In Hindsight: The Amazing Race All Stars – Episode 11-9

Teams traveled from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Hong Kong. Nice touch giving teams $88 for the leg – 88 is a lucky number in Chinese. Oswald and Danny managed to the first get standby tickets on Malaysia Airlines by circumventing the ticket counter and just being nice. And being nice allowed the boys to be placed first on the standby list for China Airlines, and be the first team to arrive in Hong Kong.

Mirna and Charla get lucky as the Cha Chas give the girls their booking number, allowing them to get ahead of Eric and Danielle, who are forced onto flights that got them to Hong Kong later than the other teams.

Fast Forward – High-Speed Movie Stunt
As with many Fast Forwards, the task has a lot to do with fear, and the teams aren’t actually required to do anything. And soon enough, Oswald and Danny completed the task and became the first team to complete two Fast Forwards in one Race.

Detour – Kung Fu Fighting or Lost in Translation
As expected, the Beauty Queens opted for the physical task as did Charla and Mirna. Charla was impressive in her climb given her stature. But issues with directions caused the cousins to fall at least ten minutes behind the Beauty Queens. Eric and Danielle also went through the task relatively quickly, and made up some time on the cousins.

Roadblock – Kick Down Doors
Kandice smoked the Roadblock… or should I say she kicked ass? Charla apparently likes kicking things, and it showed on this task.

Ordinarily that’s it for the tasks, but there was one more to go…

Blatant Product Placement
Again the Beauty Queens smoked the task by being patient. The other teams, however, were stressed after being caught in traffic and trying to navigate the roads in Hong Kong, which can be very confusing. Still, they took their time and got the gnome without much trouble.

I tend to agree with Charla and Mirna that what goes around tends to come around, but there’s a couple of flaws with their belief in “Yield Karma”. First, the Yield is a part of the game, so it’s obviously meant to be used. Second, two teams have used the Yield and WON the Race, so where is the Yield karma there? In addition, Eric and Danielle have tried to be good people, so why are they always getting the short end of the stick on flights?

Finally, Mirna, as with her previous Race, says one thing but often does another. Mirna’s a right bitch, and if there were such a thing as karma in this Race, she’d be gone already, and Charla would have a nicer cousin as a partner.

Marked for Elimination
Impressively, Eric went nearly two seasons without finishing last. And now he’s in an unfamiliar spot where he and Danielle are forced to finish ahead of other teams by at least 30 minutes. It could be stressful, but this team is the only one left with a member who has raced to the Finish Line, and Eric’s dream of reaching there twice could end up pushing this team to the Final Three. On the other hand, this is the only team that hasn’t finished first in a leg, so they really need to step it up if they want to get there.

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