SKTV: The Office, Scrubs

Oh man, The Office is back, and it’s like one of the best episodes ever. Dwight is my hero, Angela spends the whole episode getting hot and bothered over his heroism, Jim has the best reaction shot ever (“Now we’ve even”), Kelly and Ryan are adorable (“What’s wrong with naming our baby Usher?”), Creed swoops in and steals the show out of nowhere with his crazy story about the sock full of nickels, Michael’s negotiation techniques right out of Wikipedia…and Andy is back! I need a cigarette.

Scrubs is really feeling like a show that’s wrapping up for good, and although we haven’t heard the Janitor’s name yet to really bring it home, you have to feel like it’s coming soon. However, they’re trying to bring it back for another season, and if you think it’s circling the drain now, just wait until everyone involved starts phoning it in and not just ZB. That being said, tonight was a good show and a good showing by Zach, as only JD could be so obsessive that he would fight to have a girl named after him. And he also wins line of the show with “My mother had a uterus. I used to live there.” Nice to see Jill Tracy again and all the name-dropping of the background characters, but Brendan Fraser would have worked better as Cox’s ghost. Still, another good episode overall, definitely an “up” in an up-and-down season.

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