Lou Lamoriello

Lou Lamoriello!

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello fired head coach Claude Julien because he’s not Lou Lamoriello.

For the second straight year Lou Lamoriello will coach the Devils into the playoffs and once again Lou Lamoriello will screw it all up.

Lou Lamoriello said “I don’t think we’re at a point of being ready both mentally and (physically) to play the way that is necessary going into the playoffs,” Lamoriello said outside an empty Devils locker room at the Continental Airlines Arena. “I am not saying that is going to change. But I think there has to be better focus going forward.”

Lou Lamoriello has had seven head coaches for the Devils since 2000 because no one can do what Lou Lamoriello can do.

Robinson (twice)

Now Burns and Robinson left for personal reasons but they all pale in comparison when it comes to LOU LAMORIELLO!

I hope they get swept in the first round.