JunkNewsFlash! Questions JR Has Refused To Answer


1. Are you sure Lillian Garcia is straight, because she hit on my sister? Also, my sister is 7.

2. Why did you take Randy Savage’s spot at the Hall of Fame ceremony?

3. I know you said you have no influence over current WWE booking. If Johnny Ace were to have an ‘accident’ and you were given your old job back, could you do me a solid and make Chris Masters world champion of both brands?

4. A representative for A-1 recently stated that the ingredients needed for your BBQ sauce is causing wars in central Africa. Your response?

5. Working as long as you have with Jerry Lawler, it must sorta seem like a marriage. Who’s the wife?

6. A story from a long time ago suggested Mickie James stole your hat as a rib. Have you gotten her back yet for that slight? She deserves to suffer.

7. Which WWE stars would you bring back if you had the chance? And I mean from the dead. All of them is a cheap answer, pick 2. Also remember that you could be pulling them out of heaven and you’d have to live with that.

8. Mick Foley sure whines a lot about angle direction for a guy who held the world title on several occasions. If you get a chance, would you please slap him for me?

9. Can we come up with a better wrestling term for practical joke than rib? “Bradshaw ribbed Boogeyman” kind of sounds like Bradshaw’s boning him.

10. Do you make beef jerky because you’re a beefy jerk?

11. Were you at the meeting when Vince proposed he be the father of Stephanie’s child? Did you have to do the yes man nod and smile? Are you vomiting a little just thinking about it?

12. My ears and my eyes were not bleeding after Wrestlemania. That’s false advertising. Can I get a refund?

13. Do you think ECW needs more Raw and Smackdown jobbers?

14. You have a goat, a wolf, and a cabbage. You’re on one side of a lake with a boat big enough for two and you need to get all three to the other side. If you leave the goat and cabbage alone, the goat will eat the cabbage. If you leave the wolf and goat alone, the wolf will eat the goat. If you leave the cabbage and wolf alone, the cabbage will eat the wolf. How do you get all three across?

15. JR vs. Oklahoma in a street fight. Who wins? I’m not referring to Ed’s mockery, I mean the entire state of Oklahoma.

You can ask these questions of JR at JR’s BBQ Blog. Remember, he made the choice to openly communicate with the fans. He decided to treat us like human beings. HE MUST PAY!