TV Babies: Gilmore Girls – Episode 7-18

Although it doesn’t feel like Spring yet, it’s in full bloom in Stars Hollow. And Taylor Dosey’s still as crazy as ever. As Gilmore Girls returns from a second extended hiatus, the following things are taking place:

– Lorelai, Sookie and Michel are preparing the Dragonfly for the annual Spring Fling.
– Logan’s “slumming it” with Rory, Paris and Doyle.
– April’s visiting Luke from New Mexico.

The episode’s main focus is on Logan’s first official visit to Stars Hollow. The question that immediately comes to mind is: what took so long? Rory also has an interview at a Providence newspaper, while at the same time weighing a potential job versus a fellowship – which definitely all comes into play here. Trust me.

Logan, as he’s been doing more often than not lately, acts gentlemanly and says all the right things. But as Lorelai tries to explain to Sookie, there’s still something about him that rubs her the wrong way. They begin butting heads over Rory’s dream job (fellowship) vs. 401K job (Providence), and I thought Lorelai got a little too worked up on that one: I’m pretty sure I wasn’t thinking about 401K’s when I was 22, either. Their debate continued over late-night cravings back at the house: Lorelai looking for pie, Logan a glass of water. And I gotta say I respected Logan for answering Lorelai’s concerns head-on, and not dodging the issue.

There was some good ‘ol fashioned Stars Hollow insanity as well, mostly thanks to Taylor who blew the entire Spring Fling budget on a hay bale maze. He’s left to explain his rationale to nobody, as the townspeople ditch the town meeting – even denying themselves the opportunity of witnessing Kirk wearing an enormous minotuar head.

But guess what? The hay bale maze turns into a big hit, at least for Logan and the Stars Hollowians. I had a bit of a problem with some dialogue hiccups: the scene where Logan and Rory tell the bratty little kid that hay bale mazes rule was short but painful. I also felt Lorelai and Luke’s meeting in the maze seemed a tad forced, and didn’t deliver the emotional punch I expected. Lorelai and Logan’s talk actually trumped it, and it shouldn’t have. Remember how honest (and heartbreaking) their meeting in the frozen food section was, where Luke concedes he’ll just go back to being the guy that pours Lorelai’s coffee? That’s what I hoping for…

Hay Bale Maze was certainly a decent enough effort overall. Just not quite what it could have been…

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