Body Blows: Valuev/Chagaev and Pacquiao/Solis

I was hoping to find myself in the mood to watch the weekend’s fights but it’s not going to happen. Busy real life moments coupled with a genuine indifference towards the action leads me to this quick review. I would have skipped it all together if it wasn’t for some big news resulting from one of the fights.

Nicolai Valuev vs. Ruslan Chagaev

Ruslan “White Tyson” Chagaev defeated the previously unbeaten Nicolai Valuev by majority decision to win the WBA Heavyweight Title. Scores were 117-111, 115-113, and 114-114. Chagaev doesn’t appear to be a major player in the heavyweight scene despite the spiffy nickname. Chagaev was born in Uzbekistan and currently posts a record of 23-0-1 (17 KOs). The loss stops Valuev’s attempt at breaking Rocky Marciano’s career milestone of 49-0. Valuev fell to 46-1.

Manny Pacquiao vs. Jorge Solis

Pacquiao recovered from a slow start and a cut caused by an accidental headbutt to storm through Jorge Solis. Solis was knocked down in the eighth round and even though he got to his feet, it wasn’t long before he met the canvas again. Pacquiao was credited with an eighth round KO and Solis suffered his first loss. Solis continued to jab at Pacquiao after the loss saying, “With respect to Manny Pacquiao, my wife hits harder. He’s very fast, very quick, and I didn’t see those punches.”

Jorge Arce vs. Cristian Mijares

Jorge Arce failed in his first attempt at a super flyweight title. Known for his over-the-top entrances and wild in-ring style, Arce was unable to take the WBC Super Flyweight Title from Mijares. The champ used his superior boxing skills to pummel Arce over 12 rounds for the unanimous decision. The scores were 119-109, 118-110, and 117-111. Arce was sporting the crimson mask by the end of the fight and given his style, it probably won’t be the last time. Mijares hasn’t lost since 2002 and looks as though he won’t break that streak any time soon.

Other Results From The Week

– Raymond Joval defeated Willie Gibbs by unanimous decision in a middleweight bout.

– Joe Mesi hasn’t been in the ring with anyone of merit since his comeback and it’s precisely why he keeps winning. Mesi scored a first round KO of Ron Johnson.

– Edgar Sosa, not the University of Louisville point guard, beat Brian Viloria by majority decision to win the WBC Light Flyweight Title.

– Julio Cesar Chavez Jr knocked out Anthony Shuler in the second round.