MTV Mix – Volume 34

Yes, it’s another “double-stuffed” edition of the “MTV Mix”. It’s more like a “Mix Mix – Version 1.5”. I cover the last two weeks of MTV action, but it wasn’t a full two weeks. Still there is a lot to discuss. We say goodbye to two shows this week and prepare for the finales of three shows coming up this week. In addition, get ready for a new batch of MTV shows this week and next. But first lets take a look at what you may have missed in the last two weeks on MTV…

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge “Blogs of the Week”

Okay, I thought about it and I have decided that picking just one blog wouldn’t be fair. Everyone should get their shot at the spotlight for my “blog of the week”. So if you don’t want to brave the MTV website, here are three blogs from last week from three random, but great cast members.

Adam Larson (March 29, 2007)

Making Monte’s Money

Not sure if it’s ever made an episode but Monte has said countless times “keep making daddy’s money”. You have no idea how much it would bug me for Monte, or anyone else from the Pit Crew that has immunity, to win one of the last pits, walk in having not lifted a finger, and have his prophecy of making him all this money come true. If Monte was ever going to have his chance at getting on the RV it was two weeks ago against me in the Pit. I can’t play basketball to save my life and he was sitting there making baskets on his knees. Now I’m not saying that Monte doesn’t deserve another chance, almost the opposite. I say VOTE MONTE. Make April VOTE MONTE month for all I care. Get him on the RV so we can get rid of his immunity. More importantly I want the viewers out there to realize that even if Monte doesn’t get his share of “Monte’s Money” and a Mazda 3, the kid could still vacation anywhere in the world he wanted after all the frequent flyer miles he has been racking up. In the past 9 weeks, Monte has flown for the 1st episode where all 8 pit crew members sent us on our way, 2 pit stops, 3 pit challenges, and let’s not forget the launch special in New York City.

You’ll see a couple of new male faces this week on the RV. I gave them both warm welcomes but at the same time I miss Dan and Shane. It’s a strange feeling to have the people that you basically began the trip with start falling by the wayside, especially when they helped you earn so much money and got you that much closer to the handsome reward. I definitely realize that Derek and David are incredibly strong and would have helped just as much had they been around but it’s hard not to feel a certain loyalty to those who you have been sharing the experience with.

The second week with David was just as awesome as the first. For those of you who remember me from The Quest I was always doing something crazy just to get a reaction good or bad. David is exactly the same except he has a bigger heart and is a nicer guy than I have ever met before on any of these shows. I took David aside and let him know so that it didn’t come as a surprise that I would be voting for him this week to go into the pit. I felt bad that he has to go into the pit when he is enjoying this experience so much but the rest of us have all been in there.

Derek is crazy fun to be around. When he’s not kicking ass in the mission he seems to be mixing up some type of alcoholic concoction. For those who want to know what his drink of choice is, it’s a Capt’n Coke w/ a lime. Derek is a little more reserved, holding back I can tell, waiting to see how the rest of the group acts and chiming in when he feels it’s appropriate. I wish I could put him at ease but I’m not sure that I would have that much fun around a group of people I couldn’t trust. Poor kid is away from his girlfriend, new dog and everything that’s comfortable. He’ll see that after next week when he goes into the pit that we still plan on doing a rotation system.

Let me explain something else. Going into the pit from the Pit Crew does not count so don’t waste your time telling me it does in your comments. The reason Tori has not gone in for the past couple weeks is because we’re making sure that everyone has gone into the Pit as a roadie an equal number of times. We’ve all been into the Pit once and Derek and David have to catch up. In the spirit of the game I think that a person who replaces someone should have to put themselves into the Pit just as many times as the Roadies who have earned the money and Mazda 3 that that person now has the opportunity to share.

The Pit Crew has everything to gain where as the Roadies have everything to lose when they go into the Pit. The journey could come to a screeching halt and the handsome reward you’ve been chasing as well as the money you’ve been earning just got handed over to someone else. The sacrifices you’ve made, leaving your loved ones, giving up your phone and credit cards, sharing a 8ft x 28ft living space, showering in RV parks, not being able to have your personal space and having to share a cell phone and computer with 5 other people this is what makes for the Road Rules experience. To think that you did all of this just to have to watch the rest of the journey from your couch in your living room really sucks. I am going to continue enjoying the experience as much as possible even though when I go into the Pit in a few weeks I could be handing it all over to Monte or whoever. That’s the new Road Rules and although it’s different than my first I can’t thank the viewers enough for giving me this opportunity. Now back to the gym to get ready for whatever Pit they throw at me.

Kina Dean (March 28, 2007)

A waxing on the farm!

Hey you guys,

This week was weird. Our mission was great and although I was completely stressed about hanging around the turkeys who almost bit us, the rest of the animals were so much fun. Shoveling horse crap was disgusting but we got to wear cute outfits and work boots and I loved it! I was a little scared about what we were actually going to do for the mission and when I found out we’d be up to our ears in horse manure, I almost died. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? Yuck. So not only am I in horse crap but I have to manage to drive a tractor (for those of you city folk; tractors have 2 brakes, 2 sticks shifters, and a bunch of other stuff that I had never heard of). We all remember from our race car mission that I’m not the best stick shift driver but I surprised myself and didn’t kill anyone or break anything. David and I were a good pair, he is a beast of a man and did a great job of pissing me off and splashing me with horse crap. God, I was so mad at him. He’s so weird. At one point during the mission he puts the horse crap in his mouth and rubs it all over his face, I almost threw up. This mission is made for David, its disgusting just like him. I will say though he has gotten better about not being completely gross. The other day he was eating grapes and some fell on the floor, so I yelled at him and told him to pick them up which he did, but lucky for me he didn’t eat the grapes completely covered in dirt and manure just to see me vomit. Thank God we won because this farm torture would have not been worth it!

David asked me if I would wax his back. Who could say no, he literally had a carpet growing off of him. It’s funny how much pain he was in because he asked me to do it. He was cracking me up, he would say “No, Kina, NO, not the same spot!!!” and then I’d do it again and he would want me to keep goin’. I guess once you commit to something like that you can’t just stop? Let me tell you though, he should have bought more wax because even though we went through the entire jar, his whole back now looks like a checkerboard of hair. He’s a big dumb animal, isn’t he folks?! Let David be an example to us all, shaving is much better!

(just for the record, I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun and he asked for it)

Moving on…

I am sad about this week’s voting stuff. I freaking hate that damn pit and I hate deliberating and all the crap that comes along with it. I think we made the right decision and I’m just glad that David and Derek (who is a really nice guy and such a good athlete) were understanding and didn’t make a big fuss about the whole situation. It was really big of them and I was glad that they understood our position. It’s nice to have new faces on the RV, especially when they don’t fight and argue about non-sense.

I had lots of fun this week and its sucks that sometimes we end on a sour note. I know David will be great. I am excited to see what happens and I guess I just hope we can somehow keep everything together. I hope you guys are enjoying your Roadie experience, keep voting and I’ll talk to you soon!


David Leech (March 28, 2007)

Just wanted to say thanks…

I had a great time this week. I loved the mission. I loved splashing Kina in horse crap. I think I am falling for Tori. She has me under her Tori spell, and it’s very dangerous uh (JOKE). I got to see Adam laugh like a little kid, I got to see Derek play with skittles for 3 hours, I got my back waxed from one of the most beautiful girls in the entire world, I got to ride a pony, and to top it off I urinated in the RV sink where Susie brushes her teeth. I love being on the RV and living with five other people who are so different from me. Kina thinks I’m weird. She is my favorite girl to make laugh. Her laugh sounds like a pig, mixed with a ten year old girl. It’s really sexy. I have learned a lot from being on the RV for two weeks. Be yourself, and don’t worry about when cameras are around. Because if your constantly worried about how you look, your experience will suck. When I am around these five other people I don’t give a f about anything. One thing I regret this week is fighting with Tori. I have never fought with her before, so it was very weird. I never wanna do it again. It sucks I am going to the pit. I hate the pit, but if the other people on the RV feel like I haven’t earned my spot then there’s nothing I can do but go in and get it over with. I don’t wanna leave, and I sure the hell don’t want to lose. I love being a road ruler, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have learned a lot about myself in the past two weeks. I am weird, but I am the type of weird that people can’t help but embrace. So say I do go into the pit and lose. I know I have left a lasting impression on the viewers and the people on the RV because I don’t hide anything. So if I go get my ass kicked in the pit and go home and never come back, at least I can say I had the funniest, crazy, unpredictable two weeks of my entire life. I am scared of the pit, not about losing, but having this experience taken away from me so soon. I feel I have so much to bring to this team, and I might not get a chance to show it all. Everyone I have met on this show is unique. From Ivory, to Tori, to Monte, to Adam, these people are so different from me. Yet I find myself wanting to be around all of them. FYI, Kina is trying to hook me up with her roommate and she informed me girls don’t dig back hair. So I did ask Kina to wax my back. In a weird way, I think everyone on the RV enjoyed it. Whether it was seeing me in horrible pain, or just because Kina was having way too much fun doing it. It lightened the mood on the RV. It made everyone forget about the game, and the pit, and all the other bs that comes along with this show. I wanna wrap this blog up. I think everyone did well in the mission. We destroyed it. We worked very well together. I was having fun, so I wasn’t noticing everyone else, but I am pretty sure everyone was making the best of it. I think Derek made a very good debut. He is strong, smart, and determined. He fit right in with everyone, and he got naked. He looked a lot better naked than I did. He is the RV bartender. Hands down. The world will soon get to know Derek, and see that he is an awesome effing dude. Go D-ROCK. Well that’s all I am writing for this week. Hopefully I will come out of the pit as a winner. Once again, I wanna thank all the viewers, friends, and family members who vote for me, and write to me, and support me. If it hadn’t been for you, I never would have gotten here! Don’t think I will ever forget that! I will see you guys in the pit………..

– David



I’m From Rolling Stone

Two Sundays ago, there were two weeks left until the competition was over. Only one writer would be picked for the job at Rolling Stone Magazine. To go along with that, there were two episodes left of this show. MTV decided to air both of them on this night, two Sundays ago. So we will wrap up everything right now. Lets get to it.

The first episode featured the writers doing their final assignment before the competition ends. They were each given the job to cover a news story for the National Affairs section of the magazine. They were told to cover companies that Rolling Stone thinks are the biggest “polluters”. That’s a tough assignment, since these companies all have P.R. people, whose sole job is to spin the bad press into good press.

Russell does his story on the Peabody Coal Company. He wants to travel to Kentucky to do his story, but he can’t as part of his punishment for slacking lately. Russell turns in his story anyways, but it’s not very good. He didn’t study the company enough and covered the wrong story.

Colin does his story on Exxon. He travels to Alaska to check out the big oil spill that happened there. He meets with local residents. He doesn’t think he can do this story justice, since he doesn’t have a lot of journalism experience.

Tika does her story on Asarco. She wants to do really good here, since her last two stories weren’t so good. She goes to Texas to do her research. She also meets with a representative of Asarco. They do “smeltering”, which ruins the soil around the plants. They are right across the border from Mexico. The river in between them is toxic, along with the land.

Krystal is doing her story on The Southern Company. She thinks this is a big waste of her time, though. She is more interested in attending the Victoria Secret Panjama Party and walking the red carpet. Krystal next goes to Paris Hilton’s record release party instead of working on her story. Yeah, she’s retarded. At least she takes a picture with Paris.

Krishtine does her story on Tyson Foods. They are one of the largest chicken producers in America. They also pollute the land and air when they process those chickens. Krishtine travels to Kentucky to interview some people who are against Tyson Foods. Too bad they didn’t come my part of the world and cover the home headquarters of Tyson Foods in Arkansas.

Peter does his story on Koch Industries Inc. He goes to Texas to talk to residents there. It appears that lots of people have died of cancer and other diseases thanks to Koch Industries. He goes and visits the contaminated houses as well.

Joe gets together to review the stories. Basically, Russell and Krystal dropped the ball, Tika and Colin need a lot of work, and Peter and Krishtine did the best jobs. Tika’s, Colin’s, Peter’s, and Krishtine’s articles were published on the website. Everyone thinks they will get the job, except for Krystal. She doesn’t think she has a shot. My prediction would probably be Tika or Peter, but it’s really wide open. Russell should really win it, but that would be shocking to me. Lets find out now, though!

As I just said, everyone really wants to write for the magazine, but only one person can at this time. Jann Wenner and all of the editors that have been working with the writers every day meet to discuss the candidates for the job. They break down each writer before they make their final decision.

They say that Colin is passionate about music, but is the most inexperienced writer of the group. He looks like the “Rolling Stone” type, though.

They say that Peter is a good interviewer. However, he can’t organize and put together a story like he should. They think he is the most dependable person, though.

They quickly say that Krystal is more a “groupie” than anything else. And, of course, the “Jagger” last name. She didn’t write anything that was published as well.

Joe says that Russell was late all the time. He has the most talent, but he disrespects his talent more than he disrespects the magazine, by not living up to his potential. He didn’t really write a whole lot either.

They say that Krishtine improved the most over the last few weeks. She has really stepped up her skills. But her bitchy attitude could cost her.

They say that Tika started strong. But then she faded away and almost started to give up. She can write, though.

Joe and Jann come in for the final verdict. They first congratulate everyone on a job well done. They did 100 pieces together as a group and had 40 of those stories published somewhere. They talked to all kinds of music stars as well. Krystal and Colin were quickly eliminated from the competition. Russell was next, and then Tika, which is a little shocking. It comes down to Krishtine and Peter. And they pick Krishtine in the end! I strongly disagree with that decision. Yes, she did come on strong in the end. But really she only cares about “hip hop” stories. If it’s anything else, then she cries about it. So if they just want her to do that stuff, then she is the person for the job. But if they want to have someone that can cover anything, then they should have went with someone else. Plus, her attitude sucks! Oh well, none of them really impressed me that much anyways.

We finish this show by telling you what all of them are doing now. Peter is an editorial assistant for Men’s Journal magazine, which is owned by Jann Wenner as well. He is also a bartender in New York. Tika is freelance writing for a new magazine called Dapper. Russell went back to San Francisco to write for New America Media. Krystal is in Salinas, CA working as an editor-at-large for The Ping Pong Literary Journal at The Henry Miller Library. Colin is back at USC completing his junior year in college. And Krishtine recently started her new job as contributing editor for Rolling Stone Magazine. That was a fun little show, but you won’t see another season of it since the premise is only made for one season.


The Hills

Last week, it was Lauren’s 21st birthday party! She does’t have any big plans for it. Audrina and Heidi are planning her a surprise party, though, at their favorite club. Lauren has no idea. But before that Heidi finally tells Lauren about her maybe moving in with Spencer. Lauren wonders why she was the last to know. Heidi blows that off.

Before the big surprise party, Heidi gets a surprise visit from Jen at her work. Jen is retarded and wonders why Lauren is so mad with her. Maybe because she went out with Brody when she knew that Lauren USED to like him. Laurenn seems over him now, but that’s not the point. You don’t hook up with former boyfriends or crushes of your “best friends”. There has to be a statue of limitations on that, though. After a certain time frame, I think it’s okay. But yeah, not like a week afterwards.

Heidi is sneaky. She decides to trick Lauren. Heidi and Lauren planned to have dinner for her birthday. Heidi thinks it would be fun to blow Lauren off again and pretend that she has to be with Spencer tonight. Lauren will get pissed off and they will all have a big laugh. Heidi tells Audrina that and she actually thinks that she hasn’t done this before. She asks Audrina “how awful would that be if I actually did that?” Well she has done that in some form before. She must have forgotten already. Oh well, Lauren is mad anyways, and goes to Audrina. Audrina takes her to the club where everyone is, SURPRISE, waiting for Lauren.

At the party, Brody seems to get back on good terms with Lauren. Lauren actually doesn’t think Brody had any role in the Jenn/Lauren thing. Um, he went out with her. Lauren thinks he is completely innocent, though. They later talk things out and everything is good between them. Not meaning that Lauren wants to get back with Brody, but they are friends. Before that happens, though, at the party Spencer decides to “go toastal” and give Lauren a toast at her party. He says he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with Lauren, but her and Heidi do so everything is good. Basically, if Heidi likes you I like you. But that’s more of his lame “player” ways talking.

We end this episode with Lauren and Jen chatting. Lauren really doesn’t want to talk. Jen has something to say, though, since she has been bugging everyone. Lauren says she just needed space, but here they are. Lauren basically says that Brody was the first guy she was able to have a crush on after Jason. But this isn’t about Brody. Brody doesn’t matter to her. It’s the fact that Jen would do that to her behind her back. Lauren then brings up some stuff about her and Jason. Apparently, Jen did that with Jason as well. Hmm, maybe it’s the type of guy you’re going after Lauren. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand to look at Jen, but it wasn’t completely her fault. She shouldn’t have done it, but it takes two Lauren. Oh well, maybe we won’t see Jen anymore now.

This week, Whitney takes another step away from being just an intern at Teen Vogue. She asks her boss, Lisa Love, about job possibilities after she graduates in May. Lisa says that there is a position as a fashion contributer open at the magazine, but she would have to compete against other interns like “Super Emily”. So we will see how that works out.

Spencer and Heidi chat. Spencer says that his toast to Lauren was supposed to be mean and not nice. He continues talking about her moving in with him. She isn’t so sure and Spencer is still pushing things. He wants to get serious, and if she doesn’t want to move in with him then he is ready to move on.

Meanwhile, Emily arrives and Whitney and Lauren are so excited. They are doing this segment on dresses worn at the Oscars on Good Morning America. A big editor-at-large for the magazine, Andre Leon Talley, arrives to help the fitting. Let me say that he had me laughing the entire episode. His voice is too funny. But seems impressed by Lauren’s assertiveness. He also thinks that Whitney should be a model. He goes on and on about she should model until he makes her put on a dress and says that she should model it. Emily looks jealous.

Whitney models off her dress along with Emily and others. They are LIVE on Good Morning America and she trips and falls. She gets right back up, though. Andre was impressed that she didn’t go running off the stage when that happened. Lisa was also impressed. She thinks she could be a model now or even a great candidate for the open position at the magazine she talked to her about earlier. If she got that job, she would be in charge of all the interns. Lauren would rather have her as her boss instead of Emily. If Emily got the job, Lauren even says that she would quit.

Spencer and Heidi chat in his car about the living together situation. Heidi says it’s a big decision, but Spencer says it’s not. Heidi thinks this is an easy way for Spencer to get rid of her to be single again. Spencer thinks Heidi doesn’t want to move out because of Lauren. Heidi finally says that she won’t move in with him right now, so Spencer tells her to get out of his car. Yeah, that probably won’t last long because Heidi is stupid, but at least for this moment she made the right decision.


Last week there was no new episodes of any of the Tuesday night shows. So you didn’t miss much. This week there was, though, so lets get to that…

Bam’s Unholy Union

There is one week until the wedding. It’s time for the final preparations. Is their wedding planner a man or a woman? Missy meets her in the gym and she is pumping some major iron! They discuss the seating chart. Missy later chats with her mom and Bam’s mom about the chart as well. She apparently just wants everyone to sit down anywhere they want.

Meanwhile, Bam and his friends measure themselves for tuxedos. They also build a big skate ramp/park in Bam’s backyard. They taste wine for the wedding and Bam even manages to write out his vows finally. He does this in the middle of the woods, but whatever works.

Missy finally gets tired of doing serious wedding stuff. She wants to have fun like Bam. So they all go bowling. The funniest thing here is Bam as he gets down on all fours and waits for everyone to bowl and then walk backwards so that he trips and makes them fall. You would think that after the first time they would learn, but the guys don’t. Bam succeeds over and over again. Missy is a lot smarter than them, though.

Bam and Missy manage to book a band for the wedding. Apparently it’s Iggy and The Stooges. They have not been together for 30 years or something. That should be fun. Later they all get together for the wedding reception. Everyone is there. EVen Tony Hawk and Kat from Miami Ink. Bam is actually getting nervous for the wedding. Oh, and the guy who is marrying them is named Fireball Bill or something like that. I believe the wedding is coming up this week, so join me in the celebration!


This week was all about football. It’s the state semifinals. It’s Hoover vs. the most hated rival, Vestavia! Vestavia plays dirty, so the team is preparing for that. They will chop block and try to hurt them, but Hoover will be ready for it. You also may remember that in their meeting earlier this season, Vestavia put cow crap under the seats of the Hoover fans. So the cheerleaders make a big sign talking about that.

Here is a fun fact for you. Every time that Vestavia and Hoover have met in the playoffs, whoever won lost the next week. So it doesn’t matter who wins the game between the two as they never win another game in the playoffs afterwards. Hmm, so it seems like a lost cause. We will see if that holds true, though. Let the trash talking begin. Coach Propst wants to win five straight state championships, but they have to beat their rival first.

The game is here. Hoover vs. Vestavia! Brandon makes a big catch to start the game from Ross. Hoover’s running back, Dennis, runs it in for the first score. Vestavia has a great running back named Justin Rogers as well. He scores a 60-yard touchdown himself. Hoover comes back with a touchdown pass from Ross to Charlie. Vestavia scores right back and they lead 17-14. Justin Rogers scores another long touchdown run for Vestavia to make it 24-14. Time to rally the troops. Ross returns the favor and makes a big run. He then throws to another wide receiver, Michael, for a touchdown. Hoover finally stops Justin and Vestavia on fourth down at their goal line. Ross then throws a big touchdown pass to Brandon to make it 28-24 for Hoover! And that’s just the first half!

The second half begins and Justin Rogers scores again. 31-28 for Vestavia. Coach Propst is irritated. Charlie catches another touchdown from Ross to make it 35-31. The defense stops Vestavia again, but they try and do a fake field goal. Hoover is all over that! Time for the offense to take control. Ross takes it in himself for the score and it’s 42-31. There is less than a minute left, but Vestavia comes right back to score to make it 42-37. It all comes down to the onside kick. Vestavia appears to recover it, but they didn’t allow the ball to go 10 yards so that is illegal. Hoover gets the ball and they win! They go to the state championship. The finale is this week!


The Real World: Denver

Last week, we picked up where we left off two weeks ago. Tyrie got angry at Jazalle for NOT LISTENING TO HIM! They take the confrontation outside. Jenn, Stephen, and Jazalle’s cousin are all inside listening to their conversation. Jazalle still doesn’t listen and she goes back inside. Apparently, Drunk Jenn tells us that Jazalle doesn’t like angry guys yelling in her face.

The action goes outside of the gates as Tyrie walks on the streets. Stephen chases after him, because the cops are outside of their house. They heard the yelling and were worried about Jazalle’s appearance. So Stephen finally calms Tyrie down and convinces him to come back inside. One problem with that. Tyrie is drunk and decides to PEE OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE ON THE WALL IN FRONT OF THE COPS! Yep, they see him and he gets arrested.

The next day Jazalle gets him out of jail. Then Stephen and Alex come pick him up and Tyrie is upset and crying. He doesn’t want the world to think that he’s a “woman beater” or something. Stephen says it’s not a big deal. Jenn explains that she has been in the drunk tank before. She says this while drunk, so you should believe her. Tyrie is so upset about everything that he almost wants to go home.

Meanwhile, Drunk Jenn has another fight with her “boyfriend” from home, Jared. They again say they are single since both have “hooked up” with other people. Drunk Jenn goes back to making out and jumping into bed with Stephen’s friend, Darnell. Darnell eventually asks Alex if it is okay that he is hooking up with Jenn. Alex basically says that he can have her!

Finally, Jazalle and Tyrie talk things out and everything seems to be cool with them. Of course, Tyrie still wants to go home I believe. So we will see how that all turns out right now as we jump into the next episode.

This week, Davis and Tyrie chat about Stephen. Everyone doesn’t seem to like Stephen. Tyrie says that he is not anti-white, but more pro-Black. So I guess the “Frat” is no more since Tyrie says that Stephen is the “Acceptable Negro”. That means that white people like Stephen more, because they have more in common with him than someone like Tyrie. Davis thinks that the opposite is true inside the house, though.

Jenn and Colie don’t really get along with Stephen either. But Colie and Stephen REALLY don’t get along, since Colie says that Stephen always judges him. The roommates’ boss, Chris, comes over to go over the outline for the “Outward Bound” class. Stephen is gone to take his friend, Darnell, to the airport. It is there that Tyrie tells Chris that he may not be in Denver much longer, because of the jail situation. At first, Tyrie doesn’t tell Chris about going to jail but finally does. In the end, Tyrie is glad that he talked to Chris since Chris understands the situation and helps him see things in a new light. Tyrie first thinks that anything he does that is positive will be overshadowed by him going to jail. Chris tells him to “play to win”. Tyrie finally sees that he can fix this mistake and get past it. He is staying in Denver.

Jenn and Colie talk out their differences with Stephen. Stephen says that he is most happy when he is quiet and when everyone else around him is quiet. Stephen says that Colie is usually “bitchy” around him and he doesn’t know why. Colie is embarrassed that Stephen said that in front of Chris. Nothing really gets settled between them, though. They may have more time to talk as Stephen and Colie volunteer to go pick up the boys for the “Outward Bound” program. The other roommates head down to set up the camp before they get there. Of course, Davis and Alex get lost while driving and they are going to be late. They go in the complete opposite direction.

The roommates finally arrive and set up the camp just before Colie and Stephen bring the boys to the camp. Chris is disappointed in them, but they finish their job. Tyrie loves working with the kids as he says he is a “big kid at heart”. Stephen is only staying at camp for two days, because he has to go to California to go to his sister’s wedding. Tyrie and Colie go rock climbing with the boys and Stephen. Stephen doesn’t like that Tyrie and Colie are leading things, but he doesn’t really speak up either. The roommates don’t think he cares about this job or the people there. That’s true as Stephen says just that as he drives away to the cameras. Why is this a “to be continued…” episode. There is no drama there. Stephen is driving away to go to his sister’s wedding and he doesn’t care about them. End of the story. I guess we will see what dramatic things happen next week, though.

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge

Last week, I recapped all the action on this show in the special Road Rules Week”. So if you missed that, and how dare you if you did, you can take a look at it here.

This week, we started off by looking at “The Pit” competition again. It is Dan, who sent himself into “The Pit” vs. Derek, the new guy who got voted by the viewers. They will be competing in “Scorpion”. That’s the game that lead to the infamous fight between Kina and Angel. This time there is no name calling, but there is some eye poking. Dan pokes Derek in the eye by accident. He seems to be okay, though, and he even ends up winning. So Derek is on the RV now! Hmm, I really don’t know how they can be a team on the RV when they are switching out people every week.

Before the others on the RV allow Derek to get on the RV, he must get naked like David did. Everyone seems to like Derek so far. They get to know him and find out that they have quite a few things in common with him. Derek is used to being on the farm as well, which is good since that is where their next mission takes place.

Time for the next mission. I will call this mission “Getting Dirty”! They have to clean up after the animals. Adam throws in a verbal jab at Tori when taking a look at the horse’s private areas and asking her if she misses Dan now! That was funny. David and Derek know that they are on the chopping block. Everyone basically tells David that he is going in this week, regardless of what happens. Adam doesn’t want to go back in himself and Derek is safe this week. Basically, Adam, Tori, Susie, and Kina believe that they have earned more money for the RV, so why should they risk themselves over people who have earned little to none for the RV. They have to prove themselves first, which pisses David off. He just has to deal with it, though.

The real part of the mission begins. They have to use a tractor to pull heavy pieces of junk through the mud and crap and away from the field. If they can pull all of the items out of the field under the time limit, they win the money for this mission. Everything seems to be going good. Kina doesn’t like to get dirty, but whatever. David likes rolling around in the mud. In the end, it all comes down to Susie and the last item. She starts to wrap the chain around the tires of the tractor. David saves the day, though, and fixes things before it wrecks the mission for them. They pull the items out of the mud under the time limit and win $10,000 more! That puts them up to $70,000!

Time to vote someone into “The Pit”! Cue the evil music. Even though David did save the mission, it’s still him going into “The Pit”. That doesn’t seem fair, but these new kids are “fair game”. Everyone has gone into “The Pit” before, so it all comes down to who has been on the RV the longest and everyone votes David into “The Pit”. David calls Susie, Kina, Adam, and Tori the “bad guys” and it’s his mission now to break up the alliance between them. This should be fun.



Say goodbye to this show. Last week was the last episode that I will cover in this column. There is a whole new batch of shows coming this week to Thursday nights. But first lets end things here. We have two last juveniles. One is a 17-year-old boy named Nathan. He is in juvie, because his friend stole all of this stuff from a house and then ran into a truck and fled the scene. Nathan stuck around and got all of the blame for it. The other juvenile is Karissa, a 17-year-old girl. She ran away from her foster care parents. She uses drugs as well.

It basically comes down to this. Karissa gets a visit from her foster parents and they are not mad that she ran away. They still love her, which surprises Karissa. But she is glad that she knows that now. The judge decides to release her to her foster parents. Meanwhile, the judge is worried about Nathan. He is from out of state and she can’t monitor him. That and the evidence seems to point against Nathan. So she keeps him locked up in juvie until his next court date.

After the show, Karissa passed all of future drugs tests. She is finishing high school, while working at a department store. Once she graduates, she wants to go to beauty school and have her own hair salon. Nathan was in juvie for 3 months. He then had to go to adult jail, but is out after posting a $3,000 bond. His friend, who supposedly caused all of this was finally caught. And that ends this episode and show. This show was just okay, but definitely a little slow in parts. A one hour show doesn’t work as well on MTV. Especially for a show like this. I don’t think we will be seeing this show again.

And that ends the 34th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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