Richly Deserved: The Apprentice: Los Angeles Episode 6-12

Previously, Tim was questioned on his loyalty to Arrow. Tim got ordinary people off the street to yawn for a mouthwash supplement. Tim’s team lost so Tim was questioned in the boardroom about his relationship with Nicole. Tim is fired.

But before they went in the boardroom, Tim gave Nicole a love letter. Once again, Awwwww.

Arrow were informed they were to move into the suite with the others (after seeing a mouse, no less). Nicole was upset at Frank for what he said about Tim.

Tim is being sent to San Luis Obispo, just because we haven’t sent anyone there yet and I like the name, San Luis Obispo.

The remaining players are: Kristine, Heidi, Nicole, Tim, James, Frank, Stefani

They split into three teams, Frank and Heidi, Kristine and Nicole, James and Stefani.

Trump was joined by Don Jr. The teams were to be flown to Las Vegas and were to design a marketing brochure and video presentation for the second tower of Trump International Hotel and Tower. They will be the judges.

Now, on the Amazing Race edition of this column, we go team by team. So here’s how they did.

They were the model of what a team should be. They came up with the theme, “The Height of Luxury” where they showed an image of the towers, a great DVD with well-done views of the suites and the city, a sub-theme of “Five Star Lifestyle”, and finished with a “360-degree marketing plan.” Well executed. Great timelines. Did a great job meeting the executives first. Worked together with the same goals in mind. Excellent job.

Came up with a concept, “Las Vegas is Turning Gold”, playing on Trump’s liking for gold. They went to the construction site. I have no idea why.

Kristine was concerned about the DVD. Nicole seemed more concerned with the presentation and Kristine had trouble with that. The night before the presentation, Kristine stayed up and worked with the graphics designer while Nicole slept (You better believe my mind wondered to a certain Pontiac Solstice task in Season 3 at that point).

Their presentation started on a bad note when the power point presentation didn’t work. When it did work, it was choppy. Their DVD was average. Their brochure was great but Trump noticed the phone number at the bottom was different from the brochure of James and Stefani’s. Trump sent Nicole and James to check. James had the right one while Nicole had a number that wasn’t even affiliated with a Trump company.

Their theme was “World Class Luxury”. More on that in a moment.

Frank was confident and did a good job doing most of the work. Heidi thought Frank gets easily distracted however while Frank was finishing the video, Miss Superstar was having a brain cramp trying to work out the text of the brochure.

Their presentation was awful. First, they do not mention the theme above. Heidi sounded nervous and spoke slowly. Just a few seconds in, Frank had to get this on track by showing the video which was just random clips from the model suite. The brochure was just a lot of white print on a poor black background with no pictures. Trump HATED it. James thought at that point there would be a lot of firings.

Trump glossed on James and Stefani because they really shined on this task. He mentioned Nicole having fallen asleep on the task but really wanted to know who made the mistake on the phone number. It was Kristine.

Then he turned his attention to Frank and Heidi. Heidi stumbled for several minutes before admitting the brochure was her responsibility.

It was quite the embarassing tussle between the two. Frankiesuits completely shot Heidi down. Heidi changed her story every minute and even Don Jr. picked up on points where she contradicted herself.

At the end, Heidi said she was embarassed by the task and that she would understand 100 per cent if Trump fired her.

Trump’s next words: Heidi, you’re fired.

Kristine, you’re fired. You put the wrong phone number on the brochure. Kristine argued she didn’t get a chance to defend herself but Trump would hear none of it and kicked them all out, pretty disgusted with the overall performance.

Just a couple of weeks left. Should be fun.

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