The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week – 4.13.07


While Al Gore and his new global awareness movement, Save Our Selves, have organized the Live Earth intercontinental music event on July 7 to help bring attention to the global warming issue, it has been calculated that all of the air travel needed to transport the participating musicians—including The Police, Genesis, Duran Duran, Madonna and Red Hot Chili Peppers—around the world will create up to $3 million in air pollution.

It turns out that the carbon offsetting that will be needed to help cancel out the airplane emissions waste—services like planting trees and methane combustion—is estimated at around $3 million, in supplies and labor. That’s not including any pollution causing by people driving to the venues, smoking cigarettes, using hairspray or farting.

While banning farting would be a bit extreme, the easiest and most obvious method by which the airplane emissions could be reduced would be by dropping useless musicians like Fall Out Boy and James Blunt from the bill. For every James Blunt staying at home, that’s 900 trees that don’t need to be planted. I think we can all agree that James Blunt should never leave the house again (or produce more music in said house).