Richly Deserved: The Apprentice Los Angeles Episode 6-11

Previously, Angela took over as project manager. Angela liked Nicole’s idea of going around in roller skates. But when they lost, Angela was exposed as a poor leader and was fired.

We’re sending Angela to Anaheim to get a skate in with the Ducks before next week’s World Women’s Hockey Championships. The teams are:

KINETIC: Kristine, Heidi, Nicole
ARROW: Tim, James, Frank, Stefani

James, Frank, and Stefani question Tim about Trump’s comments and about his loyalty. Tim is in quite the predicament.


The teams are to design and photograph a supplement for the Sunday Los Angeles Times promoting Smartmouth, a mouthwash.

James remains PM for Arrow. Tim starts throwing out an idea knowing he’s on the chopping block if they lose.

Heidi takes her second turn as project manager. They all model for the supplement. Good thing Heidi, Kristine, and Nicole are all good looking women. However Heidi is hoping they aren’t trying to be gender-specific by doing this. Heidi spends as much time with the photographer as possible and send Kristine and Nicole to the graphic designer. Kristine is not impressed.

Arrow meanwhile get ordinary people off the street, put them in pyjamas, then take pictures of them, among other things, smelling their own breath (Seriously!). James, Tim, and Stefani join them. The Smartmouth execs are not happy.

Suddenly, as they are in production, Frank questions the decision at the last minute making James nervous (Didn’t James do the same thing a few weeks ago)?

Once again, Arrow hits trouble just before presentation. Frank and Stefani have to rush back and get their suits. Tim tries to call them but he can’t reach them. Stefani’s phone battery dies but fortunately they did remember Tim’s suit.

Stefani and Frank brought Tim’s clothes. Stefani then does the presentation and does a good job. The pages look really good, too.

Heidi starts their presentation. She’s a little more nervous and quick in her delivery but gets through it.


Arrow: Not sure what the pictures really tried to convey and didn’t like the technical stuff in the middle.

Kinetic: Did a “wow” brochure according to the execs and had their supplement appear in the paper. They win. Nicole is excited and starts talking trash in her confessional.

Dinner at the mansion by “some of the world’s best chefs”. It turns out that Nicole’s and Heidi’s moms (Nicole introduced her mom to Tim, awwwww) show up along with Kristine’s husband, Ludovic Lefebvre, a world-class chef (former executive chef at major L.A. restaurants) who prepared the dinner. Heidi spends quality time with her mom. They also got to share the fun of seeing the supplement in the paper.


James vows to fight and has to choose between Frank and Tim to target. Tim said he knows he has to fight.


James said team didn’t work well as a team. He said they argued about Tim’s loyalties. Tim said there was no ambiguity despite Ivanka trying to prod him otherwise. Trump and Ivanka said they really got crushed on this task. James then accused Frank of questioning the concept at the last minute. Ivanka told them they didn’t have to put the scientific mumble jumble in.

Stefani accused Tim of being a distraction. Trump then got into it with Tim over Nicole. Trump then called him out for cutting Ivanka off. Trump said he couldn’t fire James of Stefani. Between Tim and Frank, Frank crushed it. Trump asked James who he wanted to keep. James said Frank based on his work ethic. Tim tried to save himself by selling himself as the idea guy and told Frank he’s just a workhorse who doesn’t create his own ideas. Tim said Frank just runs errands. Long discussion about Tim and Nicole’s relationship ensues. Tim is fired, partly because of that and because of his idea for the task.

So the Tim and Nicole thing ends for now. Thank goodness.

‘Till next week.

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