sold a phantom superkick with a bump to the outside. Funk did a lucha style acrobatic fake dive. It turned into a game of cat and mouse. Back inside, Coverdale took over with a lariat. Coverdale grounded Funk. With the crowd urging him on, Funk fought his way free and decked Coverdale with a chop, and again with a double knife edge. Funk busted out the Muay Thai knees. Funk connected with a moonsault kick. Funk signaled for his trademark finisher for the 1-2-3. Luscious got down with Funk for a little postmatch celebration.

Sherrod interviewed Neidhart and Shantelle about their upcoming match against Vaine and Williams. Neidhart said Williams had made a deal with the devil. Shantelle said she knew what precisely what to expect, every underhanded trick in the book. Neidhart noted their color coordination.

The pink and black attack is back. Yeah, baby.

Vaine and Williams responded. Williams said that as co-general managers, it was their duty to mentor the people that worked under them. Vaine said it was their obligation to the world of wrestling to educate those less gifted than themselves. Willams said Vaine started Neidhart’s education last week and she had educated Shantelle many times in the past, but there was no such thing as too much education, so tonight, they were going to take Neidhart and Shantelle to school.

(2) Nattie Neidhart & Shantelle beat Angel Williams & Krissy Vaine in 5:35. Williams and Vaine came out holding hands and waving to their subjects. Vaine’s intro got heat. Shantelle got a stronger pop than Neidhart. Williams and Neidhart started. Williams was clinging to the ropes like a life raft to escape Neidhart’s power. Williams said she wanted Shantelle. Shantelle immediately took Williams down, reversed Angel’s reversal, and tagged out. Neidhart dropped Williams on her face with a waistlock takedown. Vaine got a taste of the canvas via Neidhart’s drop toehold. Niedhart followed with an acrobatic pinning combination. Shantelle ran up the ropes for a lucha style armdrag on Vaine. But Shantelle crashed and burned on a high crossbody. The devil’s duo worked like a well-oiled match, using tags to keep a fresh Diva on Shantelle. The offensive highlights were Vaine’s sidewalk slam and a wicked basement dropkick by Williams. Shantelle and Williams traded blows. Shantelle lit up Williams’ oversized chest with a knife edge chop and hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Double tags. Neidhart decked the rudos with back elbows. Neidhart hit a sitout slam on Vaine and Williams saved at the last split second. Shantelle decked Williams. While the ref was chasing Shantelle out, Williams tried to bicycle kick Neidhart and inadvertently nailed Krissy. Neidhart covered Vaine for the pin. Sherrod wondered if the outcome would stir dissension between the co-GMs.

Backstage, Robert Anthony was pumping Johnny Curtis up about their title shot. They ran into Team Elite. “Hey, what’s up geeks?” said Neikirk. “Peanut butter? jelly? Be a boy and put this belt on.” said Knox. The new kids attempted to respond to the intimidation. Anthony gave new meaning to the old saying. “Don’t let that alligator mouth overload your hummingbird rear end.”

(3) Team Elite (Derrick Neikirk & Mike Knox) beat Johnny Curtis & Robert Anthony in 10:48. Despite the intimidation tactics and use of shortcuts by Neikirk and Knox, Anthony and Curtis stuck to their game plan, as they controlled the match by working on the arms of Team Elite. Anthony did his leapfrog-backflip-dropkick on Neikirk and a huracanrana on Knox. G-Rilla said he was feeling an upset. At 6:30, Knox leapfrogged Anthony and Neikirk pulled the ropes down, sending Anthony hurtling to the floor. Neikirk rammed Anthony’s back into the rail. Back inside the ring, Knox catapulted Anthony’s throat into the bottom rope. Elite executed a double team backbreaker for a near fall. Knox did his running legdrop for another near fall. Elite hit the tilt-a-whirl splash and Curtis had to make a save. Anthony escaped from a slam and bounced the back of Neikirk’s head off the mat. Hot tag. Curtis landed dropkicks on both members of Team Elite and hit a back suplex on Knox. Anthony flew with a top rope splash. Before Sherrod could spit out “new champions,” Neikirk broke up the pin. It broke down to four-way action. Anthony tried to whip Curtis into Knox, but Neikirk pounced Curtis. Anthony ducked a bicycle kick from Knox and was hammering away when he got clubbed by Neikirk. Knox took Anthony’s head off with a devastating lariat to score the pinfall. Anthony appeared to be knocked out by the blow.

O’Reilly said his feud with Jay, with the heavyweight title being traded back and forth between the two, was the longest in DSW history, and tonight, they were going to close the book on it. O’Reilly leered into the camera and laughed.

Luscious was with the DSW Heavyweight Champion, Bradley Jay.

That’s right. I am the Deep South Heavyweight Champion. This belt, this title, it’s become part of who I am, part of my being, part of my personality. You see, I have become what Deep South Wrestling stands for.

Jay said he was tired of O’Reilly trying to take what had become a part of him, and vowed to do to whatever to keep the title and end this thing tonight.

(4) The DSW Heavyweight Title match between “Roughhouse” Ryan O’Reilly and Bradley Jay ended as a double countout at 6:20 with the title being held up. Lots of groundwork early on. Jay blocked a full nelson, and O’Reilly ended up straddling Jay with a partial bodyscissors. He used headbutts, crossface forearms and pulled on Jay’s ears. Jay countered with a spinning armbar. O’Reilly managed to block a Fujiwara armbar, but Jay spent several minutes doing a number on O’Reilly’s shoulder. Sherrod said Jay was trying to disable O’Reilly’s finisher. O’Reilly came back with a pair of hard Irish whips. Jay tried to reverse, but O’Reilly did a baseball slide and caught Jay with a leg lariat for a one count only. Jay escaped to the outside with O’Reilly in hot pursuit. Back inside, Jay ate a big boot and spilled through the ropes with a big bum to the floor. O’Reilly blocked the reentry and Jay took a flatback bump on the ringside mat. They battled at ringside. Each pulled the other guy off the apron. Ref John Cone’s count reached ten. O’Reilly grabbed the belt. Cone took it away. Jay thrust the belt over his head. Cone took it away from him as well. Jay had a hissy fit.

Cone said that because of what had just transpired, he was holding up the title to confer with co-general managers Vaine and Williams.

The Inside Pulse
Not a bad show but not as strong as last week. The main event told the story of the champion who has tried everything under the sun to hang onto the title, only to have the official foil his plan. Match had the usual sound psychology. I don’t recall ever seeing Jay take the bigtime bumps he did here. The lightning-fast switches of the heavyweight title are being portrayed as an indication of the heated rivalry for the top prize (versus a cheapening of the title). DSW makes every effort to position their titles as being the ultimate prizes, particularly the heavyweight championship, although for heat and match quality, the tag titles matches are generally better. That was the case this week as Team Elite vs. the geeks was best match on the show. Knox’s lariat harkens back to the days of Stan Hansen. This was the second match in a row he decapitated somebody, this time as the finisher. I usually enjoy Coverdale’s comedy, but he and Funk seemed to be on different wavelengths. DSW draws a lot of kids that didn’t seem to know quite what to make of the 41 year-old Funk, as his heyday was well before their time. Luscious’ on camera presence has improved 1000% percent. The crowd was into the Divas match. This was tons better than the most of the women’s stuff on RAW, but then these women actually know how to wrestle. Shantelle has it and the crowd knows it. Not much of note on commentary this week. G-Rilla was smoother that his first outing but didn’t have as many funny lines. In the dark matches, Kofi Kingston beat Jason Jones, Heath Miller beat Brian Cage, G-Rilla beat Afa Jr., and Majors Brothers defeated Shawn Osborne & Jon Bolen.