Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters – Review



Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis


Dana Snyder. Master Shake
Dave Willis. Meatwad and other voices
Carey Means. Frylock

There are certain ingredients required to make a good movie. You need a plot, characters people can enjoy on some level, interesting dialog and if it’s a comedy it’s very important to make it funny. Someone should have mentioned this to the creators of this atrocity of a film, if you can even call it one, before they made it.

Aqua Teen is based on a TV show of the same name that focuses around three main characters: Frylock (a floating box of French fries that can shoot beams out of his eyes), Master Shake (a milk shake in a Styrofoam cup), and Meatwad (a meatball that can change his form). The crux of the show is that they just stand around the house and yell at each other a lot.

It seems the whole point of this movie is to uncover the mystery of where these talking food products came from, kind of. It’s also about an exercise machine that goes crazy and starts destroying down town. But all this is just a cover. What the movie is really about is nothing. Seriously, nothing happens in this movie. These stupid characters just stand around talking at each other, not saying anything funny. Then a bunch of other random characters show up, including a robot that is nearly impossible to understand, and they say some uninteresting stuff. Then when you think something is going to happen it doesn’t.

The animation stays true to the show, which is fine. To try and improve the animation would just take away from what little humor there is. South Park translated just fine to the big screen and they changed nothing. However if you’re going to make a movie out of a television show then you have to make it worthwhile. Stupid characters doing nothing might work in a fifteen minute cartoon but when you’re trying to fill up and hour and a half the non sequiturs get really old really fast. The title isn’t even original, sounding like it’s come right from the mouth of Borat.

This movie is pretty much for fans only. If you’re curious about these characters watch one of the fifteen minute episodes before you go delving into this mess.