MTV Mix – Volume 36

We are back to having a STACKED lineup! We get the debut of three new shows this week. Actually, two shows are not new. They are just returning for another season. That would be Punk’d and Run’s House. In addition, the new Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3 is back. So that means that MTV has both The Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge airing at the same time. That HAS to be a first! You won’t want to miss this week of MTV action!

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge “Random Blogs of the Week”

Adam Larson (April 4, 2007)

Crying Over Spilt Milk

The missions themselves have also gotten so much harder, and whereas before it seemed that at least if everyone participated you had a great chance of winning, it’s now becoming common for us speeding through the desert at over 100mph and getting to jump off ramps like Bo & Luke in the Dukes of Hazard, when you are only focusing on doing whatever it takes to win.

This week we found ourselves in the middle of the Mojave Desert with an hour left to drive when the sun was going down over the mountains. We were enjoying ourselves around the fire and dealing with all the dust and sand that had made it into the RV when out in the distance we see all these lights driving towards us. Not what I was expecting considering I hadn’t seen anyone other than the cast for the last couple of hours. Get this, it is pitch black and this desert gang starts revving their motors and then kicking up all this dirt and dust while circling our campfire and RV all Mad Max style. To be honest, we were a little scared that this was some type of desert band of outlaws, coming to rob the RV and pillage our women. Turns out, we had nothing to be worried about: it was just the Desert Assasins, our trainers for our mission the next day. Way to make a first impression! The girls went back in the RV and the guys spent the rest of the night throwing back beers. We caught up with David, played “truth or dare”, and, oh yeah, David chugged a bunch of hair that I pulled out of my taint, GROSS.

During the day we got to drive the dune buggy, a quick test loop in the desert. After lunch, Cameron, our lead trainer and desert racer, let us have it. Pairing up we had to do a 6 mile course while making 2 pit stops in under 15 minutes. Well bad got worse when Cameron’s wife Heidi made this mission nearly impossible by giving us a pitcher of milk and a cake to get to Cam with at least one piece in tact and a cup of milk to wash it all down with.
Cameron warned us that our rotation order would affect the 2nd element of our mission so we tried to make sure that we didn’t use up our drivers who are most comfortable driving stick. I love driving and felt that maybe if I was to go last I might be able to make up some time by driving harder and crazier than others might think comfortable. With Kina coming around the corner I realized that was going to be the case because we were way behind, way behind. David stalled a few times, having never driven stick before, and more importantly, even with the quickest transitions, the time imposed upon us was just too difficult. Coming across the finish line, Tori and I were going over 100 mph with cake all over the place and what Tori thought was an empty pitcher of milk.

Turns out we had plenty of milk left and the cake wasn’t all that bad. We had all done our best and had a great time. Cameron said if one of us took the cake in the face they might give us a second chance. I volunteered but Tori was still upset with David over the outburst he had when he got back on the RV, so I wasn’t going to get in her way of revenge. I did, however, get Cameron with a piece of cake-in-the-face that was leftover, my own special happy birthday to him. It was all in good fun and before long we were in the back of an ambulance getting “checked out” before we tried jumping off ramps they used in Dukes of Hazard. We all jumped about the same, mid 60’s with David jumping 68ft probably cause he could actually get some traction in the sand. It really sucked because I knew that my jump wasn’t far enough and instead of being excited about being able to do something so cool I felt like I let the entire team down. Well, we’ve won 7 out of 10, not bad but definitely not great. It’s time to get it together and start making Lamonte’s money so come on people start blogging away and give us the support we need.

Kina Dean (April 4, 2007)

My Blog…

Hi guys…

It is so hard to believe that this is our 10th mission. Where has the
time gone? I feel so lucky to be apart of this whole experience and I
cannot imagine walking away from it all. I just want to thank all of
you for your encouragement, it really makes a difference, to all of us,
so thank you….

On to the drama….
Tori has been getting so much crap and I am tired of it. I am sick of
the pit crew versus road ruler mentality. It’s so funny to me because I
read all of the pit crew blogs and they do nothing but trash us on the
RV, it cracks me up because it seems like they are all so distraught
about our voting when they are so quick to display their own allegiance
to those in the pit crew. It really confuses me. This is a game and
someone has to go in so I am not sure exactly what they want us to say
or what they want us to do. (if anyone has advice, do tell because I
thought this was about the experience and I thought it was about the
handsome reward?) I am sick to death of reading about “making Lamonte’s
money… I’m sorry but I have been making money for a group of people
that have worked their asses off, and excuse me if I say that Lamonte
has been absolutely non existent in that role. Here my question pit
crew, it’s week 10, you’re talking a whole lot of crap and I can’t help
but feel like I shouldn’t trust you. Is that wrong, because given what
you have said in your own blogs it would seem like a rookie mistake to
assume your loyalty to me or to this game neither of which you know very
well. Week after week I read bull blogs from the same old pit
crew-ers and I have kept quiet, but I have had enough of the
disrespectful blogging. I understand the role of some of the pit crew
and I will not take anything away from that, however, I am not making
anyone’s money and the fact that one would disrespect this situation,
the game or my role in this game, simply infuriates me. I get so
annoyed with the ‘oh my god they are bad people comments’ because the
truth of the matter is, is that just if the tables were turned and if
there were more pit crew members on the RV than road rulers, we would be
experiencing the same type of mentality so proving oneself doesn’t seem
so weird…

Anyway, onto the mission… Once again, losing is never, ever, fun.
This was the hardest loss for all of us because we wanted it so badly.
The Desert Assassins were so much fun and they were really hoping that
we would pull thought. I am sorry that the odds were stacked against us
and we simply couldn’t jump, or race, fast enough. I am sorry Derrick
had to go into the pit. I guess I just hope that the rest of the world
can understand the situation in the way that Derrick has. I appreciate
him and his role in this game. I hope that the pit crew will take a
lesson from him because so far, aside from Dan and Tori, the pit crew
has left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe next week won’t be so dramatic
and perhaps for once people will own up to the reality of the
situation… until then, thank you all again.. I know that you all have
your different opinions and I appreciate it, but remember things aren’t’
always what they seem…

Thanks again.


David Leech (April 4, 2007)

Yo Shane!

First off, I want to give a shout out to Shane. I want him to know that he is a great competitor, but fumble is just my game. I don’t even want to talk about the Tori fight. I think that is far from being resolved. Things haven’t been the same between us since. We both said some hurtful stuff, and I really don’t know if things will ever be the same. I do appreciate Tori for being honest, she didn’t hold back, and that’s what I wanted to see. I got to drive us to the mission. Staying the night in the middle of nowhere was awesome. It was nice to get away from everything, and just be with my cast. We had the fire going, and we just got to relax. The mission speaks for itself. Yeah we lost, but who cares. That mission was amazing. I mean we got to drive dune buggies through the desert. Up until this week I had never touched a stick or clutch in my life. So I was very proud of myself that I learned it well enough to jump the ramp. I think everyone had a lot of fun with the mission. I know Adam did. On the first part of this mission, him and Tori were going over 100mph just so ya know. I thought Cameron and all the Desert Assassins were bad ass. They were the coolest bunch of guys I have ever met in my entire life. They treated us with respect, and they joked around with us. They made us feel welcome to say the least. I wouldn’t be surprised if they recruit Adam, they loved his ass. As much as I wanna write about the mission, I keep finding myself thinking about the Tori situation. I feel I may have lost a friend forever. From the moment I got on the RV I started thinking about how to play the game. Playing the game 24/7 will eat you alive. So maybe I did over react when I was voted in last week. I was just hurt that Tori voted for me. But at the same time everyone voted for me, it wasn’t like it was Tori’s idea. I trusted Tori and I still do. When I got to know Tori I thought of her as being my friend long after this show. Our personalities don’t mesh well with people over. I don’t hate Tori, I love Tori, and I hope we can salvage our relationship after this is all over. I had a lot of built up stuff with her, and it just had to come out. But it should have been with me and her one on one. For that I admit I was wrong. We are getting closer to the end. So I gotta keep my guard up a little bit. But regardless of how many more times I go into the pit, I am confident I will win and come back. This experience so far has been down right amazing. I always try to stay humble, and remember where I came from. I was working overnights at a gas station, and going to a community college. I will never take this for granted, no matter how long I last. I got to put my normal life on hold for awhile. I went from sleeping all day, to jumping into ice water, and driving race cars. I hope all you viewers are enjoying the show, because I’m having fun making it. As the weeks wind down to the handsome reward, I just hope I stay mentally tough enough to last. I want Tori to know that I am sorry for the name calling, and if there is still a friendship left I would like to work on a stronger one. I want to wish Derek good luck in the pit. I hope he comes back, not only because he is one of the most loyal guys I have ever met, but because I don’t want to go against that dude lol. I want him to stay right where he is at. The pit crew is very strong right now. The guys and girls are strong as hell. So I feel the next pit stop may be a little bit harder than the previous ones. Derek has a switch that he can turn on and off. When competition is around he is a freak. It’s going to be hard to beat that man in the pit, so good luck to the pit crew guys. I am looking forward to this week. It’s a brand new week, and more things to come. I can assure you that. So I want everyone to keep watching, and keep blogging! Until next week! CCCCCC YYYYAAAAAA

– David L.



Run’s House

Last season, Run and Justine were having another baby to finish us off. That is #6 for Run. It’s a girl too. They were going to call her Victoria Anne Simmons. Before that birth, Jojo, Russy, and Diggy were acting just as crazy as they usually are. A funny segment happens right after that. Justine wants Run to take her to Hooters. Run says that his priestly collar will catch on fire if he goes into that place. Justine wants their hot wings. She tells Run that he can get some seafood. Run says that “people don’t go in there to ‘see food’!” HA! That was a good one.

Unfortunately that will be the only thing to laugh at during this episode. The next morning Justine’s water broke unexpectedly. She was rushed the hospital and had the baby early. Victoria died at birth. Justine tells the kids and they don’t take it that well, but they remain strong. Mainly because of Run. Run thinks Victoria was sent here to teach them a lesson. She was taken away to teach a lesson. Run thinks that there will be good that comes from this. Basically, this is going to make them a stronger family. Run thanks God for the kids that he does have.

Two days later, everyone is still trying to cope with the loss. Run is still at the hospital with Justine, so Vanessa and Jojo are in charge of the house. Run tells Diggy and Russy to stay positive and be strong at school. If someone asks them about what happened, they are to say “thanks for your sympathy and we’re going to be okay”. Run wants everyone to get moving forward in a positive light. Vanessa and Angela both said that this taught them to appreciate life more. Little fights about nothing don’t mean a whole lot now.

Justine finally comes house. Run leads the family in prayer. Okay, there was another moment to laugh at. Run had a dream about dancing pancakes with cowboy boots on. Yeah, I can see that. Justine and Run later discuss adopting another child.

Now it’s time for Run to get in the tub and tells us the lesson from tonight’s episode. “How do you rebound from an extraordinary loss? Take stock of your loved ones around you. Hug them, love them, and cherish them. When you appreciate the joy in life it makes the sorrows that much easier to swallow. Every day is a new day. Hope floats, so let it ride!”

At the beginning of this episode, it said that the Simmons family chose to let viewers see this episode with their loss in hopes that they could inspire other families to stick together in times of tragedy like this one. I think they succeeded. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Run and his family. They are extremely classy. We can all learn something from this family.

Taquita & Kaui

We open up to Kaui and Taquita seeing the Stardust get blown up into a million pieces. That was their first job, but not anymore. The same night they hear police sirens outside of the hotel. They go ask soem crazy lady, who is standing outside, about what happened. She just bought some chicken fingers because she just got some extra money in her account from Afflack. I can’t make this stuff up. Apparently, she saw bullets being shot from someone’s gun.

Anyways, back to reality. T&K’s next job is at the Legends of Las Vegas show. They have to impersonate someone. Taquita tries to be Tina Turner, while Kaui tries to be Mariah Carey. They get some good news. They have a long-term job prospect and a short-term prospect. The people in charge of this show want Kaui to be Gwen Stefani and Taquita to be Beyonce. But it takes time to develop that, so in the mean time they need people to fill in spots for their Marilyn Monroe skit. They are somewhat disappointed since they wanted to be Tina and Mariah, but a job is a job.

They have to go wash their clothes next, but they are scared of the laundry room at the hotel. Rita, the manager of the hotel, tells them that it won’t bite. So they suck it up and go wash their freakin’ clothes! They then go practice their performance at the new job and then meet up with the crazy lady at the hotel again. Rita comes out to yell at her to go back to her room. Later that night, sirens keep blaring outside of their room every 5 minutes and it literally drives the girls crazy. They go outside to yell in the streets.

They survive the night, though, and Kaui shakes her butt in the hotel room to practice. I like that a lot myself! In the end, they do a good job at their performance with Marilyn. This show is decent enough so far.



Punk’d is back for one last season. Seriously, Ashton says this is the final, final season and we have to believe him right? If you don’t know about this show, then you don’t know anything about pop culture. Ashton Kutchner from That 70’s Show and Dude Where’s My Car and “Mr. Demi Moore” plays a bunch of pranks on his celebrity friends. There are hidden cameras and each celeb gets caught in an “awkward” situation. We see how they react until Ashton or the cameras come out to tell those celebs that they “got punk’d!”

First up was Bucky Lassik. I think he’s a famous skateboarder or BMX rider. One of those X-Game guys. Maybe snowboarder. I don’t remember, but the point is that Tom Cruise is going to pay his wife to have sex with him. It actually is a guy that looks like Tom Cruise and Bucky’s wife is in on the joke. Not that funny and not the best prank. Fun to see the Tom Cruise look-alike, though, and Bucky’s reaction to him.

Next, Nelly Furtado is giving an interview to someone and the police storm the place. There is a bomb in the building. It happens to be in her purse. This was funny. They take her actual purse and blow it up. Actually they just cover it in dust, but her reaction is great. Her blackberry was in there for goodness sake!

Finally, Hayden a.k.a. “The Cheerleader” from Heroes is having lunch with her mom. She is only 17, but she is still cute. A “dad” and his “son” come in and want to take a picture and get an autograph with her. That’s all fine and dandy until the wife comes and yells at Hayden later for talking to her husband. She accuses her of flirting with her husband. Hayden reminds her that she is only 17, but the wife doesn’t want to listen. Yep, she has been punked!

The best “punk’d” of this episode was Nelly Furtado, followed by Hayden, and Bucky. I will keep track of the best of the entire season and give you the final breakdown at the end of the show. So stay tuned…

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3

It’s time for another challenge! This one is down in South Africa. It’s the third time for “The Inferno”. It’s like “The Pit”, but more hellish. TJ Lavin is still your host for this challenge. There are two teams. We have The Bad Asses vs. The Good Guys. Here is the breakdown:

The Bad Asses

– Abram (Road Rules: South Pacific)
– Evelyn (The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat)
– Aneesa (The Real World: Chicago)
– Tyrie (The Real World: Denver)
– Janelle (The Real World: Key West)
– Kenny (The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat)
– Jenn (The Real World: Denver)
– CT (The Real World: Paris)
– Tonya (The Real World: Chicago)
– Danny (The Real World: Austin)

The Good Guys

– Ace (The Real World: Paris)
– Rachel (The Real World: Austin)
– John (The Real World: Key West)
– Susie (Road Rules: Down Under)
– Davis (The Real World: Denver)
– Colie (The Real World: Denver)
– Timmy (Road Rules: USA Tour 2)
– Paula (The Real World: Key West)
– Alton (The Real World: Las Vegas)
– Cara (Road Rules: South Pacific)

Here are the rules to this challenge. Each challenge this season is in one of two categories. There are team and individual challenges. There will be some “Infernos” every other challenge. They will alternate between guys and girls. Each team chooses a player from the opposite team to go into “The Inferno”. The following day, though, the people that were picked to go to “The Inferno” can save themselves by winning the “individual challenge”. They get a life shield if they win. That means they are safe, but then that person has to pick someone from their own team to take their place. “The Inferno” is, of course, an extreme challenge. There are 15 challenges all together and each one is worth $10,000. The final challenge is worth $150,000. So all together they can win up to $400,000.

Timmy thinks he is the chaperone for this challenge. Yeah, everyone is pretty new. In fact, 11 of the 20 people here come from the last three seasons of The Real World and/or Fresh Meat Challenge. Bunch of rookies here and some crafty veterans. Alton, the robot, is here. Tonya is now married. CT seems to be calm. That won’t last long. Danny is tired of everyone being “fake”. Timmy wants to kick everyone’s ass.

Time for Kenny and CT to wrestle around. CT chokes out Kenny. Kenny elbows CT in the nose. It’s bloody and here we go! CT has a broken ego now. Remember they are teammates. Oh, and the reason why you don’t see CT in the team photo above. He’s not there long enough to take it. Why? He says he is going to get dirty and apparently he punched Davis. Yeah, Davis from this season of The Real World. He has a black eye now. CT doesn’t think he hit him, but Davis said that he asked him if he could take a punch. Davis said yeah, and CT hit him. The executive producers step in and send CT home. CT thinks it has something to do with Davis being gay. No, CT is just dumb and crazy. Being gay had nothing to do with it, despite what they try and say. CT is gone, though, because he punched Davis!

MTV needs to pick a replacement for CT. He is a “bad ass” and people think it might be Wes or Evan or Derrick. If you guessed Derrick, you would be correct. Derrick from Road Rules: Extreme is here to replace CT! I think that is a worthy replacement for CT.

Time for the first challenge! It’s called “Unbraided”. This is a like a spider web. Everyone is hoisted into the air. They have to unravel these ropes. If someone falls into the water before the ropes are undone, then the whole team gets a DQ. That’s what happens to “The Good Guys” thanks to Colie and Davis. “The Bad Asses” fair much better. They unravel themselves and accomplish this challenge. They win $10,000!

Time for deliberation! It’s the guy’s turn. “The Good Guys” think that Abram is the “leader” of “The Bad Asses”, so they want to cut the head off of the snake. “The Bad Asses” think the same of Alton. But then they think about Davis. He is the weakest right now. The final decision is Abram and Davis.

It’s time for the first “individual challenge”. It’s called “Ladder Race”. Davis and Abram can save themselves if they outperform everyone else. They have to climb ladders by moving the same ladder up different levels of a house. They can’t fall or drop their ladder. There is a 15 minute time limit. Team with the fastest time wins money for their team. Fastest girl and guy will win a TV. Fastest guy will also win a life shield. A little twist is that if someone, other than Abram and Davis, wins the life shield they can put themselves into “The Inferno” over Abram or Davis.

Danny has sounded cocky during this whole episode. He says that he makes a living climbing ladders. Danny and Timmy go first. Timmy falls off his ladder and gets a DQ. Aneesa vs. Cara is next. They both go slow and Cara seems to quit at the end. Aneesa tries harder, but it doesn’t work. Cara is retarded and throws her ladder down to get a DQ, which just adds more time to her team’s total. John is faster than Kenny. Susie and Tonya move along and Tonya beats her. Davis is up against Tyrie. Tyrie’s big butt drops the ladder. Davis finishes the challenge, though. Janelle vs. Paula now. Janelle easily beats her, but Paula finishes. Ace has had nothing but disqualifications his entire “Challenge” career. Nothing changes here as he goes too fast and gets another DQ! HAHAHA! Jenn vs. Colie now. Hmm..they both get stuck and the time limit expires. Alton vs. Abram now. Abram talks too much. But he does beat Alton in the end. Evelyn vs. Rachel now. Oh, she calls Evelyn a “man”. Go talk to Angel about that Rachel! She does have a low voice, though. Evelyn beats Rachel easily.

Time for the results. “The Bad Asses” win again with a time of 77:08 to 106:33 for “The Good Guys”. The best guy on “The Bad Asses” is Abram and the best girl is Evelyn. Abram and Alton win the life shield! Abram must chose a teammate to take his place.

Time for “The Inferno” for the first time! It’s Davis vs. whoever Abram choses. Actually, Alton decides to step up and take the place of Davis to surprise everyone! Abram picks Tyrie to take his place. That doesn’t shock Tyrie. And we are done for this episode. Will Tyrie “SHOCK THE WORLD” and beat Alton or will Alton’s choice prove to be FATAL?!


The Real World: Denver

This episode was so nutty, I don’t know where to begin. Lets start with Brooke and Davis rolling around in bed with each other. I think Brooke is actually naked! Yep, she must be as Davis “pretends” to have sex with her. He doesn’t want to have sex with her, he just likes flirting with her to see her reaction. Stephen’s and Tyrie’s reaction to this was golden, though.

We go from that to drunk Jenn and drunk Davis talking. First off, neither one knows what they are talking about. Jenn says she and Colie are friends. I guess they made up over the Alex thing? Davis says that Stephen and Alex are friends. Okay, that’s somewhat true, but didn’t Tyrie used to be friends with them in “The Frat”. Now I guess not. Davis just wants to have a friend in the house. That’s supposed to be Brooke. But Davis goes off on a tangent about how Colie is not that pretty and neither is Brooke. Then he tells Jenn that she is fat. Jenn did ask, didn’t she? Jenn should know that he was drunk. Remember Jenn, when you are drunk you are not responsible for your actions.

Jenn goes and tells Brooke what Davis said. Brooke and Jenn tell Colie and now it’s a 3-on-1 attack on Davis. Jenn tries to get Davis to tell Brooke and Colie what he said about them, but he won’t. Brooke’s parents later come into town and they worry about Brooke. They are the psychologists, if you remember. Brooke telling them about her problems with Davis doesn’t help them to not worry about her.

Meanwhile, Tyrie has issues with Jazalle again. She says she misses him. She really doesn’t listen, though! Tyrie says that Jazalle started everything that caused him to go to detox. He is not blaming her, but she really doesn’t listen! I’m getting mad at her myself. She tries to turn things around on Tyrie. He finally tells her that they need to chill out and that seems to be the end of them. Tyrie then says that “Darc Kent” has been unleashed again and his “player card” is back out.

Later, Davis is still drunk and Brooke wants him to tell her what he said. He tells her that he likes her, but she is not the most beautiful girl in the world. Apparently, Brooke thought that Davis was in love with her and now she is sad and hurt. That was like lighting a bomb and watching it blow up. Brooke goes home and GOES CRAZY!!! She’s screaming “WHY?!?!” and then she goes and breaks stuff! Mainly all of Davis’ stuff. She writes him a giant letter. He says “Davis you are the nastiest person I have ever met. I will never trust you again. Burn in hell! Love Brooke.” WOW! Colie comes home to find Brooke laying in the floor.

Davis and Alex chat about Brooke. They both agree that Brooke is extremely immature. So true. Davis wants to talk about this with Brooke. Davis then tells her that the things he said were just stupid and just meant to make her mad. Of course, she goes psycho instead and Davis should know that by now. Brooke didn’t know if she could trust Davis or not. That’s why she went off like she did. But once again, they solve their issues and everything is fine again!

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge

We start off by looking at “The Pit” competition again. It is Derek, who sent himself into “The Pit” vs. Dan. They will be competing in “Grip Breaker”. They are attached at the wrists and have to break the other person’s grip on this rope that they have a hand on. It’s a big wrestling match over the rope. They don’t show us who won until the RV actually picks him up. David wants Dan. Everyone else wants Derek. And it’s Derek! A surprise to me, but he was bigger.

Derek is on the RV again and apparently Tori likes Derek! More than she ever would like Dan! She even kisses him! My god, she has lost her mind. The next mission takes them to a skate park. It’s time to get EXTREME!

Time for the next mission. I will call this mission “EXTREME”! They have to “go big or go home”! They get some help from TJ Lavin and some other guy named Richie Velasquez. Basically they have inline skate and ride a bike through some EXTREME courses. I can see the pain coming! HOLY CRAP! Derek just did a full flip on inline skates and didn’t fall! WOW! They have to hit 6 stunts, 3 on the bike and 3 on the skates. They have to score enough points to win this mission by hitting each stunt.

Tori goes first. She is skating and she has to get a sticker above this line on a ramp. She has no real problems with that. They get 20 points. David is on the bike. He has to do a long jump over the line for 20 points. David has a cape on, but that doesn’t help his private areas as he lands hard on the bike and it gets jammed up into his private parts. That HAD to hurt! Susie is up next on the skates. They need 81 more points to win. David got none. Susie has to “drop in” on this ramp for 30 points. She doesn’t accomplish it, though. Kina is on the bike now. She has to clear a bar in the high jump. The landing was UGLY, but she cleared it for 30 points. Adam is on the bike. He has to do a back flip for 50 points. He does just that and they have 100 points in total. Derek has to do his trick for them to win. It’s a front flip on skates. He did it in training, but that probably means he won’t get it when it counts. And he doesn’t do it. So they are one point short, but TJ gives them one more chance to win. Adam has to do another back flip on the bike, but this time he has to land on the real ramp and not just foam. He couldn’t do it, though. They fail this mission!

Time to vote some people into “The Pit”! Cue the evil music. Since they lost, they have to send in one guy and one girl into “The Pit”. This one is up in the air and going to be a shouting match. David is hurt. Derek says he has been in 2 out of 3 weeks already. Adam says he doesn’t deserve to get voted in. So it’s up to the girls. There is only 4 weeks left in this show. Susie votes for herself to go into “The Pit”, since she didn’t get any points. Susie says she needs a strong player to go into “The Pit” with her. David is hurt, so they select Derek to join Susie in “The Pit”! They will be a team against another team from “The Pit Crew”.


Pimp My Ride

Our first “pimpage” of the season is a girl named Tenita. She has a 1965 Ford Thunderbird. She got it from her dad as a graduation present. Thanks dad! The car is extremely dirty. Her rims are red. She says when kids see them they say “Hey Kool-Aid!” She has to break into her trunk with a crowbar to get in it. There is also spare parts laying around in the truck. The heat doesn’t work, the windows don’t work, neither does the radio. Tenita wants to be a photographer. She has no job, because of her car always breaking down.

Xzibit said the original name of the car was going to be “The Beaver”, but that didn’t work out. This car was also supposed to be the competition to the Corvette. X tries out the manual wipers on the windshield. Xzibit gives us the first “Churrrch” of the season. It came out of nowhere, though. Oh yeah, to start the car she has to get out these wires and jump the battery. She almost got shocked. The steerling wheel also moves. Like it literally slides over so you can start the car! WOW!

Time for GAS to do their thing! Mad Mike is going to put in some special speakers call MTX that rotate 360 degrees. He also is going to install her trunk with flashbulbs that go off when she opens it. Luis is going to paint the car mint green and pearl white with diamond designs. The hood is also going to open up sideways. They are going to put some racing tires on the car that burns colored smoke when she burns rubber. Crocodile leather will be inside the car as well.

That paint job doesn’t look too hot. The GAS crew installs some special wiring that allows Tenita to snap her fingers to roll her windows up and down automatically. The best part of this car is definitely the entire trunk. The spinning speakers and the flashbulbs going off are a nice touch. The red smoke from the tires is also nice, though.

Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz

This week featured Taran Killam, Affion Crockett, Eliza Coupe, Mikey Day, Leonard Robinson, and Nick Cannon, of course. Special guest stars were Sliff Star and Ice-T. I guess that will be the usual lineup with rotating guest stars. Don’t think they can live up to Katt Williams, though. we will see.

The first skit was called “Old People’ing”. Gang members do a drive-by, but instead of using guns they throw old people at their enemies. I can’t make this stuff up. There are no more bullets left, so old people is the next best thing. This was mildly amusing. Oh, an O.C. spoof! Wait, it’s the “Ice T-Vo”. Ice T tells you what happens on your favorite shows. Now THAT was funny!

The next set of skits were hit or miss as well. First you have “Working with White People”. That sounds good on paper, but not in execution. Mikey Day is in a NeXt spoof. That’s a lot funnier, since they actually act like that on that show. Just a little younger, since this featured all older women over 40. It does get old at the end, though. The “Suge Knight Light” was pretty funny as well. Affion Crockett as Lionel Richie wasn’t the funniest impersonation from him. Finally, we end things with a “George Bush” spoof rap called “You Don’t Want It From The President”. That was pretty funny.

I would say this episode was not as funny as the first episode last week. Probably the best segment was the “Ice T-vo” or the George Bush rap. I think I will lean towards Ice-T and the “Ice T-vo”. That was about it, though.

Adventures in Hollyhood

It looks like Three 6 Mafia is in trouble. Some neighbors saw Big Triece peeing on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s house. They get kicked out of that neighborhood. They find a new place to live in Los Angeles, though. Triece and Computer don’t get along. They keep playing pranks on each other until DJ Paul and Juicy J step in and settle things.

They had to fly in this guy named “Lil Wyte”. He is a white rapper from Memphis. Computer and Triece decide to make his a life a living hell. Lil Wyte is supposed to be in a “showcase” with Three 6 Mafia for Warner Brother records. Lil Wyte sounds rough when he is throwing out his rhymes, but it doesn’t sound too bad in the studio.

Later, Computer and Triece want to be rappers as well. They come up with an absurd rap, but it was funny. The problem with all of these raps is that they all sound like Three 6 Mafia songs. I know those are their beats, but it sounds like every other song they put out.

At the showcase, Triece and Computer decide to try out their rap “What You Staring Out” in front of everyone. That bombs for sure. But Lil Wyte does pretty good on the stage. The executive at Warner Brothers liked what he saw from Lil Wyte. Now they will discuss with the “big bosses”. We finish off with some more bad rhyme writing from Computer and Triece.

And that ends the 36th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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