A Moment's All I Ask – 4.12.07

Latin week on American Idol—which really means contemporary Latin music known to Americans as Gloria Estefan and Mr. J-Lo songs—at least meant more upbeat songs, another night of karaoke and hotel bar music without the alcohol to make the competition easier. They should let the contestants take a drink (that are legal) so they can loosen up a little bit and “feel” the songs.

Jennifer Lopez was the life coach this week and I was amused by her. She’s way more entertaining and in touch with reality than Gwen Stefani was, that’s for sure. Too bad Gloria Estefan wasn’t booked on the show instead.

Melinda Doolittle opened the show with “Sway”, and vocally as usual, she’s the queen. I don’t know how define her sex appeal yet at all. Melinda, get a stylist, honey. That’s what they are for. Not her best performance, and not what I’d expect from Melinda, but in most eyes, she can’t do any wrong. Plus, she was able to size up Simon’s criticism appropriately without looking LaKisha. She does indeed need a “I’m the winner!” performance next week, though, without any doubt.

The other queen, The Divine L, performed Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” showing her distracting cleavage. LaKisha took a chance as far as I’m concerned because it’s a workout to run around the stage performing this upbeat song. It was nice seeing her out of the diva-song comfort zone, though, though this isn’t her style so it’s hard to say that I could expect her to do it better. She’s not enjoying herself out of her comfort zone, however, and since a good performer can sell themselves and the song, she is unable to personify having fun right now.

Props to Chris for his dress style and picking a song from the last three years with “Smooth”, originally performed by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas. Chris is trying for the Ace Young school of performing, trying to work his eyes to the camera. However, he can bore me so quickly, his good looks can’t save him there.

Hopefully Gloria will get a spike in sales or a invitation to be on Idol‘s finale, but Haley performed “Turn the Beat Around”, a hard song not to enjoy with the upbeat tempo and energy. Haley pulled out the Katharine McPhee Factor again and showed us why she’s the sex kitten of Idol. The difference? Simon had no shame in calling her out on it, which she didn’t even deny. She’s not the best singer, but she’s the best looking girl left on the show right now. The performance was fun, but she makes goofy faces, in a “I can’t believe I’m having to tease you to stay on this show” way. Would she act the same way if she was hired for Broadway? I doubt it. At least she’s fun and easy on the eyes; anything to make us forget the bad choices she’s made, like covering Faith Hill.

More Santana from Phil with the spooky eyes. What will people remember from this performance? Carlos Santana was not there and Phil broke some mirrors by cracking at the end. If anyone should go home, it’s Phil.

More of the Gloria Estefan Greatest Hits hour ensued with the cutie Jordin Sparks looking like the most stylish Idol and selling her cuteness factor. At least she’s contemporary and having fun, and it shows.

Blake is Blake, a good performance and has natural energy about him, I just hope he won’t be too cocky as the competition continues.

It pains me to say that Sanjaya wasn’t as bad as he could have been this week. I was expecting him to do a J-Lo tribute but he was able to give a somewhat controlled performance. His smile still creeps me out and his voice is very limited.

Let’s hope next week is better.

Results Wednesday Update:

Jennifer Lopez looked great with all the pyro; can’t quite figure out what the point was with the street looking dancers, but all well. I do think she gave the most down-to-earth performance of all the celebs so far this season. I’m really going to miss Haley; Phil missed the note, Haley did not.

YouTube Video of the Week:

A past Haley performance that was fun (and flirty). I’m going to miss my eye candy.

Thank you for reading; make your moment your breakthrough.

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