Pulse Wrestling Raw Report – 4/2/2006

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Quick note: Dayton is where the NCAA Tournament started and on the night it ends, the same place is hosting Raw.

The show begins with John Cena making his way to the ring with the WWE Heavyweight Championship with him. His World Tag Team title belt is not with him. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are your commentators for the evening. Cena is fresh from his successful title defense the night before at WrestleMania against Shawn Michaels, his Tag Team Championship partner and Challenger. Cena is booed loudly by the Dayton crowd.

“The Champ is here,” says Cena. The DX music hits and now Shawn Michaels, along with his World Tag Team Title belt (but not John’s) arrives, making his way to the ring. Shawn makes veiled reference towards Hulk Hogan when talking about egos. Shawn is upset about losing. Shawn’s last WrestleMania victory was against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XIX in 2003. John is more than happy to give Shawn another match. Before the match can happen, Executive Assitant, Jonathan Coachman arrives to announce that the WWE Heavyweight Championship will not be defended tonight. Coachman reminds them that they are the World Tag Team Champions and will be defending them tonight. Coachman informs them that they’ll defend against 9 other teams in a 10 Team Battle Royal for the belts. That match begins now.

World Tag Team Championship Battle Royal

Challengers #1- King Booker & Finlay w/ Sharmell (from WWE SmackDown)
Challengers #2- Rob Van Dam & Sabu from ECW (former ECW World Tag Team Champions)

Other teams make their way down to the ring as we go to break.

Back from break as the match is underway. Chris Masters & Kenny Dykstra are elminated. Cryme Tyme, Elijah Burke & Matt Striker, Jim Duggan & Eugene, Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms, Deuce & Domino…

…Cryme Tyme elminated…

…the Highlanders are in there as well. That’s our 10 team lineup…

Jim Duggan & Eugene are eliminated next.

Highlanders eliminated by Deuce & Domino, who are on a roll so far in this. Cena & Michaels eliminate Deuce & Domino…followed by Burke & Striker, so now they’re gone. Van Dam & Sabu are then elminated with Finlay making sure Sabu realizes he’s gone.

We’re now down to 2 teams, Booker & Finlay versus Cena & Michaels. Chris Adams Superkick by Michaels helps eliminate Finlay & Booker.

Winners And Still World Tag Team Champions: John Cena & Shawn Michaels

Coachman announces this was Part 1 of the Title Defense. And now a 2nd Tag Team Battle Royal.

World Tag Team Championship Battle Royal (The Sequel)

Matt & Jeff Hardy (former WWF World Tag Team Champions) arrive. And we go to break as the other teams arrive as well.

Back from break and joining in, the WWE Tag Team Champions, the Hooliganz. Other teams include The V Express, Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms (again?), Wiliam Regal & Dave Taylor…

…The V Express eliminated…

…Cade & Murdoch, Nitro & Miz, Tommy Dreamer & Sandman… Hooliganz remind Jim Ross of the Rock N’ Roll Express. Regal & Taylor eliminated, or “Steven” Regal as Lawler calls him by his old WCW name (or Stephen in his brief WWF Attitude Era time). Dreamer & Sandman are now eliminated. Kevin Thorn & The Former Monty Brown are in there as well. Breaktime…

Back from break as the Team Battle Royal continues. Chris Adams Superkick by Michaels elminates Mizanin and Nitro. Michaels and Cena do self elimination as Michaels eliminates Cena. There shall be new World Tag Team Champions tonight. The WWE Tag Team Champions, the Hooliganz are still in the ring. Hooliganz and the Guerrero & Helms teams are gone from eliminating each other. Our last two teams are Cade & Murdoch and the Hardy Brothers. Cade & Murdoch take the advantage and attempt to eliminate Jeff, but Matt comes to the rescue. Matt hits Side Effect on Murdoch and Rude Awakening on Cade. Stereo Yodel Guillotine by the Hardys followed by attempted elimination. Cade & Murdoch are eliminated and we have new Champions.

Winners And New World Tag Team Champions: Matt & Jeff Hardy

Matt is still part of WWE SmackDown and Jeff is still part of WWE Raw, as noted by Ross. Both tag belts there as the other was probably brought down during the break by an official. Breaktime…

Back from break and the WWE official site is pimped, alongside Memphis’s own Saliva for the “Ladies And Gentlemen” theme for last night’s PPV. Timbaland is in attendance.

Todd Grisham interviews Shawn Michaels. Shawn only has one goal and it’s the WWE Heavyweight Title and not the World Tag Team titles. Randy Orton interrupts, disagreeing, thinking he should get the shot instead. Jim’s voice almost gone from all the yelling at last night’s WrestleMania 23.

WrestleMania highlight package (the one that ended the PPV last night).

-Money In The Bank highlights with Ken “Mr.” Kennedy winning.

-Kane Vs The Great Khali with Khali winning.

-ECW Originals Vs New Breed with Originals winning.

-Battle Of The Billionaires with Bobby Lashley defeating Umaga and Vince McMahon’s head being shaved clean.

-Chris Benoit Vs MVP with Benoit retaining his US Title.

-Melina Vs Ashley in the Lumberjill Match with Melina retaining her Women’s Title.

-Batista Vs The Undertaker with Undertaker winning the World Heavyweight Championship with the Tombstone and pinfall.

-And finally, Cena Vs Michaels for the WWE Heavyweight Championship with Cena winning with the STFU, retaining his title.

Coachman talks with McMahon as they walk down the hallway. Candice Michelle and Maria are talking. We get the McMahon Cam. Cryme Tyme and Eugene are next with Eugene trying to contain his laughter. Next up, Ron Simmons. An emphatic, “Damn!” from Ron. The V Express try to hold in their laughter as well as Coachman walks with McMahon towards the entrance stage, as we go to break.

Back from break as we get still highlights from last night’s Battle Of The Billionaires, complete with Steve Austin Stunning Donald Trump.

Lilian Garcia announces Mr. McMahon. Vince arrives with a fedora and makes his way to the ring. Crowd annoys Vince with the, “What!” stuff. Vince is not happy with Steve Austin’s officiating last night. According to Vince, he’s changing the record book and has Lillian repeat after him that he’s the Winner instead. Tonight, Lashley defends his ECW World Title against WWE Intercontinental Champion, Umaga. The fans want Austin. Vince assures the fans they will never see him bald again after last night (and his Today Show appearance this morning). Vince is about to leave, but then Bobby arrives in Smiling Bobby mode. Face to face showdown in the ring. Lashley removes the hat and McMahon has a look resembling either Lex Luthor or Warbucks from the Annie movie. Lawler points out that McMahon has a pointy head. McMahon hides under Lillian’s skirt, which Bobby, ever the gentleman rips off, embarrassing both Vince and Lillian. McMahon scurries off and Bobby watches, still in Smiling Bobby mode. Breaktime…

Highlight from last night’s WrestleMania bonus Pre-PPV match as Ric Flair & Carlito defeat Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms.

Todd Grisham as backup Announcer now in the ring as Lillian’s embarrassment causes her to leave for the back.

Ric Flair & Carlito Colon w/ Torrie Wilson Vs Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Neither team were a part of the Tag Team Battle Royals. Benjamin and Carlito start with Shelton getting the advantage. Carlito fights back with Running Knee Lift and some left hand strikes. Charlie tags in and takes over, forcing Carlito against the corner. Charlie brings Carlito out of the corner and punches him down. Shelton tags in and the punishment of Carlito continues. Back Suplex gets a 1 count. Carlito starts to fight his way back, hitting a Springboard Elbow. Both men down as Carlito makes his way to the tag in for Flair. Both of Flair’s opponents charge in and are chopped down. Crowd, “woo’s” for just about every bit of Ric’s offense. The action is back and forth until Flair & Carlito get the advantage again, hurting Charlie’s knee in the process. Figure 4 by Ric on Charlie and Charlie submits.

Winners: Ric Flair & Carlito

WWE Hall Of Fame Highlights from this past Saturday Night, including portions of Jim Ross’s acceptance speech, the Hennig Family’s acceptance speech on the late Curt’s behalf, Jerry Lawler’s acceptance and finally Dusty Rhodes. Mr. Fuji, the Wild Samoans, the Sheik and Nick Bockwinkel also inducted.

Up next, Melina’s special photo op.

Last night, 80,000+ attended Ford Field and there was plenty of mainstream press as well. Todd Grisham interview Timbaland at ringside. Timbaland, like any self respecting Emcee, takes the mic from Todd. He then hands the mic back. He has an upcoming music video and is interested in having Ashley be in it.

Melina arrives (and is probably not happy about Timbaland preferring Ashley over her). She has the Women’s Championship belt with her, while Johnny Nitro is nowhere to be found. Melina looks forward to starring in Timbaland’s video, because she feels she should be in it. Timbaland doesn’t appear to disagree. According to Melina, Ashley is only, “just another pretty face.” 4 alleged paparazzis (none of which appear to be Alex Shelley) take pictures until Mickie James arrives and attacks the Champ. Jumping Tornado DDT knocks Melina out.

Coming up…ECW World Championship with Lashley Vs Umaga.

Mick Foley does promotional stuff for the Make A Wish Foundation, complete with highlights of WWE wrestlers making wishes come true. Next week on Raw, another shall be granted.

Lillian’s back in the ring with a new skirt on.

The Great Khali Vs Super Crazy

Lillian announces Crazy as “Super Crazeh.” Khali not impressed with Crazy’s offense. Overhand Chop knocks Crazy down. Tree Rollins Slam finishes.

Winner: The Great Khali

Vince McMahon with a backwards baseball cap is in his office room. Armando Alejandro Estrada talks with him, wanting him to take it easy, but Vince is still upset. Vince puts Estrada in the match between Lashley and Umaga as Umaga’s tag team partner, making it a Handicapped Match with Umaga still challenging for the ECW World Title. Breaktime…

Back from break and Earlier Tonight, the Megapowers 2007 explode, leading to new World Tag Team Champions, Matt & Jeff Hardy.

Maria interview the new World Tag Team Champions. Jeff’s happy to be 6 Time World Tag Team Champions. Matt’s happy to be Champs as well. They toast with the belts.

Friday Night, Steve Austin’s movie, The Condemned premiered at the Fox Theater, paying off all of those Nash Bridges appearances from years back.

Edge arrives with a mic and is walking slow, stopping at the stage. Edge puts himself and his toughness over after dealing with Jeff Hardy driving him through a ladder last night during the Money In The Bank match at WWE WrestleMania 23. Edge takes issue with Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton wanting shots at the WWE Heavyweight Championship and John Cena. Edge begs to differ, wanting a shot hmself. One lonely fan tries to start up a, “USA,” chant to remind everyone what channel the show is on in the United States. Edge considers himself, “the Best.”

Up next, the Main Event with the ECW World Title on the line as Bobby Lashley defends against Umaga in a Handicapped Match, with AA Estrada serving as Umaga’s tag team partner.

Next week, Mick Foley’s Make A Wish surprise and a #1 Contenders Match between Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton.

ECW World Championship
Bobby Lashley (Champ) Vs Umaga & Armando Alejandro Estrada (Umaga is the official challenger for the title)

Umaga is the WWE Intercontinental Champion and Challenger. The match begins with Umaga attacking Bobby at the apron as Armando stays in the ring. Umaga rolls Bobby in the ring and proceeds to stomp. Jim Ross’s voice pretty much gone, leaving Jerry Lawler to take care of the commentary mostly solo. Umaga is in full control as he hits a Chop. Bobby tries a Sunset Flip, but Umaga, with Armando’s help is able to counter, getting a 2 count. Bobby begins to fight back while Jerry continues dealing with solo commentary, but Umaga Samoan Drops him. Armando getting in occassional shots as Umaga continues to slowly attack Bobby. Bobby fights back once again and once again Umaga drops him, this with the Boot To The Face. 2 count and Umaga and Armando are not happy. Bobby chases Armando out of the ring, but Umaga attacks. Bobby and Umaga trade punches. Umaga with a Belly To Belly (or Side Suplex to Jerry) and Armando tries to cover for 2. The attack slowly continues…or methodically continues. Umaga with the Headbutt and Armando once again covers for 2. 747 Splash by Umaga gets another 2 count. Bobby fights back again and once again is taken down by Umaga as the fans grow restless. Armando tries to pin again and again it’s a 2 count. Bobby fights back and now some of the fans are beginning to boo. Umaga with the advantage and the fans are still getting restless. A feint, “Let’s Go Bobby,” chant starts up, but the majority appears to still be apathetic. Another comeback attempt by Bobby is averted by Umaga. Umaga stomps Bobby in the corner. Umaga Corner Butt Charge knocks Bobby silly. Umaga tries the Samoan Spike, but Bobby counters with a boot and now they fight back and forth. Bobby with the Spear gets 2 as Armando breaks up the count. Umaga accidentally Avalanches Armando, leading to Bobby knocking him out of the ring and hitting the Davey Boy Powerslam (called the Dominator by Jerry) for the pinfall victory.

Winner And Still ECW World Champion: Bobby Lashley

Jerry again calls the Davey Boy Powerslam, the “Dominator” during the replay.

And that’s your program! ..And Jim’s voice.