Smackdown Preview for April 6, 2007



Preview: WrestleMania fallout
April 6, 2007

The smoke from WrestleMania 23—witnessed live by a Ford Field attendance record of 80,103—has finally cleared, though its historic fallout has only begun. This Friday in Providence, R.I., SmackDown hails a new World Heavyweight Champion, while a loudmouth Superstar assumes the bragging rights to call himself “Mr. Money in the Bank.” Oh, and WWE is now run by its Chairman of the Bald, Mr. McMahon.

Deadman’s gold

At WrestleMania, Batista showed the frightening power and determination that has made him a two-time World Heavyweight Champion. However, it wasn’t enough to stop The Deadman Sunday night. Silencing The Animal with his Tombstone Piledriver, Undertaker captured the World Heavyweight Title and improved his unbeaten WrestleMania streak to 15-0. The Phenom ushers the dawning of a new day this Friday as SmackDown’s new champion, but will new challenges immediately threaten his reign? Or will Batista refuse to rest in peace until he reclaims the title he believes is so rightly his?

Shakin’ his “Money”-maker

Four SmackDown Superstars made worthy bids during WrestleMania’s eight-man Money in the Bank Ladder Match Sunday night. However, after weeks of stating his case, Mr. Kennedy climbed atop the ladder and grabbed it, winning the attaché’s contents within: a contract that grants him a title opportunity any time over the next year. So now it’s time to ask the million-dollar question on WWE fans’ minds: When’s Kennedy gonna cash it in? Perhaps the self-professed “Mr. Money in the Bank” will open up his big mouth this Friday and give us a clue.

By hook or by nook

It wasn’t a good WrestleMania for Kane or MVP, respectively. First, The Great Khali proved to be the bigger behemoth Sunday night—after picking up the win, he did likewise to the Big Red Monster, using his very own hook in a fashion that has WWE fans wondering if they’ve said “Goodnight” to Kane for awhile. Meanwhile, MVP took out the arm of U.S. Champion Chris Benoit, saving him from the Rabid Wolverine’s Crossface. Unfortunately for SmackDown’s self-professed “franchise player,” he didn’t factor in Benoit’s resourcefulness—or an extremely hard headbutt off the top rope. With WrestleMania now behind Kane, MVP and Benoit, what’s ahead for these SmackDown Superstars in Fort Wayne, IN?

WrestleMania may be over, but the fallout is in full effect on Friday Night SmackDown, 8/7 CT, on the CW.

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