Richly Deserved: The Amazing Race: All Stars Episode 11-7

Last week, the teams headed to Zanzibar where in the end, Teri and Ian paid for some bad luck waiting on standby and were eliminated.

This week, they travelled to Warsaw, got a clue from a guy dressed as Chopin, chose between tuning a piano and angling a mannequin below an x-ray screen, went to Auschwitz (a very emotional stop for all involved, viewers included), get both an intersection and a fast forward requiring them to count stairs at three towers, a second detour making sausage or bagels, and a road block involving getting into a knight’s costume and leading a horse down a path.

Here’s how they finished.

Decided early on to join up with Charla and Mirna and let them do the talking. They stay with them neck and neck to the piano detour. They eventually get it and after playing with, hugging, and eventually get infatuated with the piano player, they get to the first pit stop second.

They also go on the first bus to Auschwitz. The boys, originally from Cuba, remembered their childhood when they had little rights. They got to the intersection/fast forward with Uchenna and Joyce. They did a great job in the counting of the steps and got to the pit stop. Then they made a wonderful gesture, giving Uchenna and Joyce the single prize, a trip to St. Lucia. Still not down with the flaunting of their sexuality (You’re great guys, just tone it down), but really enjoy seeing them have so much fun.

Also were to get on the first flight to Warsaw but missed a connecting flight and went from a tie for first to fourth. However they were able to catch up when Cha Cha Cha and Chmirna had trouble at the detour. They did the detour very quickly thanks to Joyce’s music knowledge and climb to third on the first pit stop.

Also on the first bus to Auschwitz, all teams are emotional when leaving. They worked well at the intersection/fast forward to finish tied for first with Cha Cha Cha.

Were very fortunate to get the first available flight to Warsaw. Dustin did a great job in completing the detour using her piano skills and made it to the first pit stop of the night where they won a trip to Puerto Rico.

They start the next leg before Eric and Danielle and the Guidos finish the previous leg. They get on the first charter bus to Auschwitz. They then have to switch cabs on the way to the second clue. That really cost them as Uchenna and Joyce and Oswald and Danny got the first intersection and fast forward, forcing them to wait three hours for the second charter group (this happened to them in TAR 10 as well). They join with Charla and Mirna to make and eat sausage. It came down to an eating race. Kandice threw up after finishing. Dustin did a great job with the road block and they end third.

Mirna continues to be a pesky pain in the butt at the travel agency. They have trouble just finding someone to talk to them when they get to Warsaw (Guess someone pre-warned the Polish, he he). They waste a lot of time at the piano detour and have great difficulty at the mannequin detour as well. However, they had enough of a lead to get to the first pit stop fourth.

They were also very emotional at Auschwitz as Armenians also went though a massive genocide. They work well with the blondies for the detour but have trouble downing their sausage. They also bicker with each other again. Charla really has trouble and goes through a major vomit session before finishing. Mirna then has trouble starting the car and get into a bickering session with the cab drivers and have to beg, cry, and bargain with them to be led to the road block. Charla gets nasty with Mirna at the end (you go, girl!). Charla then did the road block but leads the horse generally around in circles, then gets knocked down by the horse twice. But they had enough of a lead to end fourth.

Starting to get really snippy at each other. It’s evident Eric and Danielle’s personalities are going to be a long-term problem for them. They were victims of missing a connecting flight to Amsterdam leading to Warsaw. When they do arrive, they have great trouble at the piano detour but get it eventually and arrive at the first pit stop in fifth.

They join up with the Guidos (you have to set aside your differences, sometime) and do the bagel detour. They had trouble getting to the bakery as the cab driver didn’t know where it was so they go to the sausage plant. Danielle has a lot of problem with the food but they finish eventually. Eric did the road block and ended just minutes behind the marked Guidos.

Guidos trailed throughout. They also missed that connecting flight. When they did arrive, they did the mannequin detour and had trouble finding the clue. They also get lost getting to the first pitstop and got there last however are saved by the non-elimination leg. After hugs and kisses they are told they are marked for elimination.

They pair with Eric and Danielle and do a good job eating. Bill did the road block and though they outfinished Eric and Danielle, they were marked and eliminated. They still cherish their 20-year relationship.

Next week Charla and Mirna and Eric and Danielle clash and the Cha’s bicker amongst themselves. Things are heating up!


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