Richly Deserved: The Amazing Race: All Stars Episode 11-8

Last week, the teams headed to Poland where in the end, Joe and Bill marked the end of Team Guido in Amazing Race competition..

This week, they traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, saw the Batu Caves, chose a detour between designing and painting a cloth or eating a bunch of cookies to find one with a licorice middle, and completed a roadblock of collecting newspapers by bicycle. We had one team yield another and a team take a risky short connection.

Here’s how they finished.

First a correction from last week’s column as sent by the always-astute Arthur Perkins. I mentioned it was Kandice who threw up at the sausage challenge when it was really Dustin. Maybe I just had Kandice on the brain because she is the hotter of the two.

The girls were outstanding this week. They got into Kuala Lumpur with three of the teams. They got to the clue box with the yield second and yielded Eric and Danielle in what was a pure strategic move. They did the cloth-pattern detour without any trouble and Kandice got a nice compliment by a local while completing the road block in good time. Their reward was retro scooters. My metre of my opinion of them from last season is now at 150 degrees. 30 more, and I may have to think of giving them a number.

Somehow found a great flight in which put them two hours ahead of the pack. Good thing, too. They chose the cookie detour and after biting through hundreds of the cookies, they give up and do the pattern one. After that, Mirna does a good job at the roadblock and calls the kids who helped her “future Charlas and Mirnas.” Whatever you think of Charla and Mirna, one is a family planning lawyer and the other is a successful sporting goods store and real estate investor, so maybe it isn’t the insult you think it is. In any case, a good second.

Didn’t like being yielded. Why does everyone who is yielded think the move is personal? I’m sure we’ll hear more about it next week. They do the cookie detour and Danielle gets lucky early. Then she does the road block and despite having some trouble, and complaining that she gets all the tough road blocks while Eric gets all the easy ones, they do get to the mat in third.

Disastrous leg for these two. They get to the cookie detour where Oswald misunderstands the clue. They bicker, threaten to go to the other detour. Go back to the cookie detour, and seconds later, go to the pattern detour. Then they do one row of patterns too many on the cloth and have to do it again. At the road block, Danny gets upset at Oswald again because it’s a physically demanding task. None of that mattered in the end as they get in fourth.

Sometimes risks pay off, sometimes they don’t. Uchenna and Joyce took a chance on a short connection. When they arrived at their connecting destination 10 minutes behind schedule, they were unable to get on their connecting flight despite pleading with the airline rep. They were delayed by one day and by the time we saw them again, they were just landing in Kuala Lumpur and their first clue sent them directly to the pit stop where Phil delivered the bad news.

Of course, as the only former winners in the field, it’s hard to feel that sorry for them. But they took it really well and I get the feeling these two are going to be able to reconcile their other differences and hopefully, likely through adoption, start their family.

The odyssey continues next week.

Sir Linksalot: The Amazing Race: All Stars


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