[SPOILERS] The Apprentice: The Road to the Finale Revealed

With six candidates left, you’d expect two more challenges before the Final Four interviews. But just when the candidates think they’ve got the answers, Mark Burnett changes the questions (but Trump still fires people). Take a look:

April 8
Episode 612: “Vegas, Baby!”

In a twist, the final six candidates split into three teams and head to Las Vegas to put together a promotional campaign for the latest Trump mega-project. Back in LA, they present to Donald and his son in the boardroom. But not everyone makes it out without hearing those two dreaded words “You’re Fired!”

April 15
Episode 613: “Smells Like Victory”

It’s down to the Final Four! The world’s toughest job interview enters the home stretch with a monster task. The candidates must choose employees to help them write and direct a “mini-movie.” One team struggles with a perfectionist, while the other clashes over creative differences.

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