Richly Deserved: The Amazing Race: All Stars Episode 11-9

Last week, Uchenna and Joyce took a risk with a connecting flight. That risk cost them a full day and their time on the race.

This week, the teams traveled to Hong Kong and chose a detour that involved climbing scaffolding of a building while Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting around them (no one chose the detour that involved Cantonese translation), did a road block consisting of kicking doors, stunt man style, to find a room with a clue, and pulled toy junk boats (with gnomes from their chief sponsor, Travelocity) across a pond.

Here’s how they did

They were lucky enough to get on a China Airlines flight from Malaysia to Hong Kong. Because had they got on the Malaysia Airlines flight, Danny’s t-shirt and shorts would not have met their dress code. They were also lucky to get to the clue box first in Hong Kong to take advantage of the second Fast Forward, riding in the back of a car while a stunt scene that involved the car rolling on it*s side after being tilted by a small ramp, took place. Those strokes of luck earned them a trip to the pit stop, The Hong Kong Jockey Club (also known as Happy Valley Race Course which is the region*s #2 track behind Sha Tin).

They also won a trip back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year.

The queens were a marked pair after last week’s yielding of Eric and Danielle. But they did a great job of countering Mirna’s attempts to move ahead of them on the standby lists at the airport. After that, they have fun with the actors during the Kung Fu climb, Kandice does the road block which is great because she is the better-looking of the two and we get to enjoy that great body of hers, and generally have another solid leg. It’s now up to 170 degrees my level of opinion of them from season 10. Just 10 more to go.

This episode was vintage Charla and Mirna. We dislike Mirna because she’s pushy, bitchy, and hypocritical (actually, I LIKE her for those reasons). Charla continues to show us that she’s capable of doing just about anything despite her lack of height. Awesome job by Charla at both the climbing and door-kicking. A good third-place finish.

Were maybe too pre-occupied with the beauty queens at first. They got jobbed by the standbys in Malaysia so they had a late entrance into Hong Kong. However, they did do a great job the rest of the leg and when they got to the pit stop, in what was the most obvious thing we’ve seen this season, they found out it was a non-elimination leg. I mean, come on. There is still three weeks left. Hopefully there’ll be some elimination next time.

Since I’ll be at the Apprentice finale next week, we’ll be later than usual but will still keep on top of all the action leading to the finale.

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