More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Akon's Anthem

I’ve been working on this theory for a while now. Y’see, while I don’t listen to the radio, there are times at work when the guys in the back have it on and I happen to hear a song or two. It’s times like this when I discover things like Patrick Swayze having been covered.

But it’s also times like this when I get a peek at what’s being broadcast over the airwaves, and occasionally my mind starts working and going places that others might not.

So after hearing Akon’s “Don’t Matter” for the umpteenth time I’m positive that this song should be the anthem for a hot-button topic that threatens to tear this country apart.

That’s right, I’m talking about gay marriage!

Seriously don’t the lyrics “nobody want to see us together” and “fight for our right to love” just scream gay marriage? To my ears this song should have been adopted by gay marriage advocates like yesterday!

(And sure, Akon does refer to a “girl” in the song, but don’t forget that Tevin Campbell also sang to girls and so did George Michael.)

And since next year is an election year I think that those gay marriage advocates need to get on the ball. Can’t you imagine Rufus Wainwright and Elton John performing a duet of “Don’t Matter” followed by the slogan “vote yes on 103.” And maybe if Oscar® winner Melissa Etheridge isn’t too busy she could cover it for the lesbian contingency with either Tegan or Sara.

Maybe one day, years from now, “Don’t Matter” can be the official gay wedding march (I know, it’d technically make more sense as a “civil union” march, but I’m decidedly against a separate status just for sexual preference).

So remember every time you hear “Don’t Matter”, think “gay marriage”. And don’t forget to vote “yes” on 103.

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