Live Notes from Mania

Thanks to Sean Ryan (one of our two ROH ticket contest winners along with Jennifer Havens — congrats!!) for sending in the following notes from Wrestlemania 23…

Mania was something else, simply put. This is my 3rd of the “Big 4″ in a row this year, and the atmosphere was such a drastic difference from both Survivor Series and the Rumble. The sheer difference between a crowd of ~20K (SS, RR) to the over 80K they announced yesterday was just immense. The actual experience of hearing the fan ‘isms” is great too…the war of chants of “LETS GO CENA” vs “LETS GO MICHAELS” was great, just like the war of taker vs batista (which was sick, b/c there was no way that batista was winning and people should know that!).

I already grabbed the torrent of the PPV broadcast and I actually must say I think I saw more at the event despite being 30 rows back. Everything seemed twenty times more real in person rather than watching on TV. One thing that sticks out especially was from the MITB spot where Jeff Hardy went through Edge and the ladder. In person, the HOLY SHIT chants were well merited as it was simply sickening to watch. But watching on the PPV, man it did not look half as bad as in person. I seriously thought Edge might have been dead, but after watching the webcast, i think he’s fine with maybe a few extra bruises…that was definitely a spot. Also, prior to the match, there was a ton of “boo’s” anytime Cena was shown on the TitanTron, but once he came out, it really was almost a 50/50 mix in the stands between the chants. But much like WM22, there was definitely the Michaels punch = YAY, Cena punch = BOO. Great ending to a great PPV in my opinion, and I’m currently torn if I’m going to go for the Quadruple Crown and shoot for SummerSlam this year, or just start saving the pennies for some really good seats for WM25, b/c I think that will be a bigger event than WM24 next year at the Citrus Bowl!

We’ll have full coverage of the Wrestlemania aftermath tonight and all week on Pulse Wrestling, so stick around!