Richly Deserved: The Apprentice: Los Angeles Episode 6-13

Last week, the star finally fell. Heidi was removed from contention after a poor presentation and a total inability to withstand Frank’s ferocious boardroom attack. Kristine was also dismissed after botching up the contact phone number in a brochure. Our limo driver takes them to Marina Del Rey and Redondo Beach respectively because they both did a fine job while they were in the game and they’re both hot.

So we’re down to the Final Four

Excitable, Sharp JAMES
Quiet, Confident STEFANI
Over the top, feisty FRANK
And we’re still not sure why, NICOLE

Upon returning from the boardroom, James said he was proud of all his original Arrow teammates. Trump and Don Jr. come to the mansion and invite them to a cocktail party with four previous winners, Sean and Randal, who we have seen earlier in the season, Season 2 winner Kelly, and Season 3 winner (and holder of the #1 spot in the Reality TV Honor Roll), Kendra. The event was rather boring until Kelly put the two teams, Frank and Nicole, and James and Stefani on the spot, asking them to name the previous candidates they want working for them on the final task.

Frank and Nicole name Tim (surprise, surprise, sarcastically) and Surya (surprise, surprise, about as non-sarcastically as you can get). James and Stefani name Aaron, and fresh from her silver-medal performance at the Women’s World Hockey Championship, Angela (o.k., I know. This was taped last year).

For this final task, the teams are to write and direct a mini movie featuring Renuzit air freshener. Their productions would be shown to AMC theatre-goers.

Both teams meet with Renuzit execs. Nicole suggests a hospital scene as part of their ‘day in the life of a businesswoman’ theme. Frank and Tim seem nervous with that.

James and Stefani opt more for a courtroom drama scene. Angela is impressed with Stefani and her ability to keep timelines. James says he’s an internet guy and knows nothing about directing movies, but he’s creative.

Frank and Nicole’s filming begins. Frank wants a bit of humor added to the hospital scene so he adds a stinky guy off the street to the scene. Surya is impressed by Frank. When the Renuzit execs show up, Nicole makes sure the product is prominent in the scene. Tim and Nicole are sitting together while Frank basically does the directing by himself.

James and Stefani do their filming. James is trying to be a perfectionist and calls for several takes of scenes. Stefani is annoyed because time is running out for the filming crew.

In the editing room, Nicole is excited about the editing but Frank is constantly feeding his input. This annoys Nicole who tells him to cool it.

Aaron is concerned James didn’t get all the footage they needed. He and Stefani work with what they have but Aaron and Angela don’t look all that impressed.

Finally, the showing, with a movie theatre full of people, all of whom were carrying in popcorn and a soft drink. Maybe that was their payment for being part of this. James and Stefani showed their overblown, overdramatized, stereotypical courtroom scene first. Good product placement and description but little reaction from the audience.

Frank and Nicole are up next. And while the product placement is good and the stinky guy scene gets a roar of laughter from the audience, the scenes seem disjointed.

The teams exchange what they did and no one is all that impressed by what the other team did.

Trump asked the execs for their input. They were impressed by all of them but particularly Frank and James.

The boardroom was basically a back-patting affair. The workers complimented their bosses before saying goodbye. Trump complimented them all for doing a great job and told them to go home. They would return ‘next week’ and he’ll choose the apprentice, live.

And here’s the best part, Richly Deserved will be live in Hollywood to report on all the action and will have all the inside stuff for you soon after.

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