Random Reality: American Idol – Final 9

Blame it on the “Pony-Hawk”! Sanjaya is still alive and I really don’t see him going any time soon. That means another good singer will go home this week, when they probably shouldn’t. It’s the “Final Nine”, and if we could have people start opening their ears and voting with their heads and not their hearts, then we will be okay. Or at least prevent the girls under 16 from voting anymore…

**NOTE** I’m writing this as I watch it, so some of the song names will be missing since I can’t look them up until later**

Tonight’s guest music mentor is Tony Bennett. Tonight’s theme is “Classic Songs”, whatever that means. Probably songs from the 50’s and stuff like that.

Blake Lewis started us off as he sang “Mack the Night” by who knows. This is a “swing” song, which fits Blake. Not too bad at all. Randy liked the song choice. It was pitchy in parts, though. Paula calls him a “hip cat”. Simon thought it was good song choice and he performed it well. He thought the band performed better, but he still liked it.

Phil Stacey sang next, which is shocking since he isn’t a girl. He sang “Day and Night”. It was okay. But I agree with Randy. He said it was just alright, but he didn’t feel the passion from Phil. He was disconnected from the song. Same for Paula. She calls him a “young Frank Sinatra”. Simon wonders what the hell she is talking about. Simon said it was like someone singing in a funeral home. I have to agree. It was a little sad and gloomy.

Melinda Doolittle sang “Who Could Ask For Anything More”. She’s got a new hairstyle. Yeah, she’s still good. Randy says that she gives everyone a lesson in singing. Paula copies Randy and rambles on about other things. Simon didn’t like the first part, but he loved the second part of the song.

Chris Richardson sang “Mr. Saturday Dance” by Duke Ellington. Pretty good. Randy, Paula, and Simon all agree that this was probably his best performances ever. Simon even says one of the strongest tonight. That probably means he is going home this week since everyone likes him.

Jordin Sparks sang “On a Clear Day”. Wow, this song was sorry. The title of the song gets repeated the ENTIRE song. She also did some of her “forceful singing” that she loves to do. Randy loved it for some reason. Paula calls her a “magnet of joy”, which makes Simon chuckle. Simon thought she sung it well, but she didn’t make it “young and current” like Chris did before her. Finally, he makes sense!

Gina Glocksen sang “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin. It was good, but not great. Randy thought it was a nice, controlled vocal from the “rocker chick”. Paula agreed. Simon thought the vocals lacked compared to the girls before her. That’s all he gets to say as everyone interrupted with their disagreements.

Sanjaya Malakar got some pimpin’ from Tony before he sang “Cheek to Cheek”. He has the Miami Vice look going on or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, whichever you prefer. The song was boring just like him. Not has bad as past performances, though. Randy can’t even comment on the vocals anymore. It’s just on him “entertaining”. Paula just needs to shut up. She said D.W.T.S.. Simon decides to say this is “incredible” so that maybe people WON’T vote for him this week!

Haley Scarnato sang “Saving All My Love For You” or some other title I couldn’t understand from her. Yeah, that song was sexual! That is what she was going for, though. Randy and Simon thought it was good style of song for her. Of course, everyone wants to talk about how she looks like. It was almost a “pageant performance” as they said.

Lakisha Jones finished us off as she sang “Stormy Weather”. I thought it could have been better, but still great. Randy didn’t like the first part, but the ending was strong. We will skip Paula. Simon said she is back. It was a great, sassy performance from her.

I have mixed feelings on this night. While no one did really bad, I just don’t like these kinds of songs. Still it was good overall. Once again I divided up everyone into three groups. One group should be solidly safe as they did better than average. Another group did okay and should be safe as well, but I could easily see one of them going home. Why? Well the final two in the last group should go home based on singing, but they have other factors helping them.

My Standings

(Swinging Upward)
1. Melinda Doolittle
2. Lakisha Jones
3. Chris Richardson
4. Blake Lewis

(Jiving One Way or Another)
5. Gina Glocksen
6. Phil Stacey
7. Jordin Sparks

(Who Needs To Sing?)
8. Haley Scarnato
9. Sanjaya Malakar

You know Sanjaya should go home. You probably also know Haley should go home. But I have a feeling they won’t. However, around this time things start getting interesting. Usually bad singers that have survived this far start to get weeded out. So I probably should say Sanjaya is going home, since this may be the best time, but I don’t see and I won’t predict it. Haley has the young male vote, so she is safe for now. Who goes home then? This is where it gets tricky. I want to say Jordin, but again she is so overrated that she will probably advance further. So I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that Phil Stacey is going home! I really hope I’m wrong, though.

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