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MTV Mix – Volume 37 | Inside Pulse

MTV Mix – Volume 37

We continue to be STACKED on MTV. We’ve got “Family Monday”, “Tough Tuesday”, “Drama Wednesday”, and “Comedy Thursdays”. What else could you want? MTV has it all in one week on one channel. I break down everything right now…



Run’s House

Run is having problems with JoJo. He doesn’t want to hang out with dad anymore. He is always hanging out with his friends. RUn wants to spend time with all 3 of his boys. So Run bets JoJo $800 that if he spent the day with him and didn’t have fun, then JoJo would get the money. JoJo’s friends think it can’t be that bad to hang out with Run. JoJo says that they don’t know him that well.

Meanwhile, Angela has to balance work with school. Word Up! Magazine wants to make her an executive editor and publish 6 more issues of “Angela’s Rundown”. She has to first skip class to do a photo shoot for the magazine at the last second.

RUn tells Justine that it’s impossible to not have fun with “Rev Fun”. HA! The day of fun begins with basketball. Run and Russy vs. JoJo and Diggy. Yeah, no contest there. JoJo and Diggy run up and down them, while Run is all about the fun. Next, on to Barnes and Nobles. Yes, the book store. Diggy is right, “who goes to Barnes and Nobles for fun?!” Run reads up on books about problems with teenagers. Later, they go to the batting cages and JoJo actually seems to be having fun.

It finally comes down to Angela telling her bosses that she has to balance school better with work. She can’t have photo shoots the same time as her classes. JoJo says he had an okay time with Run. He said the batting cages were fun and he doesn’t want Run’s money. This episode was right up Run’s alley as he could act goofy and crazy the whole time to try and make JoJo have a good time. In the end, it all works out.

Time for the lesson of the day from the tub! “Do you feel distant from your children? As your kids get older their interests shift. Forcing them to remain close can sometimes drive them farther away. Let your relationships evolve and you’ll be rewarded with something more special than you can every imagine. Accept the change and don’t become estranged!”

Taquita & Kaui

This week T&K try their hand at acting. They get booked for a job at “Old Nevada” in Bonnie Springs, Nevada. It’s like a “wild west” show. They have to get dressed up and entertain an audience.

They also get a new car in the form of a yellow Corvette. It’s a loan from Ricky, their talent manager. Kaui does okay driving the car, but Taquita doesn’t. She drives like a crazy woman and attempts to slam on her brakes on the gravel road. That doesn’t work so well. She runs into the front of a building. The car is now leaking something.

Taquita and Kaui underestimate the number of people that show up for the show. They decided to not practice their lines as much as they should have. It’s a total trainwreck. The audience doesn’t laugh, they mess up lines, and sucked it up completely.

They then get the car towed away and they fight about how they are going to tell Ricky. We will find out what happens to them next episode, though, as we end things there this week.



This week we start with Hilary Swank. They set up her at Comic-Con. They get her to operate a million dollar robot. Hilary hits the “wrong” button and it runs into a little kid. He gets hurt. Eh, that looked weak. The kid barely got ran over by the robot. Boring!

Next we have Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical. Ashley visits a boy who happens to be in a coma. Ashley uses her magic to wake up this kid from it. I think we saw this prank last week with JoJo. This was funny, though, as the kid only wakes up around Ashley. He is back in a coma when everyone else sees him. The boy doesn’t want to go to school it turns out.

Finally, we have Chamillionaire. He is eating somewhere with a movie agent about a movie deal. They are asked to move so that the Princess of Spain can have their booth. The princess arrives with her hot friends. Chamillionaire likes her and the waiter comes over to tell him to stop staring at her. Things get heated and then Chamillionaire gets “punk’d”!

The best “punk’d” of this episode was Ashley Tisdale, followed by Chamillonaire, and Hilary.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno 3

We start off where we left off last time. That being the first “Inferno” with Alton vs. Tyrie. This game is called “Head Rush”. They will be hanging upside down and attempt to solve a puzzle. First one to get the pieces in the right order wins and stays in the game. Ace says that this is Alton’s challenge, since he sleeps upside down. He’s a bat! Ace was right as Alton stomps a hole in Tyrie and sends him home! Tyrie isn’t really concerned about being the first to go home. He just wants to see the “bad asses” win in the end.

Cara and Susie want to stick together and make it to the end. Colie joins them and they all think that Tonya would be the easiest girl to take out first. The “bad asses” discuss who they should send into “The Inferno”. Evelyn is becoming an outcast to the girls on her team. Everyone thinks that Ev is trying to show out everyone else. Evelyn doesn’t see where they are coming from. Aneesa is, of course, the voice for the rest of the team. They argue. Tonya says that Ev is like a younger version of her. She just wants her to be part of the team. So we already start with the “forced drama” on this show. Evelyn should just shut up, because she looks stupid.

Time for the next challenge! It’s called “Battering Ram”. The teams have to ram down the doors of a castle by grabbing hold of the ropes attached to the log that is used as the “battering ram”. Whoever gets inside first and grabs their flag wins. The “bad asses” all have a different opinion on how to win this challenge. Once the challenges gets going, neither team looks to be doing a good job, but in the end the “good guys” break down their door first and win $10,000! The “bad asses” missed Tyrie. They are also sore losers. Danny is especially upset for some reason. He is pissed!

Time for deliberation! It’s the girl’s turn to go into “The Inferno”. All of the girls think they are going in. The “Good Guys” have mixed feelings. The girls want to pick Jenn, since they think they can beat her. The guys want to pick Evelyn as part of strategy. The “Bad Asses” think that Susie, Rachel, and Paula are the strongest girls here. Danny argues that. Too many tempers and egos there. The final decision is Susie and Jenn, though! Cara will cry if Susie leaves. Susie intends on saving herself in the next challenge. No more Mrs. Nice Girl!

Living Lahaina

Welcome back to Maui, Hawaii. Yes, this is the SECOND reality show from MTV in the last 3 months that is set in Hawaii. Have they run out of ideas? There is a difference between the two shows, though. Maui Fever was more like Laguna Beach. Relationship drama between the sexes was the focus. Living Lahaina seems to be more like The Man Show in Hawaii.

This show stars five male surfers. We have leader of the group, Alex a.k.a. “Gator”. Next is the rude and crude one, Casey. We also have Matt, the slacker ladies man. We round things out with Dave being the nice guy, and Sean being the tough guy. In addition to that, there is the guy that runs the “Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy” that these guys work at. His name is Kimo.

The guys start to work the serious time of the year for the school. That is summertime. Alex can do no wrong in Kimo’s eyes. Casey is the anti-Alex. Casey just likes to drink and party, while Alex loves to surf. Oh wait, I guess we do have relationship drama on this show. Alex has a girlfriend named Tanya that never seems to stop talking.

The guys take a break from their surfing instructing to go off-roading. They manage to roll their jeep, but no problem there. They just push it back over and keep on moving. Then it’s back to work for the guys. At least for Alex and Casey. Casey wants Alex to be his wingman again. So he drags him to go party with some girls he knows named Tamra and Liko.

The first thing this show teaches. “What’s the point of being a young surfer in paradise, if you can’t take advantage of the perks.” The perks are the women that are “groupies” to surfers. It’s time to have a BBQ now. The thing I love best about these shows is the language. They come up with their own words for things.

Alex decides to get drunk now and go crazy. He brings home three girls back to his house, where his girlfriend is waiting. He loses his mind and says he is done with her. Then, he kicks out the windshield of the company van and goes missing for 8 hours. The guys said he attempted to paddle across the ocean on his surfboard. The coast guard is called and Alex is still missing. They finally find him in the middle of the ocean. He is fine and dandy. The funny thing is that no one is mad at him. They are actually jealous of him, since he made it so far on his paddle.

Honestly this show doesn’t look that great. The subject is good, but it’s too soon for another show like this. I think I will probably like this show better than Maui Fever, though. We will see.


The Real World: Denver

Brooke and Jenn have guy issues this episode. Jenn’s boyfriend from back home, Jared, is coming to visit her. That should be fun. What’s even more fun is Brooke having a crush on a guy. Brooke sees a hot guy at a restaurant when she is eating with the girls. She gets all hot and bothered and decides to give him her number. That’s the kind of girl I love! You do the hard work.

Meanwhile, Jared is here. Jenn is worried about him meeting Alex, since Jared said he didn’t want to meet the guy that Jenn had slept with. Still everything seems cool between Jenn and Jared and Jared and Alex. That is UNTIL Davis decides to butt in once again. I think he wants to cause trouble and drama.

Davis tells Jared that Jenn had sex with Alex twice. That’s news to Jared and he doesn’t look too happy. Oh yeah, lets not forget about the other two guys that Jenn made out with. Jared tells Jenn that Davis told him the truth. She is PISSED! She’s got her hoodie on, so she means business.

Kyle, the guy from the sushi restaurant, calls Brooke. They plan to meet up at a club later tonight. Once they meet they both seem nervous. Everything seems to go good, though. The next day they plan a second date. Kyle wants to take her bowling. Brooke doesn’t know about that. She wanted to go to a bar. Once she gets off the phone she starts crying to Stephen that Kyle wants to take her bowling! It’s like he wanted to take her out back and shoot her. That’s the worst thing in the world to Brooke. Stephen just laughs at her, which is AWESOME!

Tyrie tells Davis that the house is about to explode. Jenn is mad at him, so he better get ready. But Jenn doesn’t explode, she just cries. Tyrie later tells Jared that Jenn had sex with Donell as well, which is more news to him. That’s when Jared leaves the house and now Jenn is mad at Tyrie. But this is The Real World and all problems get solved pretty quickly. Even problems like these. Jenn and Davis get a chance to talk things out. Then, Jenn tells Jared the truth and all is good there. Everything is fine once again!

Road Rules: Viewer’s Revenge

We start off by looking at “The Pit” competition. Susie and Derek were sent to “The Pit”. The viewers decided to give Dan and Veronica another shot at the RV. Finally, Veronica returns from the dead. They will be competing in “Knock Out”. They will be teams and they will try to knock their opponents out of the zone by using pads to hit each other. They are also attached to each other as well. In the end, Derek and Susie win and get back on the RV. BOO! I want Veronica and Dan to be on there.

There are only 4 episodes left, by the way. Everyone on the RV want to keep Derek and Susie on the RV, except for David. He needs to trust someone. He ends up being disappointed. Tori has her boy toy back, though. Tori responds to the fans at home. She loves “The Pit Crew”, but she has to be herself in this game basically. Well that was pretty unique.

Time for the next mission. It’s the third “Pit Stop”. It’s the RV people vs. “The Pit Crew”, which consists of Dan, Shane, Jerry, Ivory, Kristen, and Veronica. So I guess Monte and Angel have been given enough time to shine. Kristen and Ivory talk big for people who have done absolutely nothing on this show. The “Pit Stop” takes place in San Diego at the football Chargers stadium. Two players from the team are the coaches for the teams. Marcus McNeill is coaching “The Pit Crew”, while Kassim Osgood is coaching the RoadRulers!

And we get our next lame freakout of the season. Ivory goes off on Tori for no reason. Basically, she’s from Nu Yawk and she don’t care bout nobody. Bes believe dat bitch! Seriously, that’s how Ivory talks. We learn that she has been trash talking Tori and Susie on the blogs. She’s tough now, but this is funny. Almost as funny as Tori saying this is going to get ugly. It’s all fake drama! I mean you are fighting on the blogs. Yeah, whatever. Lets move on.

This challenge is a flag football game. This should be fun. No one can catch on “The Pit Crew”. Adam can catch and the RoadRulers score a touchdown. Jerry is the quarterback for “The Pit Crew” and he gets chased by David. Adam intercepts the ball and then David catches a touchdown. More dumb ass talk from Ivory. We’re going to have a chick fight soon! The Crew gets a hail mary pass to end the first quarter. Jerry catches that touchdown. It’s 14-7. Derek intercepts the ball. The first injury occurs when Dan and Ivory smash Tori in the middle after she catches the ball. It actually looks like she falls down before they squish her. She works things out, though. Tori is back in the game. Derek throws a touchdown pass to Susie. He catches one from David as well. Actually he laterals to Adam who scores, but it still counts. Jerry still sucks at throwing the ball. Derek is great, though. 42-15 now. As the time runs out, we have a final score of 49-15 in favor of the RoadRulers! They get another $10,000.

Time to vote someone into “The Pit”! Cue the evil music. Veronica thinks that Derek and David have earned themselves a spot on the RV. Once again Kina, Susie, and Adam talk trash about David. They say that David hasn’t volunteered himself to go into “The Pit”. Derek starts the vote and he votes for David. He didn’t think David did as good as he could in the football game. Susie votes for David, because he didn’t go last week. They want him to step up for last week, which makes no sense. David is going back into “The Pit”. David is too drained to fight. He doesn’t really care anymore.


Pimp My Ride

This week Xzibit pimps Mike’s ride! He has a 1978 Wonder Bread Truck. WOW, that is original! The outside of his truck has a bunch of images on it. It’s also pink and white. Inside of it is a bunch of stuff. There is trash and an actual couch with a TV. There is also a video game system attached to the TV. Don’t get too excited, it’s just a Super Nintendo. He is a skateboard teacher for kids to keep them out of trouble.

Xzibit runs down the different kinds of breads for us. He also knocks on the aluminum frame of the truck. Oh, and the grill on the front is still sucky. The fastest Mike has gone on that truck is 55 mph. There also seem to be bullet holes on the outside that are covered up by stickers. Xzibit thinks that Mike has already pimped out his own ride with all of the stuff in the back. He takes it to GAS anyways, though.

Time for GAS to do their thing! The truck is big, so you know there will be lots of stuff in there. Mad Mike is going to add in two Jackhammer subwoofers. That’s going to be loud. Don’t forget the 50″ flatscreen TV. There is also going to be a ramp that comes out of the truck and to the ground so the kids can skate on it. The paint job is a crazy mixture of colors. It’s blue, white, black, orange, and yellow. The seats are going to look like loaves of bread and they will be heated.

The paint color is okay. It fits Mike. The sound system is literally insane! That’s probably the best thing. The TV is nice, but they only gave them a Playstation 2. What about the 3? I guess you can’t hear anything anyways when you turn on the radio. That was an interesting pimpage, but still pretty good.

Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz

This week featured Taran Killam, Affion Crockett, Eliza Coupe, Mikey Day, Leonard Robinson, and Nick Cannon again. Special guest stars were Katt Williams and Snoop Dogg. This looks good on paper, lets see if they can execute it properly.

The first skit was called “First Day on the Job”. Tig oh bitties! HA! That was funny. Apparently black people can say anything as long as they say “I’m just playin'” at the end of it. Next up was another “Judge Mo Dollarz” segment. It was still as funny as the first one. The next segment was “Coming Out Insurance”. It looks like 1 out of 10 babies end up gay.

We come back from the first break for a Yo Momma: Afghanistan episode. It features Osama Bin Laden vs. Joe Snaps from New Jersey and Taylor Harrison of the “Young Republicans of America”! Next up was “Yakn’ Off” with Nick Cannon and Snoop Dogg dressed as OGs and answering questions from callers. Finally, we have “Jay’s Anatomy”, which is Jay-Z being a doctor and breaking out into a rap video.

Katt Williams and Affion Crockett were stars again this week. I have to say “Jay’s Anatomy” with Affion was the funniest stuff this week. Snoop’s performance on the show could have been more and the Bin Laden stuff wasn’t as funny as it could have been.

Adventures in Hollyhood

What do you do when you move to Hollywood from Memphis, Tennessee? You make a movie about Memphis, of course! That’s what Three 6 Mafia is doing this episode. They are planning to make a movie. First they need to learn about how to do that. Fun fact for the day. Darth Vader was NOT black. Hmm…

Triece and Computer go to a used book store to get books on how to write a screenplay, pitch a movie in Hollywood, etc. Juicy J and DJ Paul end up getting a meeting with a big time producer named Lawrence Gordon. He did the Die Hard movies along with 48 Hours, Tomb Raider, and many more. Too bad the guys end up late thanks to Computer and Triece being poor assistants.

The guys pitch the movie to him and there isn’t much there. Basically, it’s about dirty cops in Memphis. Lawrence says “don’t bullshit the bullshiter” and send them on their way. They go back to work on their movie script some more. They don’t have many ideas, though. Meanwhile, Computer and Big Triece go to class to be better assistants. They fail miserably.

Juicy J and DJ Paul then decide to go talk to John Singleton, director and producer of Boyz N the Hood and Hustle & Flow. They want his advice on how to pitch movies, etc. P.S. the working title for their movie is Streetz of Memphis: A Gangsta Ass Movie. Hey, it’s catchy.

Their next attempt at pitching their movie goes a little better. At least at first. They go meet with Joel Schumacher, director of Batman Forever and Phantom of the Opera among others. The guys use bikini models to display their props. They even give Joel some Memphis ribs. Paul then gives him the entire rundown of the movie. After hearing the pitch, Joel actually thinks they have a real movie there. He would like to read a whole script. So look out for the Streetz of Memphis movie in your local theater. That is if Triece wouldn’t have hung up on Joel Schumacher’s assistant!

And that ends the 37th volume of the “MTV Mix”! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback of any kind..send them my way!!

I’ll see you next time when we mix things up a bit!

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