Josh Clinton Interviews Audrina Patridge of MTV's The Hills

The finale of the second season of The Hills aired previously on MTV in the United States. We saw Heidi make her choice to go live with Spencer over Lauren. We then saw Audrina take over the best friend role to Lauren from Heidi. This past Monday, Lauren, Audrina, and Whitney were all in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to be on the LIVE “After Show” that took place after the second season finale aired on MTV Canada. Just like they did when they were in New York City for the United States finale, they answered questions from the fans of the show. Earlier that afternoon, I got the chance to talk to Audrina about the show and get her thoughts about everything that has went down. Here is how my conversation went with her…

Josh Clinton: Hey Audrina.

Audrina Patridge: Hey Josh.

JC: How are you?.

AP: Good. How are you?

JC: Great. So you are an Orange County girl, right?

AP: Yeah, I was born in Los Angeles County, but I was raised in Orange County.

JC: What’s your favorite part of California to live in?

AP: Well growing up I was in Orange County and it’s a good place to raise a family. But now my age, being 21 or 22, it’s good to live in Los Angeles. You do a lot of going out in your 20’s, so right now I love L.A.

JC: Right. Did you watch Laguna Beach when it was on before The Hills?

AP: No, I didn’t.

JC: Was there a reason for that? You just didn’t like reality TV or…

AP: No, I never really watched TV and don’t to this day. I’m never really home. I’m not a homebody, so.

JC: I see, so when you first saw Heidi you didn’t know her from TV or anything?

AP: No, when I saw Heidi I had no idea who she was or anything. I knew Lauren was on Laguna Beach, because I saw her in magazines and stuff. But Heidi wasn’t really on Laguna Beach. I didn’t know who she was. I just thought she was just another girl in Los Angeles trying to make it.

JC: Right, so compare the experiences that you had with season 1 of The Hills with season two?

AP: The first season of The Hills, none of us really knew each other. We weren’t really close, so we were just developing our friendships. I was also not used to the cameras at all. The second season I was more used to the cameras, and our friendships were tested, so we became really close. We survived the drama and all of that. So I think the third season will be even better, because we will be even more closer and more used to everything. It will be fun.

JC: I see. What prompted you moving in with Lauren besides Heidi moving out?

AP: Well me and Lauren had become really close, but I didn’t really know her that well. The second season we started hanging out more, and we were together all of the time. Then she said Heidi was moving out. I was living by myself, and Lauren said that she didn’t really want to live by herself now, so we were like lets just move in together. It just happened like that.

JC: What is it like living with Lauren then?

AP: It’s fun. We have friends come over, and we have like “Taco Night” like once a week. We’re always decorating the apartment. It’s fun coming home and having someone there to talk to. It’s like another living soul is there, so you are not all alone and quiet.

JC: That’s cool. What more can tell us about the relationship between Jenn Bunney and Lauren?

AP: You know, I didn’t really know Jenn. The first night I met her was Heidi’s birthday. And I didn’t really like her from the moment I met her. Then when I started hanging out with Lauren, Jenn was always around, which is fine. But when we found out what had happened with Lauren, she was not a good friend. She was only out for herself.

JC: Right. On the first season, we saw you go out with guys like Brian and others. But this season they didn’t focus on your romantic pursuits post-Spencer at the beginning of the season. Why was that?

AP: I was kinda seeing someone, but he didn’t want to be on camera. Me and Lauren went on a few double dates, but they only showed that one. There is a lot that we film, but 80% of it doesn’t get aired, because it doesn’t fit the storyline they want to show or whatever.

JC: I understand. So is Spencer really a tool?

AP: Yes!

JC: So the way we see him on camera is the same way he is off camera?

AP: Uh, he’s a little worse in person actually.

JC: HA! So you weren’t interested in him at all then?

AP: You know, I never was really. When you’re filming you get put in positions that you don’t really want to put yourself in, but you just do it because. But that was it. Nothing happened after that. I never hooked up with him. I just did it to do it. There was nothing ever between us, though.

JC: What do you think Heidi sees in him?

AP: Um, well the last person Heidi was with, Jordan, was very sweet and a nice guy. Heidi kinda told him what to do. In the Spencer relationship, Spencer is more of the guy that tells Heidi want to do. He definitely knows how to talk and manipulate. Honestly, I have no idea what she sees in him, though.

JC: Yeah, most of time girls fall for the jerks or the bad boys.

AP: Yeah, she’s definitely that kind of girl. But that’s every girl at one time or another. I know I do all the time.

JC: Yeah, I will never understand that. Is the Audrina we see on TV the same person we would find in real life?

AP: You know, a lot of what they show on TV is me being really nice. I don’t know, they edit it so much. People don’t really get to see my other side. My crazy, wild side. I will fight for my friends. Like we were filming and some girl spilled a drink on Lauren, so I turned around and threw it in her face. They took off running and I went after them. I’ll do anything for my friends. But people only see one side of me, because that’s all they show. They don’t see the whole me, because there are different sides to me. The third season will hopefully have more of my personality in it.

JC: Cool. Is there a moment from the first two seasons that didn’t air on TV that was your favorite or anything like that?

AP: There was so much that didn’t air that were my favorites. Most of it they don’t even show, because it doesn’t fit in. In the second season, I worked at Epic Records. There was some really good bands and artists that were signed to them, and they would come to the studio. We would go in the studio and film them and watch them perform. Then, we would all hang out and then go to a show and film that. But they didn’t really show much of Epic or the music. I wish they would have showed more of Epic Records.

JC: Yeah, that would have been cool. So do you think that you are the hottest girl on the show?

AP: I think all of us are hot in our own ways. All of us are so different and so beautiful in our own way. We all have our own styles. I’m more edgy. Lauren is really pretty. Whitney is more hippie. Heidi is, uh, I don’t even know. All of our different styles make us individuals, though.

JC: We never really saw Whitney go out to clubs and stuff and party with you during the second season. Why was that?

AP: Well she was in college full-time. So she was constantly having tests and going to school. She was doing all of that and she also had a boyfriend that didn’t want to be on camera. She was with him most of the time, and since he didn’t want to be on camera it made it hard for her to hang out with us. But the third season is summertime and she only has one week of school left. So she is going to graduate and be free for the summer. So you will see a lot more of Whitney in the third season.

JC: That’s good. Are you dating anyone right now?

AP: No, I’m not. I was dating someone a few months ago, but too much baggage and issues there. But it’s summer, I’m just going to go out and have fun. Plus, since we stopped filming a month ago, I’ve really been hanging out with my family and taking vacations. I’m sure once we start filming again and I’m back in L.A. constantly, we’ll start meeting people and go out on dates and go out all the time.

JC: Cool, so when does the third season start filming?

AP: We start filming the first week in May. I’m not sure when it airs. We never know when it’s going to air.

JC: So the entire season is going to be set in the summer then?

AP: Yeah, we’ve never filmed the summer before. So there is going to be a lot of pool parties at the Rosevelt. There’s always pool parties at mansions in the hills. The beach and all of that stuff. There will be a lot of bikinis and fun.

JC: Right, cool. So when you are done with this show, what do you want to do with your life?

AP: I actually want to act. I’ve been going to acting classes and that is originally what I wanted to do. Acting in commercials and modeling and all of that. But when I started doing The Hills, I kinda put that on hold. I just worked and did the show. But I want to focus on doing more acting. Also, I’m working on my own makeup line of eye shadow and stuff. It should be coming out late this year. I love makeup and I get questions from girls on MySpace all the time about my makeup. So I figured I might as well use the show to my advantage.

JC: Exactly. Well thanks for talking with me and I wish you good luck with the show and anything you may want to do with your life afterwards.

AP: Thank you.

JC: Alright, I’ll talk you to later.

AP: Bye.

The third season of The Hills will debut in late summer or early Fall. Stay tuned to Reality Dish and Inside Pulse for more information on the exact start time, and you know I will cover all of the bikini action in my weekly “MTV Mix” column once the show is back on the air.

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