Raw/Smackdown General Manager Updates


The stop-start angle with Teddy Long and Kristal, which was meant to end with Vickie Guerrero becoming Smackdown General Manager, has yet to be approved by Vince McMahon. Some weeks he wants Teddy to be a classy GM with total integrity, other weeks he wants Kristal to successfully seduce him, and it has also been suggested that Teddy’s character should develop a drinking problem. Vickie is still being brought to TV because at any given time nobody knows what way Vince wants to go, but she has not been used so far.

Mick Foley is pushing for a run as Raw General Manager. It’s not expected to happen considering Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis have such a negative opinion of his latest book. Also, Foley has read Chris Jericho’s autobiography and strongly recommended it.

Jim Ross spoke at MIT University on the 29th March. He mentioned he convinced Vince McMahon to hire Mick Foley as Vince felt he didn’t have the right look. He fought to get Steve Austin brought in too, with Vince agreeing to hire him as a mid-carder since he was a good worker. He said he signed The Rock to a $150,000 per year deal after seeing him for the first time. After hearing Deion Sanders talk about himself in the third person when interviewing him for Atlanta Falcons radio broadcasts, he suggested that The Rock do the same thing. He talked about how Goldberg was offered $500,000 a year to work one day per week and turned it down. He said WWE told him to stop putting Randy Savage over after he complimented Savage during one of his Web site articles. He was negative about the current Women’s Division, saying they probably wouldn’t have any women working there if breast augmentation was not possible. He said WWE should scout ROH.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)