Moments Ago: The Dominance of the NRC

Moments Ago: The Dominance of the NRC

Before I get to the meet of the column a couple of things need to be gotten out of the way.

First, check out Pulse Glazer’s reviews of the weekend’s shows here.

Second you can see my review of Friday’s show on Long Island here.

Check out the Pulse Wrestling debut of VS. to see my crushing defeat at the hands of Eric S. While in his News, Opinions, Etc he writes about wrestling I am completely disillusioned with, he does an excellent job recapping the week in mainstream wrestling.

With that being said On with the column!

As of this weekend Generation Nextplosion truly took center stage and as a result will be the central focus of this week’s column. Roderick Strong, Rocky Romero, and Davey Richards, in the form of the No Remorse Corps, are on their way to being the most dominant faction in the history of Ring of Honor. Time will tell if they rank up with the all time great stables like Generation Next, The Prophecy, the Rottweilers or the Embassy, but they are well on their way.

Also making their debut this weekend was The Resilience led by Austin Aries. Their debut was not nearly as explosive as the NRC, and that will be the question answered in this week’s Moments Ago.

At the beginning of the Fifth Year Festival, Roderick Strong ended a near three year partnership with Austin Aries by aligning himself with Davey Richards and forming the No Remorse Corps. Aries announced he would fight fire with fire and form his own group. The next night in Philadelphia Jack Evans teased that he would also be forming a group, and over the next few shows Matt Cross became Aries’ ally and they even got an early win over the NRC, and Delirious got involved with the NRC helping out both Delirious and Jack Evans when the time came.

At Wrestlemania Weekend, the former Generation Nexters got in the ring as opponents. Jack Evans and Austin Aries both faced Roderick Strong on consecutive nights. Neither one was able to win. While Aries was able to get the tag team win, he lost in one on one competition with Roderick and on Long Island last weekend his debuting Resilience faction was dominated in a six man elimination tag team match. As of yet, Aries’ faction is not aptly named. Aries team, despite the addition of powerhouse Erick “Choo Choo” Stevens, went down in unspectacular fashion.

The next night in Edison, New Jersey, Strong and Richards defeated Jack Evans and Delirious in a competitive match. While Roderick Strong did use a chair to set Delirious up for the DR Driver, in most of their matches such skullduggerous, yes skullduggerous I’m a wordsmith deal with it, tactics were not necessary. The NRC has been almost too dominant.

Roderick has beaten Aries in a singles match and the NRC has beaten the Resilience in overwhelming fashion. Aries may be playing from too far behind. There have been feuds in the past where one competitor was unable to score victories. Tommy never beat Raven and Raven never beat Punk, it is not unheard of. This feud may be completely set up to show the resilience of Austin Aries and his team, but they have been so outclassed thus far I just don’t know.

It makes me wonder where they can go from here. Perhaps the feud will focus on Evans impending stable for a bit. This is a pitchforked feud. Aries and Evans both have issues with Strong but not with each other. This could be the beginning of some issues between Aries and Evans as a match between those two would be awesome. Either way despite some questionable choices it does have me wondering what will happen next.

I’ll see you next time


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