Mind Of Mencia: Season 2 – DVD Review

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Studio: Comedy Central DVD
Release Date: April 3, 2007
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Episodes: 14
Running Time: 294 Minutes
MSRP: $26.99


Carlos Mencia


Carlos Mencia .Himself

The show:

In 2005 Dave Chappelle had his famous melt down and stopped production during the 3rd season of his show. That same year Comedy Central produced Mind Of Mencia. Coincidence? Not likely. Their shows are very similar: focusing mostly on politically incorrect racial humor and switching between filmed sketches and live stand-up. The big difference between them is Mencia isn’t half as funny as Chappelle.

Here we have Mencia’s second season of filling Chappelle’s shoes. From episode one Mencia really tries to push that envelope so many people seem to fear. In his first opening monologue he goes out of his way in insult every single race. See, as long as your making fun of everyone, it’s okay. But Mencia isn’t limited to race jokes; he also likes making fun of people who he describes with his over used catch phrase: “dee-dee-dee.”

Many of his jokes are also very topical and don’t always age well. Jokes about Cheney shooting his friend in the face were funny when it happened. But that was almost a year ago and jokes like this are very dated. Mencia is funny but not consistently. This is the kinda show worth watching when you’re flipping through the channels. Not so much something you want to watch over and over again.


Note: Not included on this disc are episodes 208 and 216 which are both highlights episodes so you’re not really missing anything.

Disc One:


Carlos takes a look at all the stupid stuff that people did while he was gone. He reveals his big secret in “Wetback Mountain,” and he gives a piece of his mind to people who are trying to hang onto their youth in “Act Your Age.”


Carlos takes on Kanye West and his huge ego. Then he hits the streets to see if it’s harder out there for women or for men. He also introduces us to some lady dancers who are not only big on moves but big in many other ways, too.


Carlos and special guest Dave Attell argue about who has it harder out there: pimps, hos or “whorves.” He also heads to east L.A. to teach some gangbangers the proper way to commit a drive-by.


Carlos discusses the hot topic of illegal immigration and gives Spring Break tips like only Carlos can. Peter Boyle pays Carlos a visit to help translate the real meanings of bumper stickers.


Carlos hits the streets to find out what the race of the future will look like. He also helps people with their problems through the use of cool R&B slow jams, as “Carlos Smoov.”


Carlos sends a special message to baby “TomKitten.” Then he gives us his answer to The Sopranos with his own version of the show featuring a Hispanic crime family (with special guest star Cheech Marin!). He also whips a group of whiny, stupid people into shape as Drill Sergeant Carlos.


Carlos hits the streets to ask the question “Is Gay the new Black?” He also investigates what it would have been like if Jesus were married in the first installment of “That’s F#*king Historical.”

Disc Two:


Carlos takes us back in time and reveals the real reason the Founding Fathers signed the First Amendment. Also, Carlos introduces a new “music video” by the mega-rich “Sheik Rapper.”


Carlos hits the streets to advise people how to make their dreams come true and talks with Tony Hawk about how to realize his own skateboarding dreams. Then we take a trip into the future to see what the news will be like in 2026.


Carlos makes his own version of Pirates Of The Caribbean starring Jamie Kennedy and Tracy Morgan. Also, Carlos discovers if stereotypes are real by finding unwitting “athletes” to participate in the first-ever installment of Stereotypes Olympics.”


Carlos hits the streets to ask people what America would be like without immigrants. Then, a return visit from Judge Carlos delivers verdicts that turn the justice system on its head with the help of Johnnie Cochran’s ghost.


Carlos makes his famous “Dee Dee Dee” catch phrase into a music video. Also, Carlos hosts a wrestling tournament that pits religious icons against one another. Watch to find out who will rule the earth in a rumble with his co-host, WWE’s The Edge.


Carlos takes on advertising and shows what ads would be like if he infused then with truth. Also, Carlos spies on his biggest fan’s middle-class white neighbors in a segment Carlos calls “Watching Whitey.”


Carlos treats a group of senior citizens to a sushi dinner to find out what they think about sex, politics, and immigration in “Dinner for 75 and Over.” Carlos then takes a look at classic fairy tales and retells them with a Mencia spin.

The DVD:

VIDEO: How does it look?
(Presented with a 1.33:1 full screen aspect ratio)

The show looks great. Everything is well shot from the stand-up to the sketches and the whole presentation is very nice.

AUDIO: How does it sound?
(Dolby Stereo)

It varies from sketch to sketch as to how good the sound is. Some times it’s great, sometimes it’s okay, however it’s never bad enough to interfere with the comedy.


Disc One:

Comedy Central Quickies: A short scene from three Comedy Central shows: The Colbert Report, Reno 911! and South Park. All very funny.

Ask Carlos: Members of the Studio Audience do Q&A with Carlos. There is some humorous stuff here but nothing all that great. The most interesting thing here is when he explains where he’s coming from and why his humor is the way it is.

Disc Two:

Outtakes: Some of these are pretty funny; pretty much just more of the same of what you get when watching the show. Many are alternate versions of sketches in the show and some of this stuff you’ve never seen.

Deleted Scenes: These aren’t nearly as funny as the Outtakes and were deleted for a reason.

Bloopers: Typical blooper reel. And by typical I mean sub-par. This is short and doesn’t suck up too much of your time.

The DVD Lounge’s Ratings for Mind Of Mencia: Season 2
(OUT OF 10)






The Inside Pulse
As one of the most hated comedians among comedians due to allegedly stealing jokes, he’s still a pretty funny guy. But what it boils down to is that this show is just a Chappelle’s Show replacement that’s not half as funny. If you really want to laugh just go rent the original.

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