NHL News


Peter Forsberg has drawn his name out of team Sweden’s lineup for the world championships taking place in Russia.

Forsberg had another shaky NHL season due to ankle problems and his trade to Nashville resulted in a first round playoff exit at the hands of the way better Sharks.

Forsberg remains unsure if he’ll return to the NHL next season and for a guy who has had repeated ankle problems, had his spleen removed (and forced to miss a year of action) plus having a year off the NHL with the lockout and still having these kind of health issues, retirement isn’t a bad thought to be having. At 33 years old, Forsberg could still have a handful of good years left in him.


Sidney Crosby has revealed that he played the final 2.5 weeks of the season and the playoffs with a broken foot.

Lightning score!! Brad Richards just scored to make it 3-2 Devils in Game 6 of their first round series.

But yeah, Crosby broken foot….bad.


The Rangers finished up the Thrashers in 4 games which is what happens when a team starts playing the way they can. I had the Thrashers winning at least one game here but the Rangers, led by Shanahan and Nylander (Jagr showed up sometimes) came out to play and now everyone in the biz is talking up Sean Avery as if he wasn’t Sean Avery.

The Sabres eliminated the Isles in 5 and when I talked about teams that made the playoffs that wouldn’t even have a shot to make it past the first round..the Islanders were one of those teams. They had a horrible finish to the regular season while the Sabres have continued to breeze. With last years playoff flop, the Sabres should be ready to head into the East Finals and all the way to the Cup Finals.

The Sharks made quick work of Nashville and along with Anaheim they await the results of the Dallas/Vancouver Game 7 and the Detroit/Calgary series. In that whole mess, the Flames organization have been fined $100,000 for their altercation with the Wings in Game 5 and Coach Jim playfair has been fined after now suspended goalie Jamie McLennan slashed Johan Franzen in the mid-section towards the end of the game.

Jarome Iginla told reporters that “It was really about getting some fights going at that point to keep our energy up and carry some anger into the next game”

Because just losing and getting completely embarassed isn’t enough to get you going? Because you’re one game closer to getting eliminated isn’t enough, either? That makes it okay to make stupid decisions and start playing goon hockey.

Now we all know.