Batista, Monty Brown, Cryme Tyme Updates

Marcus Cor Von is disappointed with how things are going in ECW. He felt that his “pounce… period” catchphrase got him and his finisher over but he is not allowed to use it and they won’t announce the move itself. The writing staff originally wanted him to be the top heel heading into WrestleMania but it was nixed from above and he got relegated to the background of the New Breed group instead.

Batista’s backstage heat is said to be partly because he loves to play the role in order to get women. He was somewhat reclusive and shy in real life but now he has women throwing themselves at him. Rebecca DiPietro was one, yet they were not exclusive and she got fired both for being a bad interviewer and for irritating Stephanie McMahon. Also, Batista used to love to watch every match on the show to study, learn what worked and what didn’t, talk to his mentors and absorb what he could. Since returning from his injury and the fight with Booker T, which already lost him a great deal of respect, he has been doing that less and less.

Cryme Tyme’s push is over. The writing team came up with a gimmick that they loved but rushed it onto guys who were not ready to wrestle on TV yet.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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