Film Noir Vol. 4 – Press Release

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BURBANK, Calif., April 16, 2007 — Warner Home Video (WHV) doubles the stakes in The Film Noir Classic Collection Vol. 4, debuting July 31, with legendary Hollywood tough guys and femme fatales once again colliding, this time in ten smoldering suspense classics, all new to DVD. Titles include Act of Violence/ Mystery Street; Crime Wave/ Decoy; Illegal/ The Big Steal; They Live By Night/ Side Street; and Where Danger Lives/ Tension.

The new movies, which have all been digitally remastered for this collection, star film noir icons Robert Mitchum, Edward G. Robinson, Robert Ryan, Van Heflin, Ricardo Montalban, Claude Rains and Farley Granger, among others. The five-disc collection, will be available for $59.92 SRP and single titles will sell for $20.97 SRP and are a real entertainment value, with twice the amount of films at the same price as previous collections. Orders are due June 26.

It was only three years ago that Warner Home Video released its first Film Noir Collection, re-awakening America’s fascination with the unique genre and garnering acclaim from critics nationwide. This led to a revival of film noir throughout the entire video industry as well as two more successful volumes from Warner Home Video in 2005 and 2006.

“These films are as irresistible as any film noir “femme fatale,” says George Feltenstein, WHV’s Senior Vice President Theatrical Catalog Marketing. “Here we are in the fourth wave, and we still have the ability to select any number of well-known and cult favorites from the incomparable libraries of Warner Bros., RKO and MGM. WHV is proud to have contributed to the rediscovery of film noir by new generations through the huge popularity of our DVD Noir collections.”

About The Film Noir Classic Collection Vol. 4

Act of Violence (1948)/ Mystery Street (1950)
This grim melodrama stars Van Heflin as former World War II pilot Frank Enley, a respected contractor and family man, whose wife is played by Janet Leigh. When his troubled, crippled bombardier (Robert Ryan) shows up with a gun and a score to settle, it becomes apparent that perhaps neither man is what he seems to be. Director Fred Zinnemann (The Day of the Jackal) guides a searing Act of Violence, “the first postwar noir to take a challenging look at the ethics of men in combat” (Eddie Muller, Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir).”

Murder lives on Mystery Street. John Sturges (The Great Escape) directs a revealing-“CSI”-type film about a Boston cop (Ricardo Montalban) called upon to solve the mystery surrounding a skeleton found on a Cape Cod beach with the help of a Harvard forensic expert (Bruce Bennett).

Special Features:
Act of Violence
Commentary by Dr. Drew Casper
Act of Violence: Dealing With the Devil.
Theatrical Trailer

Mystery Street
Commentary by Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward
Mystery Street: Murder at Harvard
Theatrical Trailer

Crime Wave (1954)/ Decoy (1946)
Legendary director Andre de Toth (House of Wax) was at the helm of this outstanding, but little-known L.A. noir about three escaped convicts from San Quentin who rob a gas station and kill a motorcycle cop. The hardboiled cop heading the manhunt is Sterling Hayden (The Asphalt Jungle).

Recent Film Noir festivals have provided an opportunity for audiences to rediscover truly forgotten films. Such is the case with Monogram Pictures Decoy, in which a drop-dead gorgeous dame Margo Shelby, played by British newcomer, Jean Gille, revives her gangster boyfriend after he dies in the gas chamber, not because she’s so fond of him, but because he knows where the loot is buried. This is a film that very few people have ever seen, but will likely be the subject of much cinephile discussion after its broad availability in this new Film Noir V.4 collection.

Special Features:
Crime Wave
Commentary by James Ellroy and Eddie Muller
Crime Wave: The City is Dark
Theatrical trailer

Commentary by Stanley Rubin and Glenn Erickson
Decoy: A Map to Nowhere
Theatrical trailer

Illegal (1955)/ The Big Steal (1949)
When his career as a D.A. unexpectedly collapses, tenacious Victor Scott turns to defending criminal lowlifes. Edward G. Robinson plays Scott in this snappy remake of The Mouthpiece (1932) directed by Lewis Allen (The Uninvited). Film buffs’ moments include Jayne Mansfield’s scenes and real-life art expert Robinson’s comments on a crime lord’s collection of paintings.

Out of the Past’s Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer reteam in The Big Steal, speeding along Mexican roadways in pursuit of a grifter who has a suitcase that may be stuffed with cash. This film, both tense and humorous at the same time is directed by Clint Eastwood’s filmmaking mentor, Don Siegel.

Special Features:
Commentary by Nina Foch and Patricia King Hanson
Illegal: Marked for Life
Behind the Cameras: Edward G. Robinson
Theatrical trailer

The Big Steal
Commentary by Richard B. Jewell
The Big Steal: Look Behind You

They Live By Night (1948)/ Side Street (1950)
Young escaped convict Bowie (Farley Granger) and Keechie (Cathy O’Donnell) just want to let their new love blossom. But thugs like Chicamaw ‘One-Eye’ Mobley (Howard da Silva) have other ideas, forcing Bowie to be their accomplice. They Live By Night, a story of doomed and desperate love is director Nicholas Ray’s (Rebel Without a Cause) debut, and is “one of the most poignant and unforgettable noirs ever made” (The Movie Guide).

In Side Street, Granger and O’Donnell team again as struggling marrieds in an unforgiving Manhattan. In a moment of weakness, the letter carrier gives in to temptation and steals what he thinks is a few hundred dollars. But its $30,000, tied to some ruthless blackmailers, and Granger’s attempt to return it puts him in deeper peril. Anthony Mann (Border Incident) directs with a flair that makes the city a key player in this noir nerve-jangler.

Special Features:
They Live By Night
Commentary by Farley Granger and Eddie Muller
They Live By Night: The Twisted Road
Theatrical trailer

Side Street
Commentary by Richard Schickel
Side Street: Where Temptation Lurks .
Theatrical trailer

Where Danger Lives (1950)/ Tension (1950)
Robert Mitchum, playing a doctor smitten with desire for a beautiful patient (Faith Domergue) who’s brought in after an attempted suicide, journeys Where Danger Lives when the would-be lovebirds go on the lam. Ahead is Mexico, miles back is the husband’s (Claude Rains) corpse. But the final destination for the illicit pair could be a dead end in this dark gem of a film directed by John Farrow (The Big Clock).

Noir favorite Audrey Totter (The Set-Up) leaves her mousy but devoted spouse (Richard Basehart) for another man, and the Tension mounts as he plots revenge, then sees his plan take an unexpected turn. Cyd Charisse, Barry Sullivan and William Conrad co-star in a bitter tale of the postwar American dream frayed into nightmare.

Special Features:
Where Danger Lives
Commentary by Alain Silver and James Ursini
Where Danger Lives: White Rose for Julie
Theatrical Trailer

Commentary by Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward with Audrey Trotter
Tension: Who’s Guilty Now? .
Theatrical Trailer

The Film Noir Classic Collection Vol. 4
Street date: July 31, 2007
Order due date: June 26, 2007
Catalog #: 115020
$59.92 SRP (Collection)
$20.97 SRP (Single Titles)
All Films Are Not Rated; All Films are B&W