Body Blows: Judah/Galvan

It was an underwhelming episode of Friday Night Fights on ESPN as bad weather forced the undercard that was to be held outdoors to a covered venue. With the main event being one of the most anticipated ESPN fight in quite some time, workers moved fast to ensure the show went on. The main event pitted former two-division world champion Zab Judah, returning from a one-year suspension, in a must win fight against Ruben Galvan.

Zab Judah has a June 9th PPV date with Miguel Cotto all set up but it’s lost if he slips up against Ruben Galvan. At 27-11-2 (10 KOs), Galvan doesn’t prove to be much of a threat but Judah has underestimated opponents before. However, oddsmakers list the over/under for rounds in this fight at 3.5. Give me the under.

Zab Judah vs. Ruben Galvan

The fight begins and Galvan goes into a shell while Judah unloads on the kid. About one minute into the fight, Galvan suffers a cut on his hairline above his left eye. Blood is not only coming down Galvan’s face but it’s already dripping onto his chest. The ref wants the doctor to take a look and the fight is stopped. Galvan claims it was from a headbutt but replays show he’s as stupid as he is underqualified to be in the ring with Judah. The ring fills with people and ten minutes elapse before a decision is reached. The official decision is a no contest. The ruling was that the cut was caused by Judah’s elbow on the follow through of a left hook. Once again, a Zab Judah fight ends in a mess.

The ‘no contest’ decision means that the fight never happened. This has no bearing on the matchup with Miguel Cotto and it just saved Galvan from a knockout loss. Next up for Zab Judah will be Miguel Cotto on June 9th.