The SmackDown Report

Tonight: London and Kendrick defend the Tag Team Titles against Deuce and Domino, also Mr. Kennedy takes Finlay and Hornswoggle on in a Handicap match!

Theodore Long starts the show in the ring, and announces Batista vs. Undertaker at Backlash in a Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Finlay and Kennedy make their way out for their handicap match, but Mr. Kennedy decides to go all pathetic and apologizes to Finlay for what he did to Hornswoggle. Yeah, way to make us buy him as a legit title contender. There’s a pretty good chant going for Kennedy, and Finlay also gets a good round of cheers too actually. Aren’t these two heels? They shake hands (awww) and because they’re such being such pussies, Theodore Long books them against Batista and Taker later tonight. If Finlay was really that much of a fighter, like he says he is, he’d have broken that shillelagh over Kennedy’s head and then made him apologize.

Backstage, Jillian Hall injures Ashley Massaro, and Michelle McCool turns face by being concerned.


Opening Contest: Tag Team Championship: Deuce’n Domino w/ Cherry vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick w/ No Ashley Massaro
Again: Deuce has short black hair, Domino doesn’t. London and Deuce start; lock up and London get behind but Deuce elbows him off. London with a small package very early on for a one count. Scoop slam by Deuce, Deuce comes off the ropes with a shoulder block to London. Domino tagged in. London ducks a clothesline and catches a kick by London but London turns it into a pin but doesn’t get the three count. Kendrick tagged in; double hiptoss on Domino. Kendrick works the arm of Domino but Domino gets Kendrick in a headlock. Domino comes off the ropes into a arm drag by Kendrick, London tagged in with a stomp off the top rope to the arm of Domino. Deuce is tagged in. Lock up and Deuce forces London into the corner for a knee to the gut. London ducks a right by Deuce and gets a series of elbows in and follows with the start of a ten count punch but has to kick Deuce off the apron, and hits the referee a bit at the same time too. Kendrick gets used as a springboard by London, who almost screws it up but might’ve actually hit Domino on the outside of the ring. He sold it, anyways.


Kendrick works the arm of Deuce and Deuce sends it into the corner, but Kendrick gets the upper hand and goes for a running attack; Deuce moves out of the way and Domino attacks Kendrick. Domino tagged in, coming in with a knee drop to the face of Kendrick. Nice double arm suplex by Domino for a two count. Domino gets in a cobra clutch variation on Kendrick but Kendrick escapes and comes off the ropes into a nice elbow by Domino, getting a two count pinfall by Domino. Deuce goes for a headscissors on Kendrick at the ropes but the referee stops it. Deuce distracts the referee while Domino sends his knee into the face of Kendrick. Deuce puts Kendrick in a front facelock before tagging out to Domino, who comes in with a club to Kendrick. Domino runs into an elbow by Kendrick, and London is shortly tagged in. Nice dropkick by London. London gets the atomic drop and hurricanrana on Domino, elbow drop and London covers but Deuce breaks the pinfall. London goes up top and gets a stomp on Domino but Deuce breaks the pinfall, Kendrick attacks Deuce but Deuce throws him outside. Deuce hits London with the Smash ‘Em In the Mouth, and the bell rings?
Winners and Still Champions: Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Deuce and Domino got disqualified because they broke the rules; I think that’s the first time I’ve seen a referee be so retarded about someone being the legal man. I always thought it was just a nice request by the referees to keep order. Not a bad match but could’ve been better. Four out of Ten. I’d much rather have had Jillian Hall injure Ashley Massaro whilst at ringside, could’ve helped make this match more interesting.

Still to come: Undertaker / Batista vs. Kennedy / Finlay as well as Benoit vs. MVP


Theodore Long and Kristal Marshall are backstage flirting. Next week’s the 400th episode of SmackDown! Man, does anyone else remember that SmackDown X episode, I think it was called that. D’n’D storm in, al angry, before storming out. Nothing noteworthy here.

Second Contest: Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Chris Benoit
Lock up and MVP takes Benoit into the corner and a solid ‘Let’s Go Benoit’ chant starts up. MVP should stop waving his arm about when going for a lock up, it’s annoying. Benoit gets a hammerlock on MVP and turns it into an arm drag. Another lock up and Benoit takes MVP down and works the arm. MVP gets a headlock takedown on Benoit, Benoit sends him into the ropes and back into a drop toe hold before going for the Crossface but MVP rolls outside. MVP kicks Benoit in the gut but Benoit gets the upper hand and chops away at MVP in the corner. Benoit runs into a boot (nowhere near the face) by MVP, who covers but Benoit gets his arm on the rope. MVP goes for a suplex but Benoit counters it with a snap suplex of his own. Benoit irish whips MVP and MVP comes back into a clothesline. Backbreaker on MVP for a two count. Benoit goes for the Crossface again but MVP gets his foot on the rope. MVP gets an unusual hold on Benoit, but Benoit gets to his feet and gets a German suplex on MVP. MVP blocks a suplex back into the ring by Benoit; Benoit goes for a German off the apron but MVP holds on to the rope so Benoit drops him face first on the apron. MVP sends Benoit face first into the steel post.


We’re back and MVP is in control. Good on him. Benoit with knees to MVP but he goes for the German but MVP blocks it. Benoit comes off the ropes into a very nice belly to belly suplex by MVP. MVP whips Benoit into the corner, Benoit falls down and MVP gets two failed pinfall attempts. MVP works the shoulder of Benoit and comes off the ropes with a dropkick to the shoulder for a two count. Elbow drops by MVP, MVP goes for the pinfall but Benoit’s arm is under the rope. Benoit avoids a big boot by MVP but MVP connects with another kick to the face. Northern Light’s Suplex on MVP by Benoit for a two count. MVP picks Benoit up for a delayed suplex but Benoit reverses it and connects with the Crippler Crossface, but MVP gets his foot on the rope! Triple Germans by Benoit, of course, who goes up top but MVP greets him there – Benoit knocks MVP onto the canvas and goes for the Swandive Headbutt but MVP rolls out of the way! MVP covers for a two count, almost a three. MVP with a running big boot to Benoit in the corner, MVP covers for a two count.

MVP with a running kick to the head of Benoit. Benoit ducks a swing by MVP and hits a German, Benoit goes for another but MVP sends him throat first into the top rope. MVP sets Benoit up for a German to the outside but Benoit rolls forward – but MVP turns it into a pinfall of his own and gets the three count!
Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter

Very nice. Some dull moments but in the ring with Benoit, MVP looks like gold compared to what he usually does. Good match by SmackDown standards. Seven out of Ten.


Marshall congratulates MVP backstage, and MVP brags and says he’ll be United States Champion.

Recap of Undertaker taking out King Booker last week.

RAW Rebound: McMahon stuff.


Third Contest: Daivari vs. Kane
Oh, boy, a squash. Yippee. Daivari gets some offence but Kane gets a big boot. Offence in the corner by Kane, including a running clothesline. Sideslam by Kane. Flying Clothesline by Kane. Chokeslam finishes this.
Winner: Kane

-Five out of Ten. William Regal and Dave Taylor attack Kane from behind afterwards.

Still to come: Undertaker and Batista against Mr. Kennedy and Finlay.


Mark Henry video! Holy William H. Macy!

Batista and the Undertaker make their dramatic entrances…


Main Event: Batista and The Undertaker vs. Finlay and Mr. Kennedy
Finlay and Undertaker start, but Kennedy is tagged in after a whole heap of nothing. Undertaker gets punches in on Kennedy and gets whipped into the opposing corner but runs into an elbow by Kennedy. Kennedy with right hands, sending Taker into his corner, before Finlay is tagged in. Finlay and Taker exchange offence and Kennedy comes back in. Kennedy takes it to Undertaker in the corner but the referee forces Kennedy off (what the hell is with the referees tonight?!) and Taker throws Kennedy into the corner and punches away at the heels. Finlay tagged in and attacks Taker from behind. Finlay with some more usual offence before Taker regains the upperhand and sends Finlay into his corner. Taker hits Finlay with the snake eyes, Batista tags himself in, Taker goes for the big boot on Finlay but Kennedy gets Taker with a clothesline. Kennedy turns into a clothesline by Batista. Batista with scoop slams to the heels, Finlay thrown outside and Batista hits Kennedy with a spinebuster before signaling for the Batista Bomb but Taker tags himself back in.


Batista and Kennedy are the legal men now. Batista with knees to Kennedy, spears to the gut of Kennedy in the corner before Batista tags Taker back in. Taker knocks Finlay down before Kennedy can tag him in. Taker goes for the Old School but Finlay distracts Taker long enough for Kennedy to get the upperhand, but Taker quickly regains the upperhand with a big boot which gets him a two count, broken by Finlay. Tag to Batista, who comes in and gets Kennedy with a suplex for a no count thanks to Finlay. Kennedy tags out to Finlay. Finlay jumps off the second rope but Batista catches him and nails him with a spinebuster in the corner, Batista follows with rights and a clothesline in the opposing corner for a two count. Taker tagged in with kicks and stomps to Finlay, before he positions Finlay on the apron for a pair of elbows and the leg drop. Back in the ring, Taker covers for a two count. Taker with shoulder blocks to Finlay, goes for Old School but Batista tags himself in only for Finlay to get an elbow to the face of Batista.

Kennedy tagged in and goes right towards the leg of Batista with elbows and knees. Batista gets to his feet but Kennedy gets a clothesline to the leg for a two count. Finlay tagged in and he continues to work the leg of Batista. Kennedy back in again, sending Batista’s knee right into the canvas. Batista rolls outside and Finlay kicks the leg of Batista, Finlay attacks Batista with the shillelagh and Taker gives chase to Finlay, throwing the steel steps in the ring. Meanwhile, Kennedy sends Batista spine first into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Kennedy gets a short arm clothesline on Batista for a two count. Kennedy goes for the Indian Deathlock but instead gets mounted punches on Batista for a two count. Batista back to his feet right rights, he goes for the Batista Bomb but Kennedy hits the leg and tags out to Finlay. Finlay resumes working the leg of Batista, putting it in a single legged Boston Crab. Finlay puts Batista’s leg on the apron and kicks away at it but Batista punches Finlay away, Finlay with a low dropkick to Batista. Kennedy tagged back in. Kennedy comes off the ropes into a spinebuster by Batista, and Batista tags Taker in! Taker in with rights, clotheslines in the corners. Finlay gets sent outside and Kennedy gets hit with a Chokeslam, and Batista tags himself in just to spite Taker. Batista Bomb on Kennedy ends it.
Winners: Batista and The Undertaker

Well .. that was certainly long, drawn out, and boring. Two out of Ten. So, just tell me HOW a glorified squash was supposed to help us take Kennedy seriously as a title contender?

The Inside Pulse
London and Kendrick retain Tag Titles over Deuce and Domino via DQ: 4/10
Montel Vontavious Porter defeats Benoit via pinfall: 7/10
Kane defeats Daivari via pinfall: -5/10
Batista and Undertaker defeat Mr. Kennedy and Finlay (Batista pins Kennedy: 2/10
SmackDown 13/04/07: 8/40

Even though this week wasn’t painful to watch, it was just so boring. Having one long match on SmackDown is acceptable. Two might be. But not three. Benoit and MVP was interesting, but had some very dull moments. The Tag Team Title Match could’ve been better, and the Main Event was just some giant drawn out bore fest. I only gave it some points because Finlay / Kennedy worked the leg of Batista the entire time, and there was a slightly interesting story between Undertaker and Batista going on. Anyways, pretty unmemorable episode this week. Better luck next week!

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