D2 Review: Dancing With The Stars: Aint No Sunshine When Shes Gone

This season of Dancing with the Stars is turning into a boys club. After ousting Paulina and Shandi the first 2 weeks, the 3rd week handed Leeza Gibbons her walking uh dancing papers. And just like that, three women out.

Now, I don’t know about you, but like most of these reality shows, the person voted off usually isn’t the worst person on the show. While Leeza clearly struggled with her moves, form and coordination, she certainly is better than Clyde Drexler. And is it just me or is Billy Ray Cyrus counting out loud when he dances? Take note next time but I swears he sho’ nuff is! I was actually surprised to find that Leeza wasn’t the world’s best dancer. I thought, damn, with all that poise, class and hip-mom attitude, she’d be cabbage patchin’ all over the place. Uh no. The former Entertainment Tonight hostess should stick to her spokesmodeling and just read the teleprompter. I mean, they all can’t be multi-talented in their field. We just kind of assume that since Whitney Houston can sing her butt off, and she can’t dance her way out of a crack pipe. And we can’t assume that dancing is one of Leeza’s many talents.

It’s actually a pretty surprising season. Who knew that Leila Ali could dance? And Ian Ziering was on Broadway? And that I’m finding myself attracted to Apolo Anton Ohno? We all knew that Joey Fatone could move. Check out his boy band dance moves in “Bye Bye Bye”. I’ve not seen puppetry mastered like that since “The Sound of Music”. And you know Justin hooked him up with a few poppin’ & lockin’ moves. He’s gonna win it all. Mark my words. Or don’t. I thought it could be Joey and Leila in the finals and Leila had a bad week this week. She’s still strong, but took a hit. Ha! I did NOT just make that reference.

Each week, the fab four (Joey, Leila, Ian and Apolo) seem to mix it up. The only real front runner at this point is Joey. He’s still got a huge N’Sync fanbase and his personality definitely shows through. Same with Apolo. It’s gonna be tough, but as last year proved, this is more of a Miss Congeniality contest than it is a dancing show. Even though last year Mario had a personality, Emmitt pulled ahead with his drive, subsequent improvement and charisma. Look out for the dark horse, Apolo Anton Ohno to pull ahead of the pack in coming weeks. Unless his big thighs get in the way. And look for Joey Fat One to keep dropping the weight. I say by the end of the season he’s down to 280 and next week we’ll say goodbye to Clyde.

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