A Moment's All I Ask – 4.5.07

Just what I always wanted: to listen to standard Tony Bennett-type tunes with this season’s American Idol contestants. Wasn’t he on last season too? I do remember, however, last season’s contestants having more drive, passion and energy, as if they were actually performing to win. Most of the contestants from this season sing like they’re watching a rubber ducky race for their record deal. Last night’s show was good as it could be, all things considered.

Blake went first, singing “Mack the Knife” and not making it his own, but making it tolerable. His style would appeal to the Bob Hope Golf Tournament crowd and he played along this week with what he had to work with.

Phil is very distracting with his weird eyes, and Simon nailed it when he said “Night and Day” was gloomy. It was pretty depressing but again, his voice worked with the song. Maybe he was channeling Judy Garland, someone I enjoy who should inspire Melinda Doolittle, but at least Judy could work and made every song interpretation believable, drugged up or not.

Melinda Doolittle, you are amazing. I can’t wait to buy your records. “I Got Rhythm” was a smart choice and I would have loved for her to turn that into some sort of Chicago medley. Not sure about her fashion sense, though, as she is in dire need of a good stylist.

Chris Richardson, what did you do again? Shouldn’t you be helping little old ladies cross the Wal-Mart parking lot?

As for Jordin Sparks, I was not a fan of the vest, but she’s charming enough to make anything look good. “On a Clear Day” was a good choice, but there wasn’t enough of her original flavor in the song to make it not the typical standard. Jordin is still one of the few talented people on Idol right now and deserves to be in the top three.

I knew Gina would have challenges as “the rocker girl” for this week, singing Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile”. It worked for me, though I’m not a fan of her sitting down and singing. It does nothing for her projection and I think she could have performed the song while moving around a little. She’s still safe, though.

Sanjaya was made for Tony Bennett night. I don’t know what he sang (something, “while we’re dancing cheek to cheek”), but he tried to prove his heterosexuality by dancing with Paula (this isn’t Dancing with the Stars, kid) and smile an outrageous number of times. Simon tried a different method to reason with the public, saying, “That was incredible.” It’s sad that with a talent competition, they can’t even “go there” with vocal criticism anymore; instead, they praise what a great entertainer he is. Please send this kid home.

Haley stole the show, not with her vocals but with her eye-popping outfit. Even Paula had to comment on how green is her color. Her outfit was so distracting with The McPhee Factor that I didn’t even remember what song she sang without looking it up again. “Ain’t Misbehavin'” worked as she worked the convenient cute guys in the front. Haley is a smart girl, as she doesn’t have the best voice, but makes up for it with a much better body.

LaKisha ended the show with a good, solid performance of “Stormy Weather”. Is it just me or is she not enjoying this show anymore? She’s been serious just about every week for the past month or so, as perhaps she’s afraid that she’s being upstaged for the wrong reasons by that Sanjaya enigma.

Idol Wednesday Vote-Off Update: The top three of Tuesday’s show will be the final three. One of my favorites, Gina, got voted off tonight. I am not speechless about this, but it’s such a farce when Sanjaya, who is farthest from everyone after each vote, gets to stick around so yet another talented person gets to go home. Get your record deal girl, it’s all you.

YouTube Video of the Week:

Gina’s version of “Call Me When You’re Sober”

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