The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week – 4.20.07

Richard Fairbrass, best known as the lead singer of “I’m Too Sexy” alumni Right Said Fred, announced this past week that he plans to run for Mayor of London, as an independent, when that city holds elections next year.

Since the city held its first mayoral election in 2000 (the position has only existed since then), the current mayor, Ken Livingstone has also been the only one. Fairbrass, who was also a host of BBC2’s Gaytime TV, is generally satisfied with the job that Livingstone has done, and admits that the city has improved under Livingstone, though he feels that “it’s time for a change.”

One of Fairbrass’ main platforms is a higher congestion charge (a currently $15 toll slapped on motorists entering the city’s busiest zones) for people commuting into London from suburbs, since it adds to the city’s traffic woes. “I want to stand as an independent candidate with a manifesto for the real working people of London. They make it the brilliant city it is. It’s not just about the super-rich,” he told reporters. “The congestion charge [for all vehicles] needs a total overhaul—real Londoners should get a massive discount. Women driving their Chelsea tractors in from Surrey should have to pay a premium.”

For those unfamiliar with the local slang, a “Chelsea tractor” is a luxury SUV (Range Rovers are the most popular ones in the UK, as Land Rover is a British company). And yes, I do agree that anyone who drives an $80,000 luxury SUV should have to pay more, because not only can they afford it, but chances are they drive like a dick anyway. I’ll bet you never thought you’d see the day when the singer of Right Said Fred and I agreed on something, did you? And how about that, the Cubs won yesterday, too. Remember folks, these things tend to happen in threes…