Two John Cusack Film Trailers Now Online

Credit: AintItCool

John Cusack is back on the scene and in a big way as he has three films on the immediate path to theatres. I posted the trailer for the Stephen King thriller 1408 starring Cusack which hits theatres July 13. Well, Mr. Cusack has been a busy boy as two more of his films are on the way in the coming months also.

The first film entitled Martian Child stars Cusack as a writer who has recently been struck by the death of his fiancé. Grief-stricken and totally crushed by the tragedy, he adopts a child to perhaps cure his lonliness and get his mind elsewhere. The six year old boy though has a bit of a problem. As any child in foster care he wants nothing more then to have a father…but he also believes he’s from Mars.

Martian Child opens in theatres on June 29 and you can check out the trailer here.

In the second film, Cusack plays the role of a hitman named Brad Hauser who is given the contract of killing Middle Eastern oil pioneer. The hit doesn’t go exactly as planned when things just keep going wrong, but Hauser also falls in love.

War Inc. opens in theatres later this year.