Pulse Wrestling TNA Lockdown Report

Pulse Wrestling’s TNA Lockdown Report
Announcers are Don West & Mike Tenay
By: PK

Voodoo Kin Mafia (w/ Lance Hoyt) vs. Serotonin (w/ Christy Hemme)
Kaz & Havok are representing Serotonin. VKM ends this in less then 5 minutes.
Winners – VKM

After the match, Raven is in the ring, and Serotonin prepare to be punished, but Raven has them lay out Christy to get caned. Kaz stops it, and then Raven canes him.


Chris Sabin (c) vs. Black Machismo vs. Shark Boy vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt – Xscape Match – X Division Title
Dutt & Sabin start. Shark Boy & Shelley are in shortly. Shark Boy goes for the DSD, but Shelley reverses it, and nails a reverse DDT. Sabin & Shelley hit a leg drop/splash tandem move on Shark Boy to eliminate him. Lethal leaps in and drops Shelley with a double axe-handle. Sabin helps Shelley, and they double team Lethal. The match falls apart pretty quick, and all 4 men are in the ring. Sabin hits a Cradle Shock for the pin on Sonjay. Lethal hits the Lethal Combination on both Shelley & Sabin, and then Lethal hits the elbow drop on Shelley for the pin & elimination. Now who ever escapes the cage first wins. Both men are climbing over the top, and making their way down, Sabin kicks Lethal’s leg, and it gets stuck in the cage, and Sabin falls to the floor and wins.
Winner & Still Champion – Chris Sabin

Borash with Team Cage. Cornette reversed the decision, and Team Cage is now has the numbers advantage. Cage is happy.

Recap of Roode/Young/Petey stuff.

Robert Roode (w/ Eric Young & Ms. Brooks) vs. Petey Williams
Petey tries to pull Roode into the ring to start, but Roode slugs him. Petey fights back quickly, hitting a gut buster, and then locks Roode in the Tree of Woe, and does OH CANADA. Young & Brooks argue on the outside. Roode takes over in the ring, and is overpowering Petey. Brooks tries to give Roode a hockey stick, but Young stops her. Petey hits a hurra canranna, and Young tosses in the hockey stick. Williams hits Roode a few times, but the ref takes it away and tosses it to the outside. Petey argues, and turns around right into Roode, who hits The Payoff (Perfect Plex).
Winner – Robert Roode

Leticia with Angle & Rhino. Rhino suggests that Angle go talk to Joe about Jarrett.

Recap of Gail Kim/Jackie Moore.

Gail Kim vs. Miss Jackie Moore
Kim & Moore fight around the ring to start, and Kim finally rolls Jackie into the ring and they start the match. Kim is in control most of the match, but then Jackie drops her, and slingshots Kim into cage. Jackie then with a release German. Kim fights back, nailing a missile dropkick for 2. Kim tries to leave the cage and Jackie stops her, so Kim closes the door in her face. Kim climbs all the way up, to the top of the cage, and then a splash off the top for the win.
Winner – Gail Kim

Borash catches up with Bob Backlund, who is very prepared for this guest ref job.

Senshi vs. The Austin Starr – Guest Ref: Mr. Backlund
Senshi dominates the beginning of the match, just chopping away on Starr. Backlund keeps trying to keep it a fair fight. Starr takes over, and uses the ropes to gain an advantage for a headlock, and Backlund breaks it up. Senshi slugs away from his knees, but Starr slams Senshi, and nails the pendulum elbow for 2. Starr with a powerbomb for 2, but then rolls into a single leg crab. Senshi fights out, and nails a springboard sidekick to Starr’s head. Senshi with a backbody drop, sending Starr into the cage. Starr counters, and hits a kneebreaker on Senshi. Starr tries for a pinfall, but Backlund stops when Starr’s feet on the rope. Starr and Backlund argue, and Senshi nails his diving drop kick on Starr. Senshi goes up for the Warrior’s Way, but Starr shoves Backlund into the ropes, and Senshi is crotched. Starr then goes up and nails the 450 splash, but only 2. Starr and Backlund argue again, and Starr shoves Backlund. Backlund flips, shoves Starr, right into a roll up by Senshi for the win.
Winner – Senshi

Borash with Joe. Joe doesn’t trust Jarrett, and that he expects Jarrett to turn on them.

Recap of the break up of AMW.

James Storm vs. Chris Harris – Blindfold Match
They wander around a bit, and eventually they try to punch each. Harris asks the crowd for help, and when he points at Storm, the crowd cheers. Harris goes to grab Storms legs, but Storm moves, and he grabs the ref, and locks him in the sharpshooter. He realizes that it’s the ref, so he lets go. Since the ref is down, Storm takes his hood off, and superkicks Harris for the win.

Leticia with Sting & Angle.

Recap of Daniels return.

Jerry Lynn vs. Christopher Daniels
Very quick action. Daniels tosses Lynn into the cage door, and takes a wire away from a ringside camera man and chokes out Lynn. Daniels slugs away on Lynn on the turnbuckle, but Lynn slides through, and powerbombs Daniels for 2. Daniels back up, nails the Judo slam for 2. Lynn goes for the Cradle Piledriver, but Daniels reverses it and hits a side slam. Daniels goes for the BME, but Lynn rolls out of the way. Lynn then nails the TKO for 2. They climb to the top ropes, and Daniels tries an Angel’s Wings off the top of the ropes, but Lynn reversed it, and tries a Cradle Pile Driver. Daniels reverses it again, and tosses Lynn to the mat, and hits the Roll the Dice for the pin.
Winner – Daniels

Recap of Team 3D/LAX.

Konnan cuts a brilliant promo.

LAX (c) vs. Team 3D – Electrified Cage
They have the house lights all off, and they have blue lights focused on the ring. Devon is busted open, as Homicide is cleaning house. Machete & Konnan make their way down. Machete takes out the ref on the outside, and they go to unlock the cage, but Hector Guerrero comes out and blocks them from interfering. Bubba wants a table, and Hector slides one in for him. Hernandez powerbombs Devon into the cage, and the lights flicker. He then lays Devon out on the table, and climbs the cage at the door, which is not electrified. Hernandez leaps off the top with a splash, but Devon rolls off the table and Hernandez misses Devon and smashes through the table. Team 3D tosses Homicide into the cage, and as he falls, they nail the 3D for the pin.
Winners and New Champs – Team 3D

Angle tells Leticia that he trusts Jarrett.
Borash announces Harley Race as a ringside enforcer.

Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Tomko, Scott Steiner, & Abyss (w/ James Mitchell) vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Rhino, Sting & Jeff Jarrett – Lethal Lockdown
AJ Styles & Kurt Angle are first. They go back and forth, and then Abyss is next in. He mauls Angle, and nails the Shock Treatment. Rhino is next in, and he goes to spear Abyss, but Abyss grabs him and choke slams him. Tomko is in next, and he boots Angle & Rhino in the face. Joe in, and he cleans house, nailing Styles with a Muscle Buster. Scott Steiner in next, and he cleans up, belly to belly on both Angle and Joe. He puts Rhino on the top rope, and nails a FRANENSTEINER!!! Sting is the 4th one in for Team Angle. Sting gives Stinger Splashes all around until Christian Cage comes out. The Instant Classic tries to chop Sting, but Sting no sells it, and slams Cage into the cage, and then locks on the Sharpshooter. Jarrett comes in and nails AJ with a stroke right away. The lid comes down on the cage, and AJ climbs to the top as Jarrett starts taking the weapons down and tossing them to other team members. Angle follows him and they fight on top. Down in the ring, Abyss is handed 2 bags of tacks by James Mitchell. Harley Race comes over and slugs Mitchell. Rhino spears Tomko through the cage door to the floor. Rhino, Joe, Steiner & Tomko are fighting on the floor. Abyss lays a bag of tacks out on the mat, but before he can use them, Jarrett clears him out, and Jarrett & Sting double choke slam Cage on the tacks. Back on top of the cage, Angle tosses Styles off the top of the cage on Rhino, Tomko, Steiner, & Joe!! Abyss fills a guitar with the other bag of tacks, but Sting gets Abyss in the corner. Jarrett picks up the tack loaded guitar, and stands behind Sting…Sting turns around and looks prepared to take the shot, but Jarrett tells him to move, as Abyss charges, and Jarrett drills Abyss with the loaded guitar. Jarrett then tells Sting to take the pinfall, and Sting does, but still looks confused.
Winners – Team Angle (Sting)

Jarrett then extends his hand to Sting, and he they shake, followed by Rhino & Joe. Angle comes back off the top of the cage, and he seems really pissed, and storms out of the ring.

Show Over.


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