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Serial Watcher – ER Episode 13-18 | Inside Pulse

Serial Watcher – ER Episode 13-18

Last time we visited County General (Which was a long time ago), Abby and Luka were planning their wedding and keeping it a secret (except from Morris and Hope), Sam sent Alex away to boarding school since he was becoming a juvenile delinquent, Neela were having problems both with Dubenko and Tony so she locked lips with Ray and Tony was struggling with the idea that Sarah may be his daughter, despite not being ready to raise her.

Unfortunately, nothing happened this week that warranted the show’s return to our screens. If I had to summarize this week’s episode of ER, “Photographs and Memories”, it would be boring. I can’t remember anything of note either from this week’s patients or from the staff’s interaction.

The patients this week all had one-week stories. There was Mr. Gower, who’s dying along with his photographer Diana. Sam, after trying to keep her away, developed an understanding with Diana, as their both single women who’ve gone through some tough times. At the end, Diana gave Sam a camera as a birthday gift. The other case gave us two sides of a car crash. The more interesting of those involved was the truck driver who caused the accident he’s illiterate and his wife used to read road signs for him when he was driving. The accident happened because he was trying to read signs himself while she was sleeping.

The ER staff didn’t have an exciting week either. Abby and Luka are still keeping their engagement a secret, and just barely managed to escape being outed by Hope. Now they’re thinking of getting married in Croatia can anyone say “tonight, on a very special episode of ER “?

Neela is still being sidelined by Dubenko, who seems to favor Mae lee. She finally confronts him after Mae Lee both takes credit for Neela’s work and screws up every procedure she’s given. She thinks he’s mad at her after she tried to stop the illegal kidney transplant some time ago. But Dubenko’s answer is different. He has feeling for Neela and that’s why he was distant from her. Gee, was anyone surprised? He seemed to have the hots for her ever since he first laid eyes on her. I can’t believe Neela didn’t notice. SO now she has three men after her Tony, Ray and Dubenko.

Speaking of Tony, he got Sarah to take a paternity test, to see whether she’s his. He also brought the issue of her moving to live with her grandparents. Please Sarah, go away and take Tony with you. I’m sorry Stamos fans, but the guy’s just not interesting to watch and adds nothing to the show.

And back to Sam, who celebrates her 28th birthday this week. She spends the entire episode agonizing over sending Alex away, since he cut her off and didn’t return any of her calls. Finally he calls her when she’s at her part and they have a moment. I have to be honest I was afraid they’ll do the ultimate cliche and have her assaulted or hit by a car when she was outside of the bar, but I’m glad they didn’t do that.

I’m sorry for making this episode look boring, but that’s how it was and I can’t put any positive spins on it. County General just isn’t an exciting place any more. Hell, if IP’s number 1 Chicagoan, Eric Szulczewski, had gone there for his recent surgery, he probably wouldn’t need any anesthesia he’d be down just out of pure boredom. We know that even after 13 years ER can still be good sometimes, I just wish the good would outnumber the bad.

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