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April 17, 2007

Not Just The Best Of The Larry Sanders Show

Larry Sanders has his own talk show and everything isn’t always fun and games as it comes across on TV. Watch backstage as he gets into it with guests, producers, the audience, and more in trying to make each show a success.

DVD Features: Alternate takes, deleted and extended scenes, numerous interviews, numerous commentaries

George Lopez Seasons 1 & 2

George Lopez is a blue-collared guy working in a white-collared world with his entire family that makes for some life-altering and hilarious situations.

DVD Features: All 28 episodes from the first and second seasons, gag reel, “Inside The Comedic Mind” featurette

Happy Days Season 2

Fonzie, Richie, Potsie, Jonie, Ralph Malph, Al, all the Cunninghams, and more are back for days filled of drama, laughs, and good times down at school and in the soda shoppe.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the second season

Read Joe Corey’s review here.

Highlander: The Ultimate Collection

Fifteen of the best episodes collected from the six seasons of Highlander: The Series showcasing the might, strength, magic, and that there is only one Highlander.

DVD Features: Highlander In Paris With Bill And Dennis, The Cutting Edge, Highlander Worldwide, Gameplay, Marto

La Haine

Abdel is at a hospital almost dead after being shot by a police officer during an interrogation. His friends Vinz and Said happened to find a police officer’s pistol during some riots in their neighborhood. Vinz takes matters into his own hands and promises that if his friend dies, so does a policeman.

DVD Features: None

Larry King Live: The Greatest Interviews

Join the famous Larry King behind his desk for some of his greatest interviews, best guests, and most unforgettable moments.

DVD Features: Larry’s personal anecdotes and memories of past guests, extended interviews not shown on the program

The Last King Of Scotland

During the seventies, Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was brutal in his ruling ways and all of it can be seen in this film as witnessed through the eyes of his own personal physician Nicholas Garrigan.

DVD Features: Theatrical and international trailers, deleted scenes, audio commentary, Forest Whitaker featurette, Documentary: “Capturing Idi Amin,” casting session

Laverne & Shirley Season 2

The girls are back in their second season dealing with work, men, and especially Lenny & Squiggy as things get hilariously silly for two single girls in the city.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the second season

The Marsh

A young children’s writer decides to take a ride out to the wilderness for a little getaway and some relaxation. But things take a turn for the unexpected when she ends up in the middle of a supernatural thriller that she must solve before it takes her life.

DVD Features: Behind the scenes

Master Of Horrors: Family

John Landis takes his turn at horror telling the story of a young married couple who move to their new big home in the city and think all is right with the world. That is until they find out their neighbor isn’t exactly who or what he seems to be.

DVD Features: Photo galleries, director’s bio, “Skin And Bones: The Making Of Family” featurette, “Terror Tracks” featurette, storyboards

Mork & Mindy Season 2

Mindy is a normal girl just trying to live the single life and be like everyone else. She’s doing just that until the crazy alien Mork arrives and turns her life completely upside- down.

DVD Features: All 26 episodes from the second season

Read Mike Noyes’ review here.

MXC Season 2

Captain Tenneal leads mismatched teams against each other in some of the craziest events possible all while having some fantastic running commentary.

DVD Features: All 13 episodes from the second season

National Lampoon’s Pucked

Frank Hopper is a lawyer who doesn’t have much going for him. A not so bright loser who one day gets a credit card in the mail and decides to make all his dreams come true. It’s not long though until he ends up in court and seriously in debt.

DVD Features: “Poonanny” featurette, “Dirty Old Man” featurette

Notes On A Scandal

Learn the story of two women who are not quite sure where they want their lives to go or if they are living them to their utmost appeal. When one gets into an affair with one of her young students, it begins to cause trouble not only in her professional life but personal as well.

DVD Features: Trailer, cast webisodes, a conversation with Cate Blanchett and Bill Nighy, audio commentary, behind the scenes, and more

Check out Kubryk’s review here.

Off The Black

Ray Cook is getting older and has a high school reunion coming up with nothing to show for him except that he’s an alcoholic. He ends up making a young friend in Dave Tibbel and convinces him to pose as his son at the reunion.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, behind the scenes, deleted scenes

Shadow Warriors Season 1

It is the sixteenth century and Hattori Hanzô is the leader of a Japanese clan patrolling the lands and showcasing their ninja arts.

DVD Features: All 27 episodes from the first season, new interview with Sonny Chiba, 12-page booklet on the series

Smokin’ Aces

A Vegas performer has turned snitch and now has a very valuable price on his head. Buddy Israel thought that using evidence to testify would be a good idea until a million dollar bounty was put out on him, and there are a lot of hitmen looking to collect on the contract.

DVD Features: Outtakes, deleted scenes, extended scenes, audio commentaries, alternate ending, and numerous featurettes

Spider-Man 2.1

Peter Parker is battling with his own conscience whether he should continue the life of the web-slinger, but his decision may end up being made for him. Harry Osborne is running his father’s company now, but also wants to avenge his murder. A great experiment brings about a new villain in Dr. Octopus and Spider-Man must come back to save the city and the woman he loves.

DVD Features: 8 minutes of new footage, audio commentary, introduction with Avi Arad and Grant Curtis, trivia track, viewfinders, Spider-Man 3 sneak peek, and more

Spongebob Squarepants: Friend Or Foe?

Spongebob Squarepants is in every possible crazy situation again as he has to fight off the boogeyman, becomes a spy, and finds out the long-lost secret to the rivalry between Mr. Krabs and Plankton.

DVD Features: Seven episodes brand new to DVD

The Venture Brothers Season 2

Dr. Rusty Venture and his crazy sons are back for some all new dangerous adventures in battling their arch-nemesis The Monarch.

DVD Features: All 13 episodes from the second season



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