Make Movement: The Lack Of


Can we go back to the RAWs before WrestleMania? Those were good. The story with a good amount of steam – the quest to go after Cena’s belt starring Shawn Michaels, Edge and Randy Orton was not incredibly exciting as it usually is. Lashley versus the McMahon family (with Umaga) is really weak right now because Lashley is not enough a representative of the fans to end the show with. Overall, a pretty bland show and the crowd did no favors for the show as it normally can. The fans didn’t seem to care about the show either.

Orton and Michaels I feel in front of a different crowd would have gotten a better reaction. I thought about most matches lack such psychology that when I actually see some in Orton and Michaels, I can appreciate what they are trying to do. Most of the matches on TV anymore has nothing to do with the psychology of telling a story in the match, and it’s just to burn time on a two hour show. However, there were logical problems this week, especially with the false controversial finish with Orton and Michaels. One ref had no view of Michaels’ shoulders and Orton never had his shoulders up to begin with. If Orton had tipped up his shoulders slightly, then the finish would have made sense. All this mess gets cleared up after the “when in doubt, talk about packages” promo from John Cena, Coach throwing fake authority around after Shane makes his role pointless as the McMahon’s bitch heel and the Make-A-Wish (for a better RAW) child makes a fatal four way for the belt at the PPV. There’s nothing left of originality with Cena, he’s putting me in a coma if he’s going back to this style of promo. It seemed the best promo work we could ask for is when he’s feuding with Michaels.

There was little doubt that Shane McMahon was just going to have a DQ finish so everyone associated with McMahon could come down and beat down Lashley. I’m always amazed that the top faces of the company have zero friends to save them from the four heels. It’s strange to see another brand’s world championship being the main event on RAW, but McMahon wants to push Lashley and try to get people to watch ECW but the ratings prove the numbers aren’t carrying over. You’re not seeing 3-4 point ratings on Tuesday nights for the WWE.

I don’t want to see Lashley fail, but without a ally or someone to talk for him, I don’t feel the WWE is doing him any favors. I am also already very tired of seeing a feud with Umaga and Lashley and I think ending RAW every week with this combo will really hurt the show. Lashley has the ability to take off with the fans but he’s lacking the ability to be very charismatic with the crowd to be in any position to carry RAW as “the superstar” of ECW.

What I am excited about is the new Horsemen/Flair DVD coming out: it’s when promos were an art form and Flair was taking everyone to school. Now he’s stuck with a disappointed Carlito, and Flair is given no time to shine and carry one of those amazing promos that make him one of the kings in wrestling. Flair excites people just by walking out than most of the WWE talent can right now.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at