TNA News out of Lockdown

There weren’t any major injuries coming out of last night’s PPV, although Kurt Angle’s back is injured (he suffered the injury at a house show on Friday night according to Dave Meltzer at Mike Johnson at Pro Wrestling Insider has noted that Rhino needed some stitches for a cut in his head.

Also according Meltzer, backstage talk was primarily about the fan reaction to the blindfold and electrified cage matches, and it was understood that the gimmicks simply didn’t work. Unlike the fans, who changed “Fire Russo,” the feeling was that he doesn’t deserve all the blame. In an interesting commentary on, Wade Keller writes that Jeff Jarrett is “the primary booker with 80 percent influence over the final product, with another 15 percent going to Dutch Mantel, and 5 percent from Russo.” But Wade, Vinny-Ru’s so much easier to pick on!

TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter agrees with Wade, so check out a revealing interview with her over at the UK Sun’s Web site. has posted a story on the Dudleyz winning the NWA straps last night.

Multiple wrestling news sites have reported that Doug and Danny Basham were backstage at the show, but since their WWE no-compete clause hasn’t expired, they cannot yet wrestle for TNA.

In other TNA news, there’s an interesting interview over at with former X Division and World Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels.

Angle interviewed with Channel 5 in St. Louis over the weekend, talking about his painkiller issues, and how in retrospect he felt he was putting others’ health at risk by wrestling while dependent on the drugs. You can see video of the interview here.

Finally (for now), Pro Wrestling Insider has reported that TNA drew an estimated 1400 fans to their pre-PPV fan festival in St. Louis this weekend.